Lost Ark Best Soul Eater Builds: Full Moon & Dark Moon Souleater Build Guide

10/1/2023 7:23:40 PM

Here we've prepared the advanced guide for Soul Eater builds, talking about how to set up the new Full Moon and Dark Moon Souleater builds. So let's get into it!


Lost Ark Full Moon Soul Eater Build Guide

Full Moon Soul Eater uses the Executioner of Full Moon engraving, uses Specialization as her main attribute, uses the possession Gauge to enter a transformation state called Reaper, and after transforming his Reaper skill into a main weapon, she is a powerful DPS dealer with instantaneous dealing with three main skills.

Full Moon Soul Eater Identity: Gauge

The Identity Gauge of Full Mon Souleaters can exist with three Soul Stones and one Possession Gauge. The Soul Stones are filled with Spectre Skills and Revenant Skills and are consumed by Death God Skills. The Possession Gauge can be filled with Revenant Skills and Death God Skills and is consumed through the transformation of becoming a Death God. When entering the transformation, the Identity Gauge turns purple and the Soul Stones are immediately filled with 3 stones. Additionally, entering the transformation inflicts damage to the surrounding area and grants a Bloodthirsty Synergy.

Full Moon Soul Eater Gear: Hallucination Relic Set


High damage output, good for critical strikes and foresight (18%)

Can easily kill Death Gods without hesitation


If equipped with Bracelet (Precision, Circulation), Ade2 or higher settings, it is prone to overcritical hits in party play.

The cooldown of the Aden Supply Unit may cause cycle disruption between the 2nd and 3rd Aden supply cycles.

For the special necklace, you can focus on each body part specialization. Based on Delusion, bring Resentment/Foreseen/Monthly as fixed options, and choose Ad/Jeobad/Tadae as the remaining options based on your preference and skill tree. In the Relic stage, fix one slot with Ad3 and select another one. In the Ancient stage, fix one slot with Ad1 and select another one.

Full Moon Soul Eater Engravings:

Grudge, Sharp Mace, Full Moon Executioner, Assault Leader, Adrenaline

Grudge, Sharp Blunt, Full Moon Executioner, Assault Leader, Adrenaline, Ether Devourer 1 (Nightmare)

Grudge, Sharp Blunt, Full Moon Executioner, Assault Leader, Master Strike or Cursed Doll, Adrenaline 1 (hallucination)

Grudge, Sharp Blunt, Full Moon Executioner, Assault Leader, Master Strike or Cursed Doll, Adrenaline 2 (97 stones)

Full Moon Soul Eater Gems:

Gems are set based on 4 annihilation and 7 red:

Annihilation: Vestige, Soul Sinners, Guillotine Swing, Astaroth

Red Flame: Vestige, Guillotine Swing, Astaroth, Soul Drain, Death Order, Gluttony, Death Yard

1. If you want to increase the stability of the cycle, wear red flames for all skills except Guillotine (4 kills, 7 reds)

2. If you have high red flame or want to increase damage, wear red flame for all skills except Guillotine and Soul Sinner (5 kills, 6 red).

Full Moon Soul Eater Elixir:

Conversion (hallucination)

Master (Nightmare)

Full Moon Soul Skill Tree:

The skill tree depends on whether you choose Soul Synesthesis/Beastige Charging, Instant Tripper, and Spectre Synergy skill Lunatic Edge. Based on these choices, you can decide whether to employ Super Charge and Assault Commander. The skill tree features a 28-second strategy utilizing 2 assassins and a combination of 5 Specters and 3 Shadows. It emphasizes the Wind prosperity legendary talent at level 1, with heroic talents at levels 2 and 5, and a rare talent at level 1 in specialization cut 1810.

Here is the skill tree breakdown (Level in parentheses):

28 seconds, 2 Death God, 5 Revenant/3 Death God (Specialization: Prosperity Legendary 1/Heroic 2/Rare 1, Focus Cut: 1810)

- Aden Supply Unit -

Death Order:

Legendary Prosperity 1(5)-1(5)-1(5)/Hongyeom/Level 12

An installed long-range skill with the highest Possession Gauge supply.


Heroic Prosperity 3(5)-2(5)-2(5)/Hongyeom Myeolhwa/Level 12

A support damage dealer and Aden Supply Unit with moderate force and level 1 destruction skill. Can be used as a charge skill.

Soul Drain:

Heroic Prosperity 1(5)-3(1)-2(1)/Hongyeom/Level 10

Supplies the most Possession Gauge with Aden Supply Unit.

- Synergy -

Death Yard:

Legendary Concentration 1-3(5)-2(5)/Hongyeom/Level 10

Synergy and Aden Supply Unit.

- Counter -

Gluttony: Rare Prosperity 1(5)-3/Hongyeom/Level 7

Counter performance is decent with 2-hit avoidance, Aden Supply, and destruction skill.

- Main Source Skill -

Guillotine Swing:

Legendary Concentration 1,2-1,2(5)-2(5)/Hongyeom Myeolhwa/Level 12

The strongest main source skill. Can enhance force or destruction with 1st Tripper selection. 2nd Tripper has better damage, but suffers from weaker range and speed, so it depends on personal preference.

Soul Synesis:

Legendary Gale 1,2-1,3(5)-2(5)/Myeolhwa/Level 12

The second-strongest main source skill. When adopting Taede or not using Broken Compass in the skill tree, it adopts resilience. Currently, due to a bug in the Broken Compass, it was replaced by An Sang in the Trisien test.


Legendary Gale 1(5)-1,3(5)-1(5)/Myeolhwa Hongyeom/Level 12

A talkative penetrating skill, but it is essential for Aden Supply as it restores both stacks when entering Death God Transformation with two stacks even in the dimension of Aden Supply.

Lost Ark Dark Moon Soul Eater Build Guide

Dark Moon does not have a big controversy compared to Full Moon, therefore we are going to introduce a brand new build KE rankers use. We're going to introduce Nightmare builds.

Dark Moon SouL Easter Stats:

1800 Crit, 650 Swiftness

Dark Moon SouL Easter Engravings:

For the ancient grade 333331 setting, 3 grudges, 3 sharp blunt weapons, 3 cursed dolls, 3 assault leaders, 3 full moon executioners, and 1 adrenaline are used. Mass increase can also be used instead of a lower base.

Before 1540, Crudge, Dark Moon, Keen Blunt Weapon, Raid Captain, and Cursed Doll. Nightmare build can also use Raid Captain before 1540 because you can reach full efficiency if supporter has at least level 2 Swamp of Yearning

After 1540, just add level 1 Adrenaline. If you have 97 stone,  use level 2 Adrenaline. Also, you can use Mass Increase instead of a Cursed Doll, if you're good with low attack speed.

Dark Moon SouL Easter Relic Set:

6 Nightmares and 6 Hallucinations are currently mainly used. In the case of extreme speed, you can consider 6 ruling and 2 evil 4. We recommend 6 Hallucinations.

Dark Moon SouL Easter Gems:

If you're not going to give, at least a level 7 cooldown gems on Nightmare builds take one or two swiftness on your ring.

Dark Moon SouL Easter Skill Tree:

Soul Dran (10) - Tripod 332, Conviction Rune

Lunatic Edge (10) - Tripod 111, Judgment Rune

Harvest (12) - Tripod 331, Quick Recharge Rune

Riddle Spinning (12) - Tripod 331, Galewin Rune

Lust Nail (7) - Tripod 31 or 3, Bleed Rune

Vestige (12) - Tripod 1/2 or 3/1, Galewin Rune

Soul Sinners (12) - Tripod 231, Galewin Rune

Guillotine Swing (12) - Tripod 1 or 232, Overwhelm Rune

Dark Moon SouL Easter Skill Rotation:

Soul Dran -> Lunatic Edge -> Harvest -> Guillotine Swing -> Soul Sinners

Riddle Spinning -> Vestige -> Lunatic Edge -> Harvest -> Lust Nail -> Vestige

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