Elden Ring 1.09 Samurai and Knight Build 2023 - Endgame Strength Build Guide in Elden Ring

4/17/2023 4:33:16 PM

When you are looking to make an end-game strength build in Elden Ring for level 150 and NG+, here are two versions you can try, a pretty powerful Samurai build after 1.09 and a Knight-themed setup switched from that. 

Elden Ring Endgame Strength Build Guide After Patch 1.09 in 2023

This is a strength-based build for Elden Ring endgame but can be started in the early games, with the 1.09 samurai and knight setups by Wholesome Gamer covered. 

1. Storm Blade Setup 

Storm Blade is an underrated Elden Ring Ash of War with huge benefits, and it can be acquired super early in the game. Comparing its speed with Ice Spear, you can get off two casts in the time Ice Spear is able to land one attack, and it is not expensive with only 10 FP costs for the first cast and then 6 FP onward. It also has a decent range, and the quickness of the attack makes it also a great interrupt ability for any enemy skill that does not have hyper armor, so we can stop a lot of attacks in their tracks from a distance. In addition, it can stagger pretty much anyone regardless of their poise. 

A Storm Blade with 80 strength and 22 dexterity was sitting for roughly three percent more damage than in a quality scenario with 54 strength and 50 dexterity, but your main weapons in these builds reach a significantly higher attack power when set to the fire affinity with 80 strength over a pure quality build and recording affinity. Fire is one of the strongest damage types in Elden Ring with exception of the Volcano Manor and some Magma Wyrm variants, most enemies only have normal resistances against fire, instead of constantly buffing with the weapon grease, it is recommended to bump in attack power with the fire affinity, if you are dealing with fire resistant enemies, simply switch the Ash of War to pure strength scaling, and use the weapon grease on top four bosses, it gives a great range option and additional utility without the need to switch between weapons. 

2. Level 100 & Level 150 Samurai and Knight Stats 

Both the Samurai and Knight builds share the same stats, what we are focusing on is the strength, and here you can find a level 100 and a level 150 recommendation. 50 Vigor will give you enough health, 20 mind is enough to use your Ash of War frequently, and 30 endurance gives enough equipment load for chunky armor, both of the builds are pretty demanding in terms of stamina after 30, but you will only get one point of stamina for every point in endurance, so the additional investment is not very efficient. 80 strength is our main damage, Storm blade at this point will still benefit from dexterity, but due to its somewhat lower base damage, we focus on strength for better damage.

- Vigor 40 -> 50

- Mind 16 -> 20

- Endurance 26 -> 30

- Strength 50 -> 80

- Dexterity 22 -> 27

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 9

- Arcane 7

3. Elden Ring 1.09 Samurai Strength Build Setup


Firstly, let’s go over the best weapons for the samurai build, you can start this build very early on, and you can switch to Nagakiba as soon as it becomes available, it might have the same damage scaling and base damage as Uchigatana, but the exceptional reach makes it the superior weapon, the base moveset is very fast, it has initial bleed buildup. Storm Blade gives you a super quick attack, it also pulls you forward, making it a great opener for light attack chains. It is a super fast-ranged skill that can even be chain cast. Another weapon recommended here is Pulley Bow, its weapon skill Mighty Shot is a fantastic ability to kill minor enemies for minimal FP costs.

- Nagakiba

- Pulley Bow


The armor used for this build is the White Reed Armor with the Okina Mask that gives you additional dexterity to bump poise and protection. Then the Bull-Goat Greaves are very nice to fit the overall style, and lastly, the Banished Knight Gauntlets complete the setup. 

- Okina Mask

- White Reed Armor

- Bull-Goat Greaves

- Banished Knight Gauntlets


The choice of talismans is depending on your play style, the recommended four talismans are as below. You can also use Ritual Sword Talisman if you feel you can stay on top of your health, or Rotten Winged Sword Insignia if you use a lot of quick light attacks, Millicent’s Prosthesis is also a great choice for the extra five dexterity. 

- Shard of Alexander

- Fire Scorpion Charm

- Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

- Blessed Dew Talisman

4. Elden Ring 1.09 Knight Strength Build Setup


Opposite to the samurai, we are incorporating the Greatshield for guard counters, making this an extremely versatile and fun-to-play build that has it all ranged attack. We are taking full advantage of the buffs in 1.09 for Greatswords in general and guard counters with this weapon class, it is a fantastic compact setup that can adapt to every situation, if you don't mind switching your shield in and out, would be to put Shield Bash one of the best ashes of war in the game on your great shield, now you can two hand the Claymore and use Storm Blade, very similar to the samurai.

- Claymore 

- Manor Towershield


For armor, we are using the Gelmir Knight, one of the best-looking sets in the game, and the Knight Helm and Blaidd's Greaves. 

- Knight Helm

- Blaidd's Greaves

- Gelmir Knight Gauntlets

- Gelmir Knight Armor


We need Erdtree's Favor plus 2 to reach a high enough equip load, but this talisman also buffs our health and stamina and it is percentage based, so it skates perfectly the further you dive into NG plus and beyond, the Greatshield Talisman lets you block for days and also improves Shield Bash. Then Shard of Alexander to improve both Ashes of War damage and for the last slot Ritual Sword Talisman is great for the Knight build, it is easier to stay at full health than in the samurai variant but you could also use a talisman that improves your defense guard counters or stamina recovery.

- Erdtree's Favor

- Greatshield Talisman

- Shard of Alexander

- Ritual Sword Talisman

For the Flask of Wondrous Physick, you can use a tear that increases resistances or grants a heal over time, the second tear can improve fire damage stamina recovery or Poise damage. 

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