Best 1.09 Elden Ring Death's Poker & Sword of Milos Build for PVP & PVE

4/20/2023 4:23:19 PM

Death's Poker is a good weapon and we rated it reasonably in Elden Ring, Thanks to the 1.09 patch we can power-stance greatswords to do this! Enjoy!


How It Work in PVP

As a weapon, it is a great sword and that has received a pretty important buff in 1.09, we have increased speed range and recovery time for various attacks with this weapon which is definitely noticeable when we use it in one hand rather than power stance, although obviously this build has a lot of power stance involved, you could still use one hand whenever you want and those swings can come out shockingly quick in general when it comes to swapping from your normal move set of power stance, but also in this batch feels a lot better, we've been able to clip people at ranges, we just wasn't really expecting to hit them with power sense attacks are obviously what they were a bit slow, but with nice damage when you're hitting with two weapons at once of course that's always going to be good, we also have the potential of Frosrborn because the weapon this poker actually has the frost buildup occurring which will deal a burst of damage and also Nerf the stamina which is always nice, but it all really comes down to the ghostly ignition, the ash of War of this poker which has three parts to it you'll stab forward, and there'll be a fire tick during that, dealing small damage in PvP and not really staggering often then you can choose to either do a light or heavy and the light is what sends out the fire in a nice wide and long line that fire will then persist for a shocking amount of time and deal great tick damage to anyone that stands in it, it creates area denial, this can be incredible in say free-for-all or a team battle, but is useful in Jewels, because it creates a space for you to stand in and then maybe custom spells or sugar flask in a sort of safe way, you can also free aim it so rather than lock on just send it to you left or right when they're trying to run and avoid the auto lock and catch people out and we often do, simply spamming this fire over and over creates such pressure that they're trying to avoid if they get any ticks of it you kind of annoy them so much they end up rushing in which is where you can send them a nice power stance attack for their efforts or maybe go for the explosion on the heavy attack, so the heavy attack goes is that explosion itself and the radius and damage of that is pretty respectable it often catches people, especially, if you play some mind games like if you're tricking them, maybe you're spamming the light fire spreading that out then suddenly you do the heavy one once they've reached that close or medium close range that can knock them down and deal some very nice damage, the problem with this one is that it's hard to do up close direct because the slow nature of the follow-up, you know how slow it takes to come out leaves you a bit vulnerable they can hit you and stag you out of it or maybe just go behind you and look for a backstab which has happened to me, so knowing when to use the explosion versus the fire is very important and we often find spamming the fire to create that space pressure them and allow for me to look for mistakes or surprise them in some way that seems to work best, overall, the damage of either the fire on the ground or the explosion is very respectable, but you must be careful with how you use it because it is a very slow animation in PvP context, what you will see us do before the fights happen though is make use of the Miller Screech, this will debuff players for a five percent extra damage taken while that debuff is affecting them, and also, it's a war crime meaning you actually get more damage on that sword so your power stance attacks are dealing more damage while you're buffed up, starting the fight with this is awesome the range at which it comes out and seems to apply is surprisingly long, overall, when the death's poker Ash Works whether it's fire or explosion, it really works it ticks and deals good damage.


How It Work in PVE

There's a lot of setup with this building situation, we have a weapon golden vow, we have terra Magica to put on the ground, we have the Milos debuff to put on which instead of five percent is now 15 damage increase in PVE which is insane, and then ideally, you want to put the fire on the ground under the boss and they stay in it, and then do an explosion that concept except takes a bit of time but the setup is well worth it the damage the fire does on its own blew me away we did not expect it to hit as hard as this even with all of this setup just using the fire alone is more than reliable it's incredibly powerful, but if you do combine that with say an explosion while they're standing in the fire most anything's going to be blown away to like 20K damage in a moment is extremely fun and again really makes the the setup worth your time, the thing is Terra Magica lasts a good while the debuff of Milos lasts quite a while, so as soon as you get these things going you can take your time and look for the opportunity and get the fire down as soon as the boss is standing in the fire you could honestly just put the controller down probably do most of the boss self or just kill it later game bosses and New Game Plus bosses as you see here will take a bit more effort though consistently keeping the Fire On Target while looking for say some power stance attacks and shorter burst or punish Windows a jump attack with power stance great swords is obviously going to be great, but ideally of course, you're standing in the terra magica the fires on the Target, and you're spamming the explosion to do the most damage possible.


Attributes & Stats

  • Vigor: 60

  • Mind: 16

  • Endurance: 15

  • Strength: 44

  • Dexterity: 56

  • Intelligence: 22

  • Faith: 9

  • Arcane: 7



 2023-04-20 162523

  • Right Hand Armament 1: Death’s Poker

  • Right Hand Armament 2: Sacred Dagger

  • Right Hand Armament 2: Carian Glintblade Staff

  • Left Hand Armament 1: Sword of Milos

  • Head Armor: Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

  • Chest Armor: Spellblade’s Traveling Attire

  • Arms: Spellblade’s Gloves

  • Leg Armor: Spellblade’s Trousers

  • Talismans:

Shard of Alexander

Erdtree’s Favor

Carian Filigreed Crest

Bull-Goat’s Talisman

  • Flask of Wondrous Physicks:

Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Cerulean Hidden Tear

Guess you ask