Diablo 4 1.1 Leveling, Endgame, Speed & Survival Tier List - D4 Season 1 Best Class & Build

7/20/2023 7:38:29 PM

Blizzard has released a new patch in Diablo 4 for season 1. What’s the D4 1.1 best class and builds in season 1 to help you embark on a new journey of demon-slaying and loot-hunting? Welcome to our Diablo 4 season 1 tier list, we rank each class and build after patch 1.1. Let’s see how all the classes shift up and where they land on the D4 1.1 tier list season 1.

Diablo 4 1.1 Best Class & Builds - Diablo IV Patch 1.1 Tier List

On this Diablo IV 1.1 tier list, every class is going to be ranked from 1st to 5th. 1st is the best class in Diablo 4 season 1, on the other hand, 5th is the worst. The D4 1.1 ranking is based on 6 categories, leveling, speed, endgame, survivability, casual, and overall.

1. Leveling: Their ability and quality of life in going from level 1 to Torment Difficulty.

2. Speed: Their ability to speed farm overworld events and low/mid-tier nightmare dungeons

3. Survivability: How well they can survival

4. Casual: How far this class can progress with minimal game time, gear, and skill

We’ll take all factors into consideration to make a combined overall score to see which class is the best in Diablo 4 season 1 after nerf. However, do not mind the D4 season 1 ranking 1.1  telling you what to do, play whatever is fun for you.

No. 5 Barbarian (Barb)

Leveling - 5

Speed - 4

Endgame - 5

Survivability - 2

Casual - 5

Come in dead last of Diablo IV patch 1.1 tier list is the Barbarian. It was by far the best class at launch. Barbarian has suffered from massive nerf and they also suffered bug fixes. Whirlwind started out as the best build in the game, but then they nerfed it, as well as HOTA. Barbarians are the worst class at leveling and they still are. For speed, they were quite good. But with all the nerf to the shout, all the builds and damage they used to have, it’s hard for them to compete with other top-tier builds. In the end game, they are either the worst or second worst. But Barbarian’s survivability is good, maybe close to the best with Druid. In the Nightmare Dungeons and Uber Lilith, it’s going to be very hard for Barbarians. The only thing that saves Barbs is survivability. For casual, they are definitely the worst. That brings the best launch class the worst to play on Diablo 4 season 1.

D4 Season 1 Best Barb Builds

  • Whirlwind

  • HOTA

  • Double Swing

  • Thorns

  • Charge

  • Rupture


No. 4 Sorcerer (Sorc)

Leveling - 1

Speed - 2

Endgame - 4

Survivability - 5

Casual - 2

Come in No.4 on the Diablo IV 1.1 class tier list in the Sorcerer. The truth is Sorcerer actually really good at something and really bad at another thing. Sorcerer is definitely the best leveling class in Diablo 4 season 1 because Sorc holds the word records right now and they can fly with leveling in a lot of different ways. Arc lash is very strong, chain lightning is very strong, ice shard is very strong and the firewall is very strong. All these builds are very good for leveling so that you can dominate the leveling process as a Sorc. Their speed will be fine because when you’re speed-clearing, you don’t really have to count your survivability. 

Their damage went down significantly but their speed will still be there. When you put together a full Sorcerer build with teleport, they are going to delete all the speed content extremely well. What brings the Sorcerer so low is the endgame and surviving stuff. It’s very hard to go up to nightmare dungeon at level 100 and Uber Lilith is going to be a huge challenge. The problem with Sorcerer is they are strong in the beginning, but when the endgame comes to play, it’s going to be very difficult. But for casual players, Sorc is going to be very good because they don’t get to the endgame.


D4 Season 1 Best Sorc Build

  • Ice Shards

  • Fire Wall

  • Chain Lightning

  • Blizzard

  • Charged Bolts


No. 3 Necromancer (Necro)

Leveling: 3

Speed: 5

Endgame: 3

Survivability - 3

Casual - 3

Come in third best Diablo 4 class after patch 1.1 is the Necromancer since a lot of classes got crushed like the Barbarian and Sorcerer. The Necromancer actually has the best build Bone Spear nerfed, but it’s still very strong and one of the best D4 season 1 builds. Although their kit isn’t amazing, Blizzard is buffing Necro in the right direction. They had a good leveling score even though they were very slow. All you need to do is to get the bone spear power, it will carry you. As the minions continue to do better, not only do they do more damage, but also some of the malignant hearts make contributions. Necro is just in the middle of everything except speed. Overall, Necromancer feels good especially if you target one of the top tier builds and build it correctly.


D4 Season 1 Best Necro Build

  • Bone Spear

  • Bone Spirit

  • Blood Lance

  • Infinimist

  • Summoner

No.2 Druid

Leveling: 4

Speed: 3

Endgame: 1

Survivability - 1

Casual - 2

Druid is the second Diablo 4 best 1.1 build after nerf because Druid is just good at everything. Even though Druid had No. 4 at leveling, if you play Human Tornado and throw tornado everywhere, it’s pretty good. For speed, once you put together the Weretornado build and find your tempest roar, you’ll move at a movement speed cap but it’s locked behind a unique. Fortunately, there are a lot of good builds you can play without unique that are very strong such as Pulverize, Human Tornado, Bulwark, Shred, and Lightning Storm. In the endgame, they’re going to have no problem at all. They’re very tanky and very strong and most importantly, their survival ability is going to be the best in the game. For casuals though, they have 2 problems. They don’t have the best leveling experience and you do need key pieces and uniques to make your build shine in the endgame. Overall, they are one of the D4 best 1.1 builds.


D4 Season 1 Best Druid Build

  • Pulverize

  • Werenado

  • Shred

  • Lightning Storm

  • Bulwark


No.1 Rogue

Leveling: 2

Speed: 1

Endgame: 2

Survivability - 4

Casual - 1

Rogue is the king of Diablo 4 season 1. Rogues continue to come up with ways to survive and their strengths are everywhere in the game which makes them incredible. They got nerfed on their sustain with siphoning strikes, but other than that, they survive pretty well. One of the malignant hearts is applying all the imbuements which makes them very strong as well. For leveling, they’re incredible, only beaten by Sorcerer but Rogues are close. You just need to get the twisting blade power and you’re dominating. Flurry becomes a very good early game build if you want to level. Some of the bow builds are also very good like the penetrating shot. Shadow imbue is just crazy for leveling. 

Rogue has fewer survival ability problems but has a lot of ways to get out of it. Their damage is way higher so Rogues are going to feel really good. In the endgame, you can switch the bow builds so that you have no problems of pushing nightmare dungeons. They are incredible in casual because a lot of their early builds work and they are very fast. They never struggle especially if you walk over and get that twisting blade in the beginning, you’re going to destroy the game.  Rogue is the best Diablo 4 1.1 class post patch without a doubt.


D4 Season 1 Best Rogue Build

  • Twisting Blades

  • Flurry

  • Rapid Fire

  • Penetrating Shot

  • Barrage

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