D4 Season 2 XP Buffs & Nerfs - Massive Nerfs for XP Farm Glitch, Malignant Heart, Gold After Patch 1.1.4

9/11/2023 5:46:09 PM

Diablo 4 Season 2 is upon us, bringing exciting updates and adjustments aimed at enhancing gameplay balance and overall player experience. In this article, we will talk about Diablo 4 Season 2 massive buffs & nerfs for XP farm glitch, infinite elixir, malignant heart, and gold after patch 1.1.4.

Diablo 4 1.1.4 Patch Notes

We can see gameplay updates in the patch 1.1.4 notes, what they've done is increase the EXP quite a lot for the Urn of Aggression. The first bulletin point says the total experience bonus from the Urn of Aggression season lesson has been increased from 8% to 20%. This is some great news, so if you're struggling right now to reach level 100, this should make things a little bit easier. They even mentioned this within the developer notes as you can tell right here which it states "We increased the total experience bonus of earn of aggression to make Susan blessing more impactful and to help players seeking level 100 get there a little faster". Now what's cool about this is that players have given some feedback due to their recent event with the Mother's Blessing where we received extra XP bonuses and there was gold as well. Now we're going to be able to gain more XP just because of the season Urn of Aggression and this is awesome news because if you're a player out here and you have yet to reach level 100, this should make things a little easier so that you can just climb up there and potentially defeat the Uber Lilith. 

A lot of this in the patch notes is just simple fixes and most of it's not too major, but with the whole idea of buffing up the XP for the season, that's a great idea in terms of just helping out some of the newer players and maybe some of the current players that are still playing. 

D4 Season 2 Update

For Season 2 news, there's some awesome stuff to be looking forward towards. So what Adam Fletcher has stated in his recent tweet was patch 1.1.4 notes are out now. Patch hits next week. Tons of people are heads down working towards a bunch of items with Season 2, looking forward to sharing more info on these updates as we get closer to next season in club and this gives you an idea of when they're going to start sharing and revealing more information such as the season items possibly, how the vampiric powers work in terms of mechanic. This might not sound too exciting because Season 1 was quite disappointing, but when Season 2 rolls around, there will be a lot of interesting things to do. So this is pretty much it with the patch notes.

Future Expansions & Seasons 

There is something that was asked on Twitter, a player had asked this question “Rod, are you still doing big expansions”, Rod Fergusson replied with “Yes, our live service will be seasons and expansions”. Now about these seasons and expansions, they're going to try to make this a long-term goal because on June 12, 2022, you can see:

PATCH 1.1.4 Season 2 XP Buff

So far it appears that there's going to be a lot of expansions, seasons and a lot more to expect with throughout the years. A lot of you out here are not going to forgive Blizzard that easily, but at least you should give Season 2 a chance, that things might turn around and for the better. This is not the first time a game has had a terrible start and it's not to say that things can not turn out better.

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D4 S2 New Uniques, Legendary and Enemies

There’s something that was mentioned over at screenrant.com and this is the a Diablo 4 season 2 interview. They talked to Rod Fergusson and they talked to Chris Wilson, the most important thing to look at is Chris Wilson mentions:

Rod Fergusson then said:

So they mentioned the whole idea with blood and it might be obvious enough, we're just going to be bit by a vampire or something like that and then we are able to obtain these powers.

Summary for the Buffs & Nerfs to Diablo 4 Season 2 XP Farm Glitch, Infinite Elixir, Malignant Heart, Gold in Patch 1.1.4:

XP Buffs:

Season 2 introduces various XP buffs that aim to provide players with a smoother leveling journey and a more rewarding experience. These buffs are designed to enhance progression and reduce potential monotony associated with grinding.

  • Increased XP from monster kills: By adjusting the experience gained from defeating monsters, players will now earn more XP, making the leveling process feel more enjoyable and satisfying.

  • Bonus XP events: Seasonal events and challenges will offer temporary XP bonuses, encouraging players to engage in different activities and earn additional experience during specific periods throughout the season. Keep an eye on these events to leverage the XP boost they provide.

  • Improved item affixes: Certain item affixes have been modified to grant additional experience bonuses, allowing players to further boost their XP gains as they equip and optimize their characters.


1.1.4 XP Farm Glitch

In response to an XP Farm Glitch that allowed players to exploit certain mechanics for excessive experience gains, the developers have implemented significant nerfs to address this issue. The glitch, which provided an unintended advantage, has been rectified to uphold fair gameplay and maintain the integrity of the leveling system.

1.1.4 Malignant Heart

The Malignant Heart affix, which was previously providing an excessively high XP bonus, has been adjusted to ensure a more balanced progression. The nerf aims to align the affix with the intended experience gains for players, preventing disproportionate advantages and promoting fair gameplay.

Gold Acquisition after Patch 1.1.4

Patch 1.1.4 brings changes to gold acquisition rates, addressing potential imbalances and ensuring a more consistent economy within the game. While specific adjustments will depend on the details provided in the patch notes, players can anticipate alterations to gold drops and acquisition methods to promote a balanced in-game economy.

Infinite Elixir

To maintain game balance and prevent potential exploits, the issue of infinite elixir usage has been addressed in Patch 1.1.4. The nerf ensures that elixirs are used strategically and encourages players to manage their resources effectively.