Best Noblegarden Eggs & Chocolates Farm Locations in Dragonflight | WoW Nobelgarden 2023 Guide

4/11/2023 10:44:25 AM

The 2023 Noblegarden Festival kicked off today in World of Warcraft. This year there is a new toy - A Drake's Big Basket of Eggs for 200 Noblegarden chocolate to fetch. This is the event currency that we find in hidden eggs at certain locations in the starting areas. Also in recent years, this world event has been expanded with innovations, so that there are several new items for players who have taken a break. Further details can be found in our big event guide for the Nobelgarden Event.

WoW Dragonflight Noblegarden 2023

WoW Dragonflight Noblegarden Event 2023

The Noblegarden event is one of the events of World of Warcraft. In 2023, it takes place from April 10 to 17. 

Noblegarden Event Quests & Achievements 2023

Several activities of the Comptoir can be carried out during the event this year.

  • Nobelgarden: Complete daily quests.

  • Nobelgarden: Eating chocolates in Iskaara.

  • Nobelgarden: recover brightly colored eggs.

  • Nobelgarden: place eggs.

  • Nobelgarden: Complete a Dragonflight dungeon with a spring tiara.

  • Nobelgarden: Use spring flowers in an arena or on a battlefield.

What To Do During the Noblegarden Event 2023 in Dragonflight?

  • Egg Hunt: Brightly colored Eggs are scattered throughout Azeroth. There is usually chocolate, but also sometimes much rarer items. It all depends on your luck at the moment. Some eggs are easy to find while others are much less so.

  • Get the Egg Basket. This increases the speed by 60% for 10 seconds and only works during the Garden of Nobles where brightly colored Eggs are hidden. You can get this basket from one NPC who also sells various event-related items after completing the 'Put all your eggs in this basket' quest

  • Quests are available at Spring Harvesters and Spring Collectors. These quests allow you, for example, to obtain Branches in Bloom, which makes the member of the targeted group wear a rabbit costume.

WoW Dragonflight Noblegarden Rewards 2023

Several mounts, pets, and other themed items are available for Noblegarden Chocolats from the Noblegarden Vendor and event actitives. Find the full list below:

  • Swift Springstrider Mount

  • Mystical Spring Bouquet

  • Spring Rabbit’s Foot

  • Noblegarden Bunny

  • Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit (Mage only)

  • Noble Gardener’s Hearthstone Toy

  • A Drake's Big Basket of Eggs

  • Egg Basket

  • Spring Flowers

  • Seasonal clothing: As with frames and mascots, these objects (dresses, tuxedos...) are available from sellers or on brightly colored eggs.

  • Noblegarden Circlets (Blue Spring Circlet, Brown Spring Circlet, Yellow Spring Circlet): This helmet is simply indispensable for anyone who wants to one day look serious in a raid.

  • Blossoming Branch: Turn your neighbor into a cute rabbit.

  • Noblegarden Egg: It's up to you to place colorful eggs everywhere in Azeroth!

  • Achievements: A lot of great meta-achievements to perform, some of them quite nice like Boiled Eggs which asks you to lay an egg at the Golakka springs in the crater of Un'Goro while being disguised as a rabbit, during the festivities of the Noblegarden.

  • Title: 'The Noble', granted to those who have managed to complete the meta high made 'Noble Gardener', whether on the side of the Alliance or the Horde.

WoW Dragonflight Noblegarden 2023 Rewards

Where to Find Hidden Eggs & How To Earn Noblegarden Chocolates

As part of the Noblegarden 2023 festivities in World of Warcraft, it is customary for nobles hailing from both the Alliance and Horde to conceal special eggs that are cleverly disguised to blend in with their surroundings. These eggs are filled with a variety of treasures, such as Noblegarden Chocolate, coins, candy, and occasionally, valuable items.

If you are seeking out these hidden treasures, keep an eye out for Brightly Colored Eggs that are scattered throughout various areas in World of Warcraft during the Noblegarden 2023 event. Some of the locations where these eggs can be found include:

  • Azure Watch

  • Dolanaar

  • Goldshire

  • Kharanos

  • Brill

  • Razor Hill

  • Bloodhoof Village

  • Falconwing Square

Best Location To Farm Eggs for Noblegarden Chocolates

Where are the best spots to farm the Brighly Colored Eggs? We will show with you both horde and Alliance spots:

Azure Watch (Alliance)

  • Mage Tower area where all the portals are and go to the exit of our portal.

  • Before you go through, let's turn on war mode we're going to make this even easier and we recommend you're at least level 20 or higher and actually, you can't turn the war mode to level 20. 

  • With war mode on, let's head through to Exedar now. Once in Exeter, we are going to mount up and get out of here now, you can't fly here, unfortunately. 

  • Either way, we're going to hop over to the Polite Master and pop over to Azure Watch. If you don't have that flight point just ride out, it's not very far, you can literally see the road that you could physically take if you can't fly. 

  • Once in Azure Watch, you can come through and start snagging eggs.

Falconwing Square (Horde)

  • If you are a Horde player then come back to Orgrimmar from wherever you are and turn on War Mode the same thing here, we're going to want war mode to try to reduce the number of people as much as possible.

  • If you are in your lovely portal area, then we're going to hit the Silver Moon portal

  • Once you're through the portal, head out, mount up, and again much like the Alliance version you can't fly here.

  • Head over to Falconwings Square, so here you just begin and find eggs. 

NOTE: Any alt can farm eggs, choose the lower pop faction on your server!