WoW 10.2.6 Where to Farm Plunder in Plunderstorm - Fastest Ways to Earn Plunder Renown in Plunderstorm

3/21/2024 4:57:10 PM

Blizzard's latest seasonal World of Warcraft event, Plunderstorm, has arrived in Patch 10.2.6, bringing with it a new questing experience and currency - Plunder. Here are some of the fastest and most efficient ways to farm Plunder in Plunderstorm.

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WoW 10.2.6 Where to Farm Plunder in Plunderstorm - Fastest Ways to Earn Plunder Renown in Plunderstorm

Plunderstorm is a limited-time game mode introduced in Patch 10.2.6 of World of Warcraft. In this pirate-themed battle royale, players compete to gather Plunder, which can be exchanged for reputation on the Renown track to unlock various cosmetic rewards. If you're looking to farm Plunder quickly, here are some of the fastest ways to earn it in Plunderstorm to increase your Renown with Keg Leg’s Crew and earn rewards such as giant parrot mounts and even Trader’s Tender.

How to Play Plunderstorm in Dragonflight 10.2.6

- Launch the retail World of Warcraft client and select Plunderstorm in the upper left corner.

- Create a Plunderstorm character, which is a pre-made character specifically for this event.

- Choose to play Solo or Duo, either alone or with a friend.

- Queue up for a Plunderstorm match and get ready to plunder.

- During the Plunderstorm event, you'll be playing as a pirate and your objective is to search for plunder in the Arathi Highlands. As you play, you'll unlock and upgrade unique abilities, these abilities can be offensive, utility, or consumable. You can equip two offensive abilities, two utility abilities, and one consumable. 

- Abilities can be found by exploring the map, opening chests, and killing NPCs and other players. When you kill another player, they will drop the abilities they have equipped, which can be a great way to upgrade your own abilities.

- Remember, Plunderstorm is a PvP event, so you may encounter other players who will try to defeat you. If you prefer to focus on PvE activities, you can still earn Plunder by killing NPCs, opening chests, and completing quests.

WoW Dragonflight 10.2.6 Fastest Ways to Farm Plunder Renown in Plunderstorm 

1. Collect Plunder

To earn Renown in WoW Plunderstorm, you’ll need to collect Plunder, the currency of this game mode. Plunder drops from monsters, other players, winning matches, and chests.

  • Defeat monsters: Kill mobs and other players to earn Plunder. The more you kill, the more Plunder you can collect.

  • Loot chests: Open chests scattered throughout the game mode to find Plunder. Golden Chests give double the amount of Plunder.

  • Pick up Plunder piles: As you explore the map, you'll come across small piles of Plunder worth 5-15 Plunder each. Collect them to increase your Plunder count.

  • PvP engagements: Engaging in PvP fights can also yield Plunder, as defeated players drop Plunder that you can pick up.

2. Combine PvE and PvP

To maximize your Plunder income, combine both PvE and PvP elements of the game mode. While opening chests and defeating monsters, keep an eye on nearby players and consider taking risks by engaging in PvP battles. Successfully eliminating players while progressing through PvE content can increase your Plunder earnings

3. Complete Captain's Orders

Every game, you will receive a Captain's Order quest. Completing these quests by collecting or interacting with certain items, or killing specific enemies, will reward you with Plunder. These quests rotate each match, so if you die before completing one, you'll have a new quest in the next match.

4. Do Daily Quests

Daily quest givers in relevant zones offer 2-3 quick tasks each day that reward good Plunder payouts just for their completion. These small errands, which refresh daily, are perfect for supplementing other activities with an extra 150-250 Plunder boost regularly.

5. Farm Open World Mobs and Chests

While doing other activities, keep an eye out for roaming groups of pirates and scavengers across Zereth Mortis, Oribos, and other player hubs. These mobs will drop 5-10 Plunder on kill, and their rank-and-file units can be burned down quickly. Likewise, open world treasure chests frequently hold Plunder caches of 50-150 coins.

6. Play with a Friend

Playing in Duos with a friend can increase your Plunder farming power. You will receive the Plunder that your friend picks up, doubling your Plunder earnings.

7. Focus on Survival and Leveling

The longer you survive and the higher your character's level, the more Plunder you can earn. Staying hidden and avoiding early brawls can help you survive and collect levels and abilities before facing other players. Additionally, using farming skills like Fire Whirl and large AoE abilities can help you kill monsters faster and increase your Plunder gains.

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