Elden Ring PVP & PVE Weapons Tier List 1.09 (2023) - Best Strength/Faith/Arcane Weapons in Elden Ring 2023

4/11/2023 5:41:49 PM

Today we present an ultimate overpowered PVP/PVE weapons tier list in patch 1.09, ranking the best strength, dexterity, intelligence, faith, and arcane weapons in Elden Ring 2023!

Elden Ring PVP & PVE Weapons Tier List 1.09 (2023) - Best Strength/Faith/Arcane Weapons in Elden Ring 2023

In this Elden Ring 1.09 weapons ranking tier list PVP/PVE, we're talking about what is likely to change in Elden Ring when it comes to the meta. Every patch they've been doing since 1.04, some major changes have happened to the balance of the game and we've even started seeing PVP specific changes that don't affect PVE. In the S tier, it's something that we're expecting to see a nerf. In A tier, we’re expecting some changes possible down adjustments. In the B tier, it could also be adjusted down, but it could also be up. C tier is something that has been changed recently or there are spin changes to it. Without further ado, let's go through the 2023 best Elden Ring 1.09 arcane weapons, strength weapons, intelligence weapons, faith weapons, and dexterity weapons!

Elden Ring PVP & PVE Weapons Tier List 1.09 (2023)

S Tier Best Weapons 1.09 Elden Ring 2023

  • Bloodflame Blade 

This incantation can be used with so many weapons, with so many ashes of war, with so many effects. When you buff up your weapon with bloodflame blade, your ash of war even if it's ranged now deals bleed damage. So you can turn a ranged ash of war into a ranged bleed attack. If you want to do arcane scaling, what you can do is put a cult on the weapon have 80 arcane meaning the arcane you have with your weapon is really good. Then your high arcane means any bleed potential on the weapon if it's a katana for example is high because you have blood flame blade as the buff which increases the bleed status on the weapon and it gives you fire damage as well. 

  • Reduvia Blood Blade

Daggers have had their attack speed and the range of their attacks improved. As a base bleed dagger, this thing is insane, all you need to do is power stance two of them and go to town on someone with power stance attacks. In PVE, you can absolutely destroy bosses like nothing else due to the constant bleed build up and the raw damage that it can deal. The ash of war unlike the neutral version which is called bloodblade, this ash of war by comparison costs no health to use, they've also buffed the damage that it deals and gave damage detection to the weapon part. So if you use it up close like a shotgun, you absolutely destroy the target with damage and with bleed build up. So whether you're power stance attacking or whether you're using the ash of war or best of all using a mix of both and PVP, you're an absolute monster, you're terrifying to deal with, it's one of the scariest weapons in the game in PVP right now. In PVE, it's one of the best bleed options in the game.

A Tier Elden Ring Weapons PVP/PVE 1.09

  • Blasphemous Blade

It's likely to see some changes sometime, this is a strange one because it's the most overtuned weapon in the game. If you are finding the best single weapon for any build or any player in the game, it'd probably be this, it's got the lifestyle on damage, lifestyle on kill, even if it's just equipped on your back the ash of war that deals pure fire damage with ridiculous range. It's really wide knocking people down with poise as well, it is just an incredible weapon through and through and works. On its own or in power stance or just on your back not even doing anything just giving you the passive benefits. This one has been changed many times, every time though positively, great solid move sets improvements, the ash of war being made slightly better in terms of poise, it's a strange one because the whole time people have been wondering when is this weapon going to get knocked down, because they're going to reduce some kind of effect of it and they never have. So maybe one day we'll see it if they are going to make changes. But it is an incredible weapon.

  • Marais Executioner’s Sword

This one is incredible, the ash of war sending out that Corkscrew On Target is essentially the highest DPS that you can get in a single use of anything in the entire game. It is an absolute boss destroyer. In PVE, this thing is just nuts and if you can land the same effect in PVP, you're still going to do loads of damage. It was improved to give you a bit more control, allowing you to faint or raw out of that Ash of War preventing you from being too punished where it was a bit clunky originally. Since then, it has become one of the best weapons in the game for PVE killing and quite a unique build using successive hits to do so. Now it's basically one of the best weapons in Elden Ring 1.09.

  • Dark Moon Greatsword

It’s going to be one of the arranged options as a weapon that deals the most damage in one single hit. You can get like 5 or 6K hits on that, powered up heavy attack, there are many ways to improve the damage of this weapon, it's incredible, it's also a really fun and cool weapon. It's great in PVP because you can tap it to send out a quick wave or hold it to send out a bigger slower one, meaning you can faint or trick people, causing them to roll at the wrong time and punishing them really well. Further it was buffed to have the weapon have damage detection on that, so if you do a point blank it's even stronger and they reduce the stamina cost of all of that. So it feels really good.

B Tier 1.09 Weapons 2023 Elden Ring

  • Royal Great Sword

This one has got the frost status build up, it's got the great great sword colossal, great sword moveset, you can't tweak it like the great sword which is more of a universal colossal sword. But the power of this one comes down to its ash of war Wolf’s Assault which has you flip and slam and do the ice explosion. This is crazy because if you just spam it over and over, you can do a lot of damage. What they did is they gave hyper armor to the entire ash, so you're protected during that. In PVP, you're kind of stuck in it, so you could be ranged, but no one can really trade with you without losing directly in that way. In PVE, you can just absolutely spam the ash of wars, your only source of damage and kill basically every boss. What this weapon needs is less hyper armor and more ability to control the actual weapon, maybe roll out of it before the frost explosion.

  • Moon Veil

It has been nerfed and changed in many ways, even recently they increased the poise damage on the weapon part of the ash of war, but reduce the magic wave attack and the poise of that. So you won't stagger people nearly as much, it's still an absolute killer. In terms of PVE, it's not crazy like it used to be. In PVP, it's still a strong option but it's technically fightable which before it used to be broken. 

  • Bloody Hell

They have nerfed this thing into Oblivion, so thrust counter damage and PVP specifically was reduced. So when you attack and trade which this weapon is basically made for, you deal less damage. For heavy thrusting weapons, they reduce the Poise damage flat out, so he can't stagger as well, they also reduce the crouch attack speed and the stagger of jump attacks. This i's a really strong weapon in PVP despite the four major nerfs. 

  • Wing of Estelle

This one is such a good weapon as an intelligence weapon, it has incredibly high DPS when you just found the ash of war on target, and it has that unique heavy attack that costs no FP to use just stamina and you can do this magic shotgun blast for nothing. If you hold it, you'll do two strikes and then you can go again for a second combo ultimately being able to send out 4 of these magic waves again for no FP. That's incredibly useful in all content and a really funny mind game option in PVP.


C Tier Elden Ring 1.09 Weapons

  • Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

This had a nerf recently to do with the range of the ash of war. However, they didn't change is the main thing, the weapon both the damage that provides and the bleed effect how fast that builds up on the ash if someone's standing in it. It's still ridiculous and the range reduction was very minor. So this weapon is actually in a really good spot, has a great spear with a great moveset, with great damage, with cursed blood once it's used that ash of war and the ash of war being incredible still in PVE as well. 

  • Black Knife

This one as a dagger has attack speed improvements and range buffs to the actual range of the dagger moveset, making them an incredible pick. This as a faith weapon then is one of the best picks in the game. This dagger is the best source of Destined Death because it's so accurate quick and efficient and even has a bit of hyper armor, so you can trade to get it off as a weapon then I do think it's really good.

  • Giants Crusher

This is the biggest hit in a single hit weapon, so where the Dark Moon is maybe the best range single hit, this is just straight up the best single hit. You get that unique heavy attack, you buff up loads and you can do such insane damage in one hit. If we make a more realistic build where you're just facing bosses and your Royal Knights resolving and doing big hits in one hit, you'll get 5 or 6K a hit and you can trade with high poise, heavy armor. It's kind of ridiculous and an absolute boss crusher. We can easily say it's the best at what it does and so that makes us wonder whether they'll walk it back anyway to make other colossal weapons relatively comparable. 

  • Scavenger Curved Sword

This just comes down to the way they nerfed power stand status builds. They were able to build that's a bit too quick and one of the best weapons and a reasonable range fast hitting weapon. 

  • Rivers of Blood

This has been changed so many times. If they buffed it though it's basically the cursed blood aspect of corpse piler that damage that build up and most importantly, the poise has been so reduced. If you're not hitting with the sword and the curse blood aspect, then you're not really doing that much damage. Not an issue in PVE where you press yourself against the boss, but in PVP, it's nowhere near what it once was. The poise reduction on that Ash of War means you can't catch people in it. Once they take the hit and then try to roll out, they just get out whereas before they get stun locked. Definitely in a better place because of that, but we also find it quite hard to land the ash of war unless caught in surprise due to these changes. So there's always the potential for them to walk back these things.

That's the Elden Ring 1.09 weapons ranked by tier for PVP & PVE! What do you think are the best weapons to use 2023 patch 1.09?