WoW Classic Season of Discovery TOP 10 Best Gold Farms 2024

1/3/2024 10:33:13 AM

There are so many different ways to farm WoW Classic gold in Classic Season of Discovery, we'll share the top 10 gold making methods in 2024.

1. Scroll Farming

In the Southeastern part of strangle forn you can loot these bottles and in the bottles, there's a small chance that you will also get scrolls that you can sell on your auction house, the Scrolls you're mainly looking for is Scroll of agility and strength as these will sell for a high amount of gold on your auction house, the price of these all depends at what time of the day you try to sell them, if you're on herbalist then also pay attention to any nearby strangle KS.


2. Two Useful Vendors

The next time you need to take a break from the farm then just head to booty Bay and look out for this win, here you can purchase Mana potions and greater healing potions yeah it is a resupply but if you manage to purchase them then you can also resell these onto your auction house for anywhere between 10 to 20 times the winter price.


3. Big Iron Fishing Pole

While you're in this zone then you should also go to the southwestern part, here there will be this water environment and you can dive down and loot some different cages, in these cages there's a small chance that you will get the big Iron fishing pole on the server these sells for anywhere between 20 to 40 gold depending on the day, if you're a druid or a warlock then you'll benefit a lot from under weather breathing but you could also purchase the elixir of underwea breathing, so you can keep farming without having to pay attention to your breath, remember, these creatures will also be high level so there's a high chance that you will eventually pull these when you try to open up the cages.


4. Grave Moss

So make sure to take advantage of this gold farming potential as there's going to be way more people here anytime soon, and no you don't even need to be level 25 to start doing this, as long as you have a pet then you should also have enough time to GA the herb and run away, the insane thing is that there's so many spawn points therefore that can also be two spawns up at a time and the respawn time seems to be in between 2 to 3 minutes for each of these, another solution is to go to the western part of duskwood in Raven Hill, in Raven Hill, there's a lot of potential areas for farming the grave M as well and there's usually not too much competition if you do this early hours or when most people are raiding else, it can be quite crowded.


5. Chest Farming

Talking about having two accounts then one thing we actually enjoy is to use one account to pull high level enemies while the other character is loading chest, this is a great way to farm higher level green and blue items, but it requires two accounts so all of you will probably not be able to do this unless you have a lot of gold in ref of the Lich King and you don't plan to play cataclysm then you could spend all of your gold on wild tokens and redeem this as game time for your second account, a big benefit of this is that now you can also solo dungeon Elites a lot easier for rare items that sells for anywhere between 20 and all the way up to 60 Gold.


6. Iridescent Pearl

One material that still sells for a high amount of gold is this Pearl, and a little location we find quite useful is in Southshore a well in Hills spread food Hills, there's next to no butts here, and the enemies you're killing is also higher levels so because they're in between level 28 to 30, then they also drop high level green and blue items that you can easily sell for a high amount of gold on your auction house, there's two other options the first one being where you head to the southwestern part of wetlands, just below menl Harbor you can find this area with murlocs where you can also get the clam and just like the previous area because these enemies is between level 28 and 29 then the green and rare items that drop, usually also sells for anywhere P TR 5 and all the way up to 150 gold, the third and last option would be to head to the western part of Hills spread Foothills, here you can also find more merlocks and the level range is the same as before, if you have leveled up fishing, then you can also grant even more gold, simply by fishing in the different fishing schools.


7. Fishing Gold Making

The way we do this is simply by using fishing to C different Ironbound Trunks and meal bound trunks, these trunks contains materials that you can use to power level your profession in the next phase, green items consumables and so on, so you can either Farm these for your own preparation or sell them on the auction house for a decent amount of gold to anyone who prepare or keep it as an investment for phase two.


8. Neutral AH Flipping

Another thing that has also made us a decent profit is the neutral auction house, sometimes we either sell items here or purchase them.


9. Wild Steelbloom/Swiftthistle

You're not going to undercut and lose a lot of gold or silver two herbs you can still sell quite fast and also make a big profit on is the wild steel Bloom and Swiftthistle, first, we'll will share the routes for Alliance and then move on to the hord and also do the exact same with the wild steelbloom in Westfall, we move in the same shape as a square so all the way up to the left down, and to the right and this will just repeat over and over, another Zone, Loch Modan and the route is either going to be where we move in the shape of a circle or in the number eight, so then we're move like this and we'll just cross over all the time.


10. Deviate Fish

Another thing we've also found to be quite decent is to fish right outside waiting cents, you have a chance to get the deviate fish that you can sell on the auction house.

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