Lost Ark Yoz's Jar & Legendary Skins 2023: How To Roll, Cost, Discount & More

9/7/2023 4:34:20 PM

Unleash the power of Yoz’s Jar and uncover the secrets to obtaining extraordinary legendary skins in Lost Ark!

lost ark yoz's jar & legendary items

Lost Ark Lost Ark Yoz's Jar & Legendary Skins Guide

Lost Ark September Update 2023 will bring the new feature - Yoz's Jar into the NA/EU version of the game. It is a consumable item that was introduced on the KR server of Lost Ark one year ago. Have you ever wondered about the secrets hidden within Yoz's Jar in Lost Ark? Or perhaps you're curious about the dazzling array of legendary skins available in the game? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the mystical world of Lost Ark, exploring the enigmatic Yoz's Jar and uncovering the captivating stories behind the legendary skins. Get ready for an exciting adventure filled with ancient mysteries and awe-inspiring cosmetic treasures!

When will Yoz's Jar be Released on Lost Ark NA/EU?

Lost Ark Yoz's Jar is set to be released for the first time on Lost Ark's NA/EU version in September 2023, which we think is most likely Wednesday 20 September.

What is Yoz's Jar in Lost Ark?

Yoz's Jar is a consumable item available in the in-game store that allows players to obtain Epic and Legendary skins for their characters. If you have a skin you don’t like or wear anymore, you can break it down for "Cloth" which can be used with a Jar to roll a new skin from a determined list. Each slot has to be rolled individually (weapon, head, chest, pants). So you won’t get a full set with one roll 1. Legendary skins provide better benefits than Epic skins and give 1% more main stat than epic skins, for a total of 4% more main stat (e.g. Strength/Intelligence) from a full set, or about 1.9% more attack power. If you like older skin more than the looks of your new Legendary one with bigger bonuses, you can ‘Overlay’ the skin you like over the Legendary skin! When overlaying a skin, stats don’t stack (the legendary skin will be prioritized).

What are the Legendary Skins in Lost Ark?

Legendary skins give you more percentage of strength, dexterity, or intelligence depending on your comprehensive class and these factors contribute to the attack. There are 4 legendary skins: weapon, head, chest, and pants. The heroic skins increase 1 percent of the strength for each part which means a 4% increase in total. The legendary skins increase by 2% of the strength for each part, which means an 8% increase in total (only the higher figures from the legendary skins get applied, so an 8% increase in total).

Actually the attack increase is small and the percentage of the figures won't stack, so if you want to invest in your upgrades we would recommend you use gold on something like tripod, engraving, and gems rather than getting legendary skins unless you like the look of the outfit. And by the way, if you do not like the look of the legendary skin then you can overlap it with other skins.

How to Get These Legendary Skins in Lost Ark?

You need two things to get the legendary skins: Yoz's Jar and Cloth:

  • How To Get  Yoz's JarYou can get the Yoz's Jar from the shop by paying Blue Crystal: 1 for 100 blue crystals and 10 for 900 blue crystals with some discount

  • How To Get Colth - You can get cloth by dismantling skins purchased with royal crystals (Only skins obtained with royal crystals can be dismantled to obtain cloth, such as the Heroic Skin from the Chaos dungeon)

  • How To Get Legendary Skins - Use a Yoz's Jar and 14 Cloth to roll a new skin, then you get a chance to acquire Legendary Skins.

Roll Rate To Get Legendary Skin

From each Yoz's Jar roll, you only have a 10% chance to get a legendary skin!

Cost - How Much Does Each Legendary Skin Set Cost?

You may want legendary skins for the stats, or you may want them for the appearance, but is it worth getting a full set of legendary skins for your character? So you must want to know how much costs for a legendary skin set. Though the event has not been released on the NA/EU server, luckily on post on Reddit created by u/birkholz shows us the Real Cost of Legendary Skins on the KR server one year ago when the Yoz's Jar season first rolled out in the LoA KR server.

We have copied the important content here. Although these calculations are based on market prices and data on Korean servers a year ago, we believe it can definitely give you an advanced idea of how much it may cost to get a set of Legendary Skins on European and American servers.

How Much Does a Single Yoz's Jar Roll Cost?

In KR/RU/JP, to attempt a single roll of the Yoz Jar you need 14 cloth for one roll. Each skin piece is dismantled into 7 cloth, so a full set of weapons/helms/top/bottom gives 28 cloth. 

If a full skin (including weapon) costs $24 (the current cost of a 4-piece skin in NA), and a jar costs 100 blue crystals (about $2.50), then a single roll costs about $14.50.

If you failed to get a legendary, you could then dismantle the "failed" epic skin for a refund of 7 cloth, making the next roll cost $12/2 + 2.50 = $8.50.

Any cash shop skin can be dismantled for cloth, so it's possible you could save money by buying skins from the auction house to dismantle (make sure the item can be dismantled before you buy it!). So consider these numbers to be the highest/guaranteed price per roll.

How much would it cost to roll a full legendary skin set?

At approximately $14.50 per attempt and a 10% chance for legendary, it’d cost $145 for a single legendary skin piece (one of the 2 colors), with average luck. Or $580 for a full set, with average luck. The "failed" skins can either be sold on the AH or dismantled for a refund of half the cloth spent on each roll, to save costs with further rolls.

Note: While each class has 2 colors of their legendary skin, a matching set only matters if you care about the appearance of the set. If you do not care about the appearance, you can mix pieces and get the stats regardless.

With Average Chance and No Recycled Failures:

While most people would recycle failures to make rolling for a legendary as cheap and simple as possible, I felt this is relevant to show, because you may not want to recycle failures if they are valuable skins on their own. This is very possible for us, given our very low number of available skins, and these new epic skins give us more options for customization. So take into consideration that these costs would be offset in a way by any sold failures.

  • 1 legendary skin piece - $145

  • Full legendary set - $580

Including recycled failures:

Assuming 1 legendary = 1 full cost roll + 9 rolls with half the cloth recycled

Recycled roll: 12/2 + 2.50 = $8.50

Average change: 14.50 + 8.50 * 9 = $91

  • 1 legendary skin piece - $91

  • Full legendary set - $364

Crystal and gold prices

While the main point of this post was to illuminate the real-world cost of rolling for legendaries, the $ amounts are a conversion from the actual crystal prices in the game. I did this because hiding the real cost of lootboxes behind currency conversions is a classic gacha game tactic to make people spend more without realizing it. However, in fairness for representation, below are the crystal prices, as well as the gold price, if you were to convert gold into crystals to buy skins & jars. This would only be possible in our version because in other versions, you have to buy skins with royal crystals for real money, blue crystal skins are unique to our version.

  • 95 BC (exchange price) - 700g (current NA East price)

  • 10 jars (10% discount) - 900 blue crystals or 6632g

  • 28 cloth (full skin set from the shop) - 1000 blue crystals or 7369g

  • 1 legendary skin piece - 3650 blue crystals or 26902g

  • Full legendary set - 14600 blue crystals or 107608g

Discount - How To Get Legendary Skins With The Lowest Cost?

Consider buying legendary skins with gold off the auction house from someone else who rolled before rolling yourself. If the price on the AH is less than $91 gets you in the crystal exchange, that's a good deal!

  • Buy the 12k royal crystal pack for the 20% bonus

  • Buy the discounted (e.g., monthly/weekly) blue crystal packs for the 5/10% bonus

  • If they offer 10 Jars for 900 BC deal like KR, buy that to save 10%

  • If they offer packages with jars and cloth, do the math to see if it's a better deal than buying skins, it might be!

  • If the auction house has dismantlable skins for less than the cost in the cash shop, buy those instead.

  • If you "fail" a roll, check to see if the skin you rolled is worth anything, it could be worth more to sell on the auction house than to recycle it.

  • If you're trying for a specific legendary skin and you get the other color, sell it on the auction house to buy the color you want, or to pay for more rolls! You might even be able to find someone who is willing to trade.