WoW Dragonflight 10.2.6 Solo Shuffle Tier List - Best Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Healer for Solo Shuffle Season 3

3/21/2024 10:42:51 AM

Let's see how the meta will shape up for the latest patch.

Dragonflight 10.2.6 Solo Shuffle Tier List for Season 3 - Best Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Healer for Solo Shuffle 

Melee DPS Tier List

Let's move on to melee DPS.

S Tier - Havoc Demon Hunter: Even though these Nerfs might have put a small dent in their armor, this bag already felt S+ tier.


A Tier - Survival Hunter: It has a much steeper learning curve than other high tiers in Solo Shuffle, and can be exceptionally challenging to play, it is far less beginner friendly than other melee.


A Tier - Arms Warrior: It does decent damage and has great utility which makes it versatile with a wide range of classes with the main downside being that it can't really win games by itself relying on their Partners to do the actual exec, both Warrior specs also got a Nerf to the intimidating shout talent that increased its damage threshold considerably.


B Tier - Feral Druid: In normal, 3v3 Feral is actually doing okay since dampening is slower and Feral gets coordinated support from its teammates in order to land Cyclones, but the play style is too restrictive to pull off in the chaos of the solo bracket.


B Tier - Outlaw Rogue: Outlaw is an interesting spec that had performed well at high ratings this season but underperformed at lower MMR.



Ranged DPS Tier List

Let's move on to ranged DPS.

S Tier - Destruction Warlock: It had such a big lead over other range DPS that these Nerfs will likely unaffected relative performance by much.


A+ - Balance Druid: Balance Druid has been a fairly consistent spec in Solo Shuffle pairing well with a wide variety of specs while having more agency to actually close out games.


A Tier - Frost Mage: Frost is still the most accessible Mage spec having a lower barrier toentry compared to Fire and Arcane, it will continue to be the best mage spec into melee heavy lobbies where it's better at passively slowing down the game.


B Tier - Fire Mage: It still suffers some defensive problems and can be really frustrating to play especially into Hunters which actually got buffed in recent tuning.



Healer Tier List

Moving on to healers, there were a handful of minor buffs to some underperforming specs.


S Tier - Holy Paladin: Paladin continues to be one of the best options for the bracket, having exceptionally strong coold downs and good healing output.

A Tier - Holy Priest: This holy was struggling in healing output and was extremely punished by interrupts and long CC chains.


A Tier - Preservation Evoker: At the higher end of the ladder preservation of ochre is actually performing Pretty Good.


B Tier - Discipline Priest: It is simply outclassed by some of the other high tier healers, the current playstyle of dis priest requires a focus on dealing damage and healing with atonement which ironically means playing more safe and avoiding CC.


B Tier - Mistweaver Monk: It seems to be the stronger spec overall with Caster monks feeling a bit too slow for solo Shuffle.


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