Diablo 4 Season 3 Tier List - Best Class & Character to Play in D4 S3 (After Patch 1.3)

1/22/2024 11:21:44 AM

In the Patch Notes for Diablo IV Season 3, a ton of changes are exposed to the new season. Which is the strongest class to play? Here we’ll get into a Diablo 4 Season 3 tier list post patch 1.3 ranking all characters, covering the best class and builds in D4 S3.  

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Diablo 4 Season 3 Tier List - Best Class & Character to Play in D4 S3 (After Patch 1.3) 

Considering the class changes, item updates, and bug fixes, the new meta is probably going to be refreshed in the Diablo IV Season Of The Construct. Let’s dive into the tier list for D4 Season 3, then choose the best class along with its character builds. 

1 - Necromancer

The number one class to play in Diablo 4 S3 is going to be Necromancer, largely because Bone Spirit is one of the best build options to go with, which gets some buffs, even though it'll probably get nerfed in the mid-season. Quality of life improvements have been made to the Necromancer class, Blood and Iron Golems will attack in a small area. In addition, they added a decent amount of mobility to Shadow damage over time, shadow damage minion Necro hybrid type build seems viable as well. It's going to be a crazy season depending on what bugs arise with these skills and new aspects and unique item additions to the game. No matter what classes you choose, there are more powerful and viable options to get you level up faster and become unstoppable. 

2 - Barbarian

Barbarian is worth being ranked in one of the top spots, behind the Necromancer. Their smoothness of bleeding builds and utility and quality of life was always the main problem and now those are essentially getting fixed, so Hammer of the Ancients and Whirlwind are as powerful as ever but there are more viable options in the Season of the Construct. You are going to be dealing more damage with a lot of skills, Charge Barbarian, HotA Barbarian, and Upheaval Barbarian are all S-tier builds to try in Diablo 4 Season 3. 

3 - Sorcerer

Sorcerer is put in the middle of the Diablo 4 tier list, it only received buffs, the biggest change to Sorcerer in Season 3 involves the Meteor skill, a handful of buffs coming into the skill and the addition of a new unique D4 item makes it more effective. Any more increases in conjuration damage or effectiveness would push that archetype over the edge. Sorcerer is an all-around class in the upcoming season, Firewall Sorcerer, Blizzard Sorcerer, and Ball Lightning Sorcerer are all going to be top Sorc builds in S3.

4 - Rogue

The number four spot is going to be Rogue, it will get some buffs to underused skills, and improvement on the viability of ranged skills. Rogue is more viable and has more options than ever, its flexibility is unparalleled but borrowing any more bugs. When it comes to the Rogue builds in D4 S3, Rain of Arrows is going to be making a major breakout this season as well as Barrage and Penetrating Shot, you're going to be seeing fewer Twisting Blades than ever.

5 - Druid

Druid should be put in the last place, this class did not get any major buffs, besides receiving a few updates to their Spirit Boons, with Prickleskin's Thorns getting a buff. Rabies skill is also going to be receiving number adjustments and a new Legendary. However, they don't have any sources of thorns or utilization of thorns later and they just got generally indirect and direct nerfs in a few cases and no buffs for its best builds. Lightning Storm build kind of looks sick though, rabies is probably not viable because the clear speed is so small. 

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