Diablo 4 1.1.1 Dungeon Tier (Solo/Group): Best NM Dungeons, Strongholds, Events To Farm

8/8/2023 8:33:40 PM

Patch 1.1.1 brings the new meta on farming (XP) with the changes on mob density and boss health. So it's time to update the new Diablo 4 1.1.1 Dungeon Tier Lists - we rank the new best Nightmare Dungeons, Strongholds, and Events for solo/group farming XP/gear/Glyph. 

D4 Season 1 NM Dungeons, Strongholds, Events Tier List After 1.1.1 Patch

Diablo IV Patch 1.1.1, released on August 8th, introduces a comprehensive array of updates. The primary alterations in this patch do not revolve around a particular class; rather, they center on adjusting monster density and boss health. 

Diablo 4 1.1.1 Patch Brings New Dungeon & Boss Farming Meta

These changes are significantly impacting the XP/gear farming meta and the progression of Glyph leveling.

New Mob Density Meta

Nightmare Dungeons and the Helltide activity are set to undergo a substantial update, resulting in a notable upsurge in the number of monsters present. While this might initially appear as a negative development, suggesting heightened difficulty, it actually constitutes a significant enhancement for player experience points (XP). In Diablo 4, the majority of builds have the capability to swiftly vanquish sizable hordes of foes using a single action. Consequently, the introduction of more adversaries translates to an amplified acquisition of XP and rewards with each spell or attack executed.

However, it's important to note that this augmentation in monster density also corresponds with an increment in the health of bosses. Starting from August 8th, bosses at and above level 60 will exhibit a slight boost in health. At level 80, this increment is set at +50%, and as levels climb to 150, the augmentation reaches a substantial +150%.

New Boss Health Meta

Ever since the launch of Diablo 4 in June, the bosses within Nightmare Dungeons have been susceptible to swift defeat. This has led to the prevailing trend of endgame builds emphasizing the rapid elimination of groups of adversaries, rather than focusing on dismantling single formidable targets. The impending augmentation in boss health stands poised to initiate one of the most significant shifts in the game's meta since its launch. Players will likely find themselves necessitated to move away from purely area-of-effect-oriented builds such as the Barbarian's Whirlwind or the Druid's Pulverize, both of which currently exhibit lackluster performance against bosses.

Considering this, the possibility of "No-Boss" runs similar to those seen in Diablo 3 might resurface with the arrival of Diablo 4's 1.1.1 update. However, it's worth noting that while groups might exploit this strategy, solo players could encounter substantial challenges in doing so.

Drop Rate on Legendary

To counterbalance the heightened level of challenge, all boss-tier creatures exceeding level 35 will now offer a confirmed drop of a Legendary item. While many Nightmare Dungeons already exhibited a commendable rate of Legendary item drops, this enhancement ensures that players' time won't be squandered. Furthermore, Treasure Goblins will follow suit by consistently dropping Legendary items, granted they surpass level 15. Moreover, the introduction of a guaranteed Legendary drop from Legion Events commencing at level 35 constitutes a particularly advantageous alteration. These adjustments hold particular significance during each new season's leveling phase, where obtaining Legendaries tends to be notably more arduous.

So now let's update our Dungeon Tier List based on the above information and tests from the community:

D4 1.1.1 Best Dungeons Ranking for Solo Farming:

  • Akhan's Grasp (S Tier)

  • Immortal Emenation (S Tier)

  • Mercy's Reach (S Tier)

  • Mariner's Refuge (S Tier)

  • Sarat's Lair (S Tier)

  • Tomb of the Saints (S Tier)

  • Uldur's Cave (S Tier)

  • Komdor Temple (A Tier)

  • Nostrava (A Tier)

  • Forgotten Ruins (A Tier)

  • Pallid Delve (A Tier)

  • Lost Keep (A Tier)

  • Kor Valar Ramparts (A Tier)

  • Dead Man's Dredge (A Tier)

  • Garan Hold (B Tier)

  • Ancient Reservoir (B Tier)

  • Betrayer's Row (B Tier)

  • Charnel House (B Tier)

  • Twisted Hollow (B Tier)

  • Collapsed Vault (C Tier)

  • Shifting City (C Tier)

  • Stockades (C Tier)

  • Faceless Shrine (SALVAGE)

  • Iron Hold10.66 (SALVAGE)

  • Bastion of Faith (SALVAGE)

  • Halls of the Damned (SALVAGE)

  • Heretics Asylum (SALVAGE)

  • Path of the Blind (SALVAGE)

  • Domhainne Tunnel (SALVAGE)

D4 Best Dungeons Ranking for Glyph Leveling:

  • Hoarfrost Demise (S+ Tier)

  • Twisted Hollow (S Tier)

  • Sarat's Lair (S Tier)

  • Garan Hold (S Tier)

  • Mariner's refuge (S Tier)

  • Immortal Emenation (S Tier)

  • Uldur's Cave (S Tier)

  • Mercy's Reach (S Tier)

  • Iron Hold (A Tier)

  • Bastion of Faith (A Tier)

  • Tomb of the Saints (A Tier)

  • Domhainne Tunnel (A Tier)

  • Nostrava (A Tier)

  • Dead Man's Dredge (A Tier)

  • Ancient Reservoir (A Tier)

  • Kor Valar Ramparts (B Tier)

  • Pallid Delve (B Tier)

  • Shifting City (B Tier)

  • Collapsed Vault (B Tier)

  • Betrayer's Row (B Tier)

  • Halls of the Damned (C Tier)

  • Akhan's Grasp (C Tier)

  • Faceless Shrine (C Tier)

  • Charnel House (SALVAGE)

  • Lost Keep (SALVAGE)

  • Forgotten Ruins (SALVAGE)

  • Komdor Temple (SALVAGE)

  • Heretics Asylum (SALVAGE)

  • Stockades (SALVAGE)

  • Path of the Blind (SALVAGE)

D4 1.1.1 Best Dungeons Ranking for Group Farming:

The following best group farming dungeons tier list is a summary based on how mob density changes affect clear speed and XP:

  • 1. Sarat's Lair (S Tier)

  • 2. Komdor Temple (STier)

  • 3. Mariner's refuge (S Tier)

  • 4. Tomb of the Saints (A Tier)

  • 5. Akhan's Grasp (A Tier)

  • 6. Stockades (A Tier)

  • 7. Heretics Asylum (B Tier)

  • 8. Dead Man's Dredge (B Tier)

  • 9. Halls of the Damned (B Tier)

  • 10. Lost Keep (B Tier)

  • 11. Garan Hold (B Tier)

  • 12. Iron Hold (B Tier)

  • 13. Uldur's Cave (B Tier)

  • 14. Charnel House (B Tier)

  • 15. Twisted Hollow (C Tier)

  • 16. Collapsed Vault (C Tier)

  • 17. Immortal Emenation (C Tier)

  • 18. Pallid Delve (C Tier)

  • 19. Domhainne Tunnel (C Tier)

  • 20. Norstrava Deepwood (C Tier)

  • 21. Path of the Blind (C Tier)

  • 22. Ancient Reservoir (C Tier)

  • 23. Forgotten Ruins (C Tier)

  • 24. Mercy's Reach (C Tier)

  • 25. Hoarfrost Demise (C Tier)

  • 26. Shifting City (D Tier)

  • 27. Faceless Shrine (D Tier)

  • 28. Betrayer's Row (D Tier)

  • 29. Kor Valar Ramparts (F Tier)

  • 30. Bastion of Faith (F Tier)

D4 1.1.1 Best Strongholds Ranking for Solo/Group Farming

This new Srtongholds Tier List is sorted out based on the time required, the XP, and drops earned by each stronghold, on both Solo and Group farming:

  • 1. Temple of Rot (S Tier)

  • 2. Kor Dragan (S Tier)

  • 3. Alcarnus (S Tier)

  • 4. Onyx Watchtower (A Tier)

  • 5. Ruins of Qara-Yisu (B Tier)

  • 6. Eriman's Pyre (B Tier)

  • 7. Crusader's Monument (B Tier)

  • 8. Omath's Redoubt (B Tier)

  • 9. Altar of Ruin (B Tier)

  • 10. Moordaine Lodge (B Tier)

  • 11. Norstrava (B Tier)

  • 12. Vyeresz (D Tier)

  • 13. Malnok (D Tier)

  • 14. Tur Dulra (D Tier)

  • 15. Hope's Light (D Tier)

Note: All ran with a scuffed TB Rogue starting at level 30, and only had the imprinted TB power. Didn't put in skill points, but did put on upgrades to compensate for the increased difficulty. All bosses and RP were skipped. The optimal routes were *attempted* to be found before recording the data. 

D4 1.1.1 Best Events Ranking for Solo/Group Farming

Discover which events are worth farming in Diablo 4 after the 1.1.1 patch. The following Season 1 Event Tier is sorted out based on the farming on an 80 leveling build, no pylons are used and a 5% XP flask is always on, and mastery is always achieved: 

  • Last Stand (Worth)

  • Cursed Chest (Worth)

  • Cursed Well (Worth)

  • Wandering Soul (Worth)

  • Ritual of Blood (Worth)

  • Altar of Immolation (Not Worth)

  • Altar of Bishibosh (Not Worth)

  • Eternal Torment (Not Worth)

  • Cursed Shrine (Not Worth)

  • Potent Blood (Not Worth)

  • Rest for the Wary (Not Worth)

  • Nest (Probably terrible)

  • Hostage(Probably terrible)

Note: Events can have drastically different results based upon what dungeon they're in (mob type) and your ability to clear the room.