Path of Exile TOP 4 3.24 Best Starter Builds for Necroplis - POE 2024 Beginner Starting Guide

4/2/2024 10:15:37 AM

Here is our new Path of Exile League Starter Builds Guide List!

Path of Exile TOP 4 3.24 Best Starter Builds for Necroplis 

TOP 1: Explosive Trap Trickster Build


-Great Starter & Early Bossing.

-2 Versions for Tank HC & Softcore DMG Builds.

-Great for Playing LE Marksman to POE Trickster.


Cons: Slightly Delayed DMG Dealt (Using Sunblast Unique Could Help To Solve This Issues).


TOP 2: Detonate Dead Build

-Witches > Necromancer & Templar > Inquisitor.

-Detonate Dead & Summoner Builds.

-Detonate Dead Always A Great League Starter for POE, Great DMG, Min Gear Requirement, Tanky & Able to Do All Content.

-Summoner Necro is Always Fun, Could be harder due to item requirements.


TOP 3: Arakaali's Fang Occultist Build

-Summoner + DOT + Spin to Win/Super Mobile.

-Very Tanky & Clears All Content.

-Involves Weapon Swapping, DOT Dmg Have a cap in max DMG.

-Few required unique.


TOP 4: Archmage Ball Lightning Build

-Mana issue improved.

-Easy to follow & tons of variation for a mage build.

-Easy to gear + high dmg cap.


POE 2024 Beginner Starting Guide

POE is a very deep game with some amazing mechanics, each season there are new themes, and if it's popular among the players it becomes a permanent theme, hence it's the ARPG that always gets better, POE is a free game, and POE 2 is coming, more reason to try it more, paid content in POE are mostly skins, players can buy additional stash tabs with various features.


1. Character Creation

  • -Recommended starting of with standard mode.

  • -In 2024, POE has 7 starting class to pick from.

  • -There are 19 Ascendency class in POE, 3x for each expect scion, allow for even deeper build customerization.


2. Skill Tree

Various ways to even alter passive & we can path anywhere!


3. Build Selection


4. Leveling Process

  • -Our goal is to finish the story, unlock endgame & participate in various content as we collect currency, trade & improve our builds.

  • -Acquiring bonus skill points & respect points from various sidequests.

  • -Additional respec points can also be earned from currency call Orb of Regrets.

  • -We can always level, finish story first, then go back for those later.


5. Currency & Crafting (How It Works in Early, Mid & Endgame)

  • -POE does not have gold, so items are always traded via currency

  • -Currency items are used for both crafting & trading

  • -Trading usually involves using a particular currency: Chaos Orb/Exalted are used as medium of exchange: Cheaper items sells for 1-5c, decent ones goes for 10-100c, expensive items goes 1-10-100 exalt.

  • -An experienced POE player can often craft with currency on a good implicit item base, then sell it for 2x-10x more value!


6. Trading & Markets (How to Sell & Buy Items)

  • -There is an official POE site for trading online & in game, which interacts with in game stash inventory.

  • -Players can list items to sell after editing their stash tab for trading.

  • -Any player can buy items at any time, simply message the seller & join their party to trade (F2P friendly).


7. Various in Game Features

  • -Mapping

  • -Bossing

  • -Special Themes


8. Diving Deep into the Endgame

  • -Juicing Up Maps & Loots

  • -Orb of Chaos, Vaal-Randomizing items

  • -Headhunters, cards & gambling etc


9. Our Recommendation as A New Player for POE

  • -It's very Overwhelming to start POE as a new player, even for return players there is a lot to learn.

  • -Start with the basics, POB+Loot Filter, follow a builds guide that you are interested in the playing style.

  • -Learn as we play, search what you need and don't worry about not knowing everything. Then start to pick up more features as you encounter them, hoe to mapping, how to do mazes for class change, how to trade, how to do certain dungeons after we discover those.

  • -Don't see it as a chore to learn everything, but be happy that there is endless endgame content & ever growing new features.