Last Epoch Vs Diablo 4: Should D4 Players Play LE? - TOP 10 Last Epoch 1.0 Builds

2/5/2024 10:27:19 AM

With Last Epoch 1.0 launch quickly approaching a lot of players that haven't tried the game yet are going to be interested in seeing whether or not it's a suitable game for them or something that they're going to really enjoy and especially people who play other games like Path of Exile grimon and Diablo 4 are going to want to know how it compares to the games that they are already playing so in today's guide here we're actually going to do a comparison of Last Epoch versus Diablo 4.

Last Epoch Vs Diablo 4 


-Seasonal Theme.

-Theme content is temporary.

-Some permanent content.

-Available only on seasonal realm.


Last Epoch

-No strong theme.

-All content is permanent.

-Available on seasonal and standard realms.

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Top 10 Favorite Builds For Last Epoch 1.0 Launch

We'll go over what are the top 10 favorite builds coming up for patch 1.0 of Last Epoch February 21st.

1. Thorn Totem Shaman

This build plays extremely well super easy-to-play button build or you can start leveling with it starting at level four, so one of the pros of this build is that it is, very starter-friendly, very new player-friendly, it is very easy on the hands, not much to micromanage, it's like you are a Caster of totems and those totems are minions they have perfect AI because they are like stationary minions, they are stationary minions and they aim at any Target that's around them they don't suffer from the actual movement AI that the game has to offer if you play a build like squirrels if you play any other minion that has to move, so you benefit from perfect AI, but this would be one of our starter of choice coming up with the 1.0 patch.


2. Swarmblade Druid

It's a melee build that scales spell damage if you go with the lightning swarm blade or frostbite if you go for the frostbite sword blade so one is the spell and one is dots both rely on a certain form of CC for their main form of Defense so lightning will stun frostbite will freeze both are extremely fun to play, it's probably the most fun melee class to play.


3. Squirrels Beastmaster

This is one of the best single Target builds in the entire game, it plays so well against bosses, it's amazing, and it can absolutely destroy tier for JRA or any dungeon boss, also when using the piggy sword, you can actually freeze monsters constantly around you as you map in the Echoes, so that alongside the EXP experimental AIX on your belt to summon a volatile zombie and one of the zombie Rings, you can have a volatile zombie constantly dying and keep getting all of your stacks for fro of Frozen Vengeance which allows you to freeze all non- rare or boss enemies on any melee hit, so basically, you always have these Stacks you leap into packs of enemies freezing them all and killing them pretty much instantly because your squirrels deal so much damage, really fun build to play highly recommend.


4. Flame Wraiths Necromancer

They deal so much damage they are stationary turrets, basically you're playing turret defense with these guys, they have perfect AI as well because they are stationary and they just keep shooting at an incredibly high pace at any Target in range and range.


5. Shadow Daggers Bladedancer

Shadow daggers is a skill that does not have a skill tree, but it is not a subskill, and it actually scales off of melee, throwing with an insane amount of added damage effectiveness to it, it always crits and it's just incredibly powerful throughout the story and the end game, it can also scale incredibly well, morning Frost boots, highly recommend for new especially for newer players if you just want to destroy the game.


6. Judgement Aura Paladin

It's really fun to play, really good, keeping you on your toes all the time since you will want to use all of your mana with your judgment that gets increased damage will not increase but more damage, based on how much mana you consumed, so you're a mana Stacker that consumes all of your mana and then you cast volti reversal, and then you start lunging back forward or Shield ring, so there are a couple of ways that you can play this, either with Shield Rush either with a lunge so or with javelin with like dashing to your Javelin as well, but this is like the perfect, it's the perfect build to transition from using Holy Trail Javelin.


7. Frostbite Frost Claw Runemaster

Runemaster is absolutely broken with having access to permanent flame Ward through Frost wall permanent cold fire cold invocation, it just gets so much damage reduction, it gets so much Ward.


8. Plasma Orb Runemaster

You want to Stack as much intelligence alongside, the Mad Alchemist Ladle and try to apply as many elements on Monsters as possible that will give you a huge multiplier as well as using morning Frost with dexterity to try to stack even more flat damage so that it's increased by The Mad Alchemist Ladle, this is just a build that is overall like extremely good, it is one of the best if not the best build at the moment in the game although utilizing a bug.


9. Nova Hammers Paladin

This build is incredible the amount of range that those hammers have is just insane it probably clears like two or three screens away from you and it's just you can scale the damage of your hammers quite well as well as your tackiness, and just because of the mechanics of the actual skill, it's incredibly good for doing Arena, it's good for clearing monoliths, it's not the best and highest single Target DPS.

10. Ballista Bladedancer

We have access to some flat damage, and we have now access to Transforming Our Critical Strike avoidance into some Critical Strike multiplier for our minions, so we are going to see some more a little bit more damage on Ballista.

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