Top 5 Elden Ring 1.10 Best Ash of War & Weapon Combos for PvP

8/1/2023 6:41:16 PM

With the 1.10 patch rolled out in Elden Ring, we're going to cover 5 different ashes of war that you should start using in the PVP.

Top 5 Best PvP Ash of Wars (Weapon Skills) in Elden Ring 1.10

In Elden Ring, due to the changes to Poise damage, a lot more quicker types of weapon skills and weapons just tend to be a lot more viable with this latest patch, also some other types of skills have actually got an increased High parameter in defense in general. In this guide, we will explore five different ashes of war that have become more practical in this patch, introducing you to options you might not have considered using before.

  • 5. Repeating Thrust (with Lance)

Repeating Thrust is a poking-based weapon skill that consumes 7FP, featuring a little pirouette and triple jab follow-up. In the latest patch, it has gained the ability to infinitely stun lock opponents. Once you successfully hit your target with the initial strike, it guarantees a combo, potentially dealing well over a thousand damage depending on your character build. To complement this skill, we recommend pairing it with the Lance Great Spear, known for its decent range and solid damage output. However, it's important to note that Repeating Thrust is not without its flaws. It can be relatively slow and tracking can be challenging. But once you manage to land the hit, executing the entire combo feels incredibly satisfying.

  • 4. Sword Dance (with Axes)

Sword Dance is a fast-paced melee attack that only costs 6 FP to execute. It covers a significant distance and packs a punch with its impressive damage output. Thanks to recent updates, it now staggers opponents more effectively and provides higher poise, making it possible to withstand certain enemy attacks. This skill proves particularly advantageous due to its extended animation, which can help you avoid taking damage during its execution, especially when dealing with foes like Phantom Black. It serves as an excellent option for closing the gap between you and your opponents, making it a great fit for Blade builds. Pairing it with axes or great axes works exceptionally well, as it allows you to utilize it effectively alongside large weapons. Overall, Sword Dance stands out as one of the top-notch weapon skills in the current patch.

  • 3. Charge Forth (with Lance, Halberd, or Polearm)

Charge Forth is a striking weapon skill that falls under the poking category. For a cost of 16 FP, you perform a swift running attack. By holding down the skill, you can unleash a more extended version of the attack, propelling enemies into the air and sending them flying. However, it's worth noting that this move doesn't deal substantial damage and lacks significant staggering capabilities.  With the 1.10 update, an interesting change occurred. Charge Forth now has the ability to stun-lock opponents during its animation, granting enhanced hyper poise similar to how the Sword Dance skill functions. This new feature allows you to launch enemies further and create a visually impressive effect as they soar through the air. Additionally, taking advantage of the skill's full charge can be a powerful strategy when paired with the Godfreys Icon, resulting in even more damage output. One minor drawback of using Charge Forth is that, on occasion, lag can interfere with its accuracy, causing the attack to miss the target entirely. 

Furthermore, it's essential to note that the Golem's Halberd cannot be infused with the Charge Forth skill. Therefore, if you wish to infuse your weapon, this skill cannot be applied to that particular halberd. Nevertheless, Charge Forth proves to be highly effective when combined with weapons such as the Lance or other types of Halberds. Additionally, polearms demonstrate excellent synergy with this skill, allowing for precise and impactful strikes.

  • 2. Storm Assault (with Lance or Nightrider Glaive)

Storm Assault is a high-quality weapon skill that consumes 22 FP. When activated, it summons a powerful storm that allows you to jump into the air and then execute a devastating crashing attack. Prior to a patch, it was believed that at least 40 points were required to build a tankard for optimal use, but now this restriction has been lifted, making it more accessible to different builds. The skill guarantees a combo, dealing a substantial amount of damage in the process.

Upon crashing into the ground, the skill generates a small area-of-effect (AOE) effect with a lingering hitbox. This proves advantageous as it can stagger enemies who attempt to punish your landing, providing a handy defense mechanism. However, the weapon skill does suffer from some hit detection issues, as it demands precise aiming directly at the target to fully benefit from its damage potential. Yet, if successfully connected, it has the potential to inflict well over 1000+ damage.

To maximize the impact of Storm Assault, it is recommended to pair it with strength-based weapons like the Lance or the Nightrider Glaive. These combinations prove to be highly effective and synergistic, further enhancing the skill's overall performance in combat.

  • 1. Roar Based (with Halberd, Axes, or Great Spear)

Let's discuss the collectible weapon skills centered around the Roar mechanic: War Cry, Braggart's Roar, and Barbaric Roar. The key feature of these skills is that they grant hyper armor during their activation, providing an advantage against enemy attacks. Each skill offers a buff that lasts around 40 seconds, enhancing damage output and altering the behavior of heavy attacks.

War Cry pairs effectively with Halberds, while Barbaric Roar complements weapons such as Axes and Great Spears. The combination of Barbaric Roar with Lances is particularly noteworthy, as it guarantees a combo with its heavy attack and grants substantial hyper poise throughout the animation. This allows you to maintain high pressure on opponents while executing powerful strikes without fear of interruption.

If you seek to regain the sensation of having strong poise and superior defense, these weapon skills are highly recommended due to their hyper armor properties. They grant increased survivability and create opportunities for delivering devastating blows during their active duration. Incorporating these Roar-based weapon skills into your combat strategy can significantly enhance your effectiveness in battles.