Lost Ark Soul Eater: Release Date (EU/NA), Engravings, Skills, Builds & Gameplay

9/15/2023 4:30:40 PM

In this Lost Ark Soul Eater Class guide, we will talk about the release date of the new Assassin subclass, and delve into the skills, engravings, builds, and more details about the powerful Souleater advanced class! 


Lost Ark Soul Eater Class Guide

The Soul Eater class in Lost Ark is a new class that was released on the Korean server on July 19, 2023. It is part of the assassin job group and wields a large scythe as its weapon. The Soul Eater specializes in swift attacks and has a reaper aesthetic with death-themed animations. As an assassin-type character, the Souleater Class is known for its dark and occult abilities, granting players the ability to wield devastating powers against their enemies.

Throughout this guide, we will explore the release date of the Soul Eater Class, discuss its unique skills and engravings, and provide insights into different builds and playstyles that can be utilized to maximize its potential. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will provide you with valuable information and strategies to excel as a Soul Eater in the enchanting world of Lost Ark. Let's embark on this dark journey together!

Lost Ark Soul Eater Release Date (NA/EU)

Souleaster will most likely be released on Wednesday, November 15th on the NA/EU version of Lost Ark, based on the following reasons:

  • Soul Eater has been scheduled for the November update in Lost Ark Roadmap 2023;

  • Lost Ark's monthly updates are usually released on Wednesdays in the middle of the month, so November 15th is likely the day of the November update.

Lost Ark Souleater Identity

  • "Reaper Skill' and 'Assassin' Skill' and using the Reaper skill with the soul stone. It is similar to Battle Master or Destroyer, but there is an additional special gauge called

  • ‘Possession/Border Gauge’ that can be collected to inflict powerful damage.

Lost Ark Soul Eater Engravings

  • Full Moon - This engraving is designed to help players fill up Soul Stones quickly, allowing them to enter Reaper Mode and unleash massive damage within a short time frame. It is particularly beneficial for Souleater players who aim to deliver powerful strikes with high numbers.

  • Dark Moon - This particular engraving utilizes the identity meter instead of Reaper Mode to enhance existing skills. It offers a faster and more agile combat experience compared to its counterpart.

Lost Ark Soul Eater Skills

  • Salgui Skills: These are skills that involve swinging and slashing with a sickle. While they have relatively low base damage, they are the core skills of the Soul Eater class as they provide significant buffs and enhancements in the state of Soul Steal, which is achieved through the absorption of the souls of enemies. However, due to its outstanding performance, the Lunatic skill is almost universally used in any build.

  • Death Soul Skills: These are skills that summon spirits using the power of the demon (inner chaos) that can be controlled freely. They are a major source of Aden supply for the Moon Soul Eater class, as they replenish the possession gauge. Although they do not receive direct effects like the Salgui skills, they are known for their efficient soul stone supply, so the Soul Eater class also adopts one or two specific skills for soul stone supply.

  • Grim Reaper Skills: These are the main skills that consume soul stones to unleash powerful attacks imbued with the power of the Grim Reaper, dealing heavy damage and filling the Identity Gauge (Possession Gauge and Boundary Gauge) for both Moon Soul Eaters and Soul Eaters.

Lost Ark Souleater Awakening

  • Death Bringer: After gathering powerful power, he alternately slashes forward with the Shinigami, dealing 2,041 damage 4 times and 3,062 damage 4 times alternately, then slams forward strongly, dealing 20,431 damage and crossing over the enemy. 

  • The End: Summons a reaper from the darkness, dealing 4,999 damage to enemies, collecting dark soul energy, and pulling nearby enemies, dealing a total of 1,430 damage 7 times. When all dark souls are gathered, they are cut down at once, inflicting 35,036 damage and knocking down the enemy.

Lost Ark Souleater Builds & Gameplay

  • Full Moon Soul Eater Build: Short Deal Time, Powerful Extreme Deal

Full Moon's engraving has a very high damage distribution of three reinforced deity skills used after the godly transformation. Among specialized professions, it is necessary to equip suitable swift values or gems of Hongyeom for Disposer, which are Guillotine and Dual Blades, respectively. In addition to having a considerably long deal time, Full Moon is able to immediately reset the cooldown of its main skill, the deity skill, by using the Identity. As long as you can accurately grasp the positioning of mechanisms and mobs and use the skill three times, it's done. Even if the deal time is long, it's very short, around 4-5 seconds, so it has a very high efficiency with Adolf's efficiency, and it fits very well with the current Lost Ark raid meta.

  • Dark Moon Soul Eater Build: Various Setting Directions

Due to the effect of the right angle, the strengthened deity has a cruel 90% physical damage increase, so the efficiency of the strengthened deity is very good. The normal deity skills also consume no soul stones and receive a 40% damage increase, on top of which, when entering the boundary state, the skills of the soul also receive a greatly enhanced effect on top of the basic 40%. This makes it possible to concentrate on the soul skills entirely. In addition, the dead skills used by the Boundary do not receive any effects from the right angle, but there are reasons for their employment, so just by building the skills, it falls into a wide range, and here, the equipment is divided into Nightmare and Illusion, and the characteristics are extremely, moderately, and half-healing. Because the overall DPS is similar, it is possible to set them up according to your own preferences. If you only consider the numbers, it is a class that can have a very wide range of settings, similar to the famous Battle Master.

NOTE: Much of the above information about Souleater is translated from the Korean guide, so many in-game proper nouns may differ from the actual English version, we will update the guide when Soul Eater released on NA/EU servers.

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