Top 3 Best Elden Ring Samurai Builds 2024: Stats, Weapons, Talismans, Armor and More

4/10/2024 10:00:36 AM

Samurai stays at one of the most popular and strong starting classes in Elden Ring because of its reliable early game power, build flexibility, aesthetic appeal, and meta performance. Today we are going to provide three top Elden Ring samurai builds (level 50/150/200) in 2024 with the best stats, weapons, armor, spells, talismans, and more equipment recommendations or tips. 

Top 3 Best Elden Ring Samurai Builds 2024

Top 3 Best Elden Ring Samurai Builds 2024 After 1.10

Samurai is easy to grasp for new players, their strengths lie in dexterity, allowing for viable bleed, poison or elemental damage-based builds, and can also pair well with many popular Ashes of War. Their fast attacks, status effects, and great mobility make them viable in both PVE and PVP situations, which adds competitive potential to their popularity and power. You can make overpowered samurai builds in Elden Ring at different levels, here let’s get into the breakdown of level 50, level 150 and level 200 samurai builds for 2024. 

1. Elden Ring Level 50 Samurai Build 2024

This level 50 Samurai build excels at swift melee attacks while also using fire seals for ranged support. It leverages the starting class strengths efficiently for PvE at lower levels. High damage output with status effects helps overcome challenges early to mid-game. Flexibility to respec later if desired.

  • Stats

More points should be put into dexterity for damage with the Uchigatana, a certain amount of vigor will ensure good survivability. 

- Vigor 20

- Mind 15

- Endurance 15

- Strength 16

- Dexterity 30

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 9

- Arcane 9

  • Weapons

Uchigatana is a DEX-scaling katana with good damage output at level 50. You can also have Eclipse Shotel with bleed buildup, which is good for bosses. The Ash of War and bleed weapon art provide damage boosts.

- Main: Uchigatana +14

- Secondary: Eclipse Shotel +4

- Ashes of War: Unsheathe

  • Armor

The Fireproof Muscle Set is recommended as it has good physical defenses and fire protection. This is what makes you last longer in the combat. 

2. Elden Ring Level 150 Samurai Build 2024

This 2024 Samurai build stacks status effects very quickly through the bleed buildup and skill usage. The armor and talismans boost attacks and status damage for insane DPS. FP regeneration allows constant skill spamming.

  • Stats

The attribute spread balances HP, FP, and weapon scaling well.  

- Vigor 50

- Mind 30

- Endurance 18

- Strength 12

- Dexterity 48

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 15

- Arcane 50

  • Weapons

The key Elden Ring weapon for this Samurai build is going to be Rivers of Blood, it does have decent physical damage and fire damage but, also causes blood loss buildup, and its Ash of War deals massive damage over time. For your off-hand, Sacrificial Axe restores FP on kill, it synergizes with spamming Rivers of Blood AoW. You can also add Finger Seal for utilizing an incantation that buffs damage even more. 

- Right hand: Rivers of Blood +10

- Left hand: Sacrificial Axe, Finger Seal

- Ash of War: Corpse Piler

  • Armor

Okina Mask raises dexterity as lowers focus, White Mask raises attack power when there is blood loss nearby, both of them are good choices. 

- Okina Mask/White Mask 

- White Reed Gauntlets, Greaves, Armor

  • Talismans

- Rotten Winged Sword Insignia: increases consecutive attack damage during skill combos.

- Carian Filigreed Crest: lowers FP usage of skills for more spam.

- Shard of Alexander: amplifies already high damage of weapon skill. 

- Lord of Blood’s Exultation: boosts attack during bleed builds, multiplying DOT damage. 

3. Elden Ring Level 200 Samurai Build 2024

How does a samurai build perform in the late game? Get into the overview of this level 200 lightning samurai build that can devastate foes easily. The major weapon can be obtained in mid-game, which is an absolute boss killer with the Unsheathe Ash of War. Buff stacking with Golden Vow, Electrify Armament, and Physick buffs max out the lightning damage. 

  • Stats

The primary stat will be dexterity and faith for damage scaling. 

- Vigor 60

- Mind 30

- Endurance 35

- Strength 18

- Dexterity 80

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 40

- Arcane 7

  • Weapons

The Nagakiba synergizes perfectly with the samurai theme and its lightning-infused Ash of War. Keen affinity balances its Dex scaling while Electrify Armament amplifies lightning damage. Erdtree Seal is probably the best sacred seal but needs lots of faith, then the Gravel Stone Seal is a great alternative to let you scale incantations nicely without ultra-high faith requirements.

- Keen Nagakiba +25

- Gravel Stone Seal/Erdtree Seal

  • Armor

Mixed armor improves poise and defenses without losing mobility.

- Snow Witch Robe, White Reed Gauntlets, Scaled Greaves

  • Talismans

The mix of offensive and defensive talismans gives balanced combat utility.

- Bull-Goat’s Talisman

- Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

- Shard of Alexander

- Lightning Scorpion Charm

  • Flask of Wondrous Physick

- Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear

- Faith-knot Crystal Tear

  • Incantations

Incantations give ranged options and status clearing while strong melee retains true samurai feel.

- Flame, Grant Me Strength: boosts attack power.

- Golden Vow: basic buff incantation.

- Electrify Armament: infuses katana with lightning damage.

- Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Strike: for big and slow bosses.

- Ancient Dragon’s Lightning Spear: works as a single target spell that can hit surrounding enemies.

- Lansseax's Glaive: it casts a frontal lightning sweep attack

- Lightning Spear: hits enemies out of reach.