Elden Ring Best Beginner/Starter Build 2024: Top 3 Early-Game Builds

5/14/2024 5:54:26 PM

What are the strongest picks for new players or beginners in Elden Ring? We’ll focus on three op early-game starter builds for Elden Ring 2024, including Bloodflame Samurai, Gravity Sorcerer & Holy Warrior.

Elden Ring Early-Game Builds 2024

Top 3 Best Elden Ring Early-Game Builds 2024 for Beginners/Starters 

Below we'll introduce three Elden Ring beginner builds for different classes, you can start as a Samurai, Astrologer, or Prophet for your game journey in 2024. 

1 - Elden Ring Bloodflame Samurai Build for Beginner

This early game Bloodflame Samurai build is around level 50, prioritize vigor and dexterity when allocating the points. The main weapon Nagakiba is versatile and can keep you safe from attacks. 

- Starting Class: Samurai. This class comes equipped with a Uchigatana and a bow, which allows you to attack enemies from range.  

- Stats: 26 Vigor, 15 Mind, 17 Endurance, 18 Strength, 30 Dexterity, 9 Intelligence, 15 Faith, 10 Arcane. Make sure to have at least 18 strength and 22 dexterity to wield the Nagakiba and 15 faith is required to cast Flame Grant Me Strength and 10 arcane for using Bloodflame Blade. 

- Right-hand Weapon: Keen Nagakiba +9. The alternative version of the Uchigatana, provides increased damage and range, easily one of the best dexterity weapons in Elden Ring, especially combined with the Bloodflame Blade incantation, inflicts massive blood loss on enemies, making it highly effective in combat. 

- Left-hand Weapon: Finger Seal, Longbow +2. The Finger Seal is equipped for casting incantations, and the Longbow assists ranged attacks. 

- Ash of War: Double Slash. This is your primary skill for your Bloodflame Nagakiba 

- Armor: Land of Reeds Helm, Land of Reeds Armor, Land of Reeds Gauntlets, Land of Reeds Greaves. Equip the Lands of Reeds armor for decent defense in the early game. 

- Talismans: Assassin’s Crimson Dagger, Green Turtle Talisman. The best early-game talisman would be the Green Turtle Talisman, it boosts stamina recovery speed. 

- Incantations: Flame Grant Me Strength, Bloodflame Blade. One of the most important items for this build is Flame Grant Me Strength, which increases physical and fire affinity attack power by 20% when active. Bloodflame Blade imbues your weapon with blood, adds fire damage, and accelerates blood loss on enemies. 


2 - Elden Ring Gravity Sorcerer Build for Beginner

For this early-game Gravity Sorcerer builds in Elden Ring, focusing on vigor, mind, and intelligence to get the highest damage and survivability. The combat versatility makes the build a strong option for both new and experienced players. It focuses on abusing the strong scaling and damage of the Meteorite Staff combined with the utility and tracking of spells like Rock Sling for productive PvE gameplay.

- Starting Class: Astrologer

- Stats: 20 Vigor, 20 Mind, 15 Endurance, 10 Strength, 18 Dexterity, 30 Intelligence, 7 Faith, 9 Arcane

- Right-hand Weapon: Carian Knight's Sword +4. The weapon scales with strength, dexterity, and intelligence and has a powerful Ash of War. 

- Left-hand Weapon: Meteorite Staff. It provides S-tier INT scaling and boosts gravity spell damage

- Ash of War: Carian Grandeur. It transforms Carian Knight's Sword into a magical greatsword.

- Talismans: Green Turtle Talisman, Crimson Amber Medallion

- Spells: Swift Glintstone Shard (Glintstone Pebble), Glintblade Phalanx, Carian Slicer, Rock Sling

- Armor: Sage Set. This set provides sorcery-themed outfits.

3 - Elden Ring Holy Warrior Build for Beginner

The Elden Ring early-game holy warrior build a balance of buffs, ranged spells, and charged melee attacks combining various holy/fire damage types. Emphasis on survivability through talismans/spells rather than heavy armor. It is ideal for a Faith-based character.

- Starting Class: Prophet

- Stats: 20 Vigor, 16 Mind, 10 Endurance, 15 Strength, 22 Dexterity, 7 Intelligence, 26 Faith, 12 Arcane

- Main Weapon: Tree Spear. This weapon can be obtained from a chest in South Leia of the Lakes guarded by two troll enemies, it primarily scales with faith and deals both physical and lightning damage. 

- Off-hand Weapon: Finger Seal.

- Ashes of War: Sacred Order.

- Incantations: Flame Grant Me Strength, Lightning Spear, Rotten Breath, Flame Sling.

- Talismans: Green Turtle Talisman, Axe Talisman.