Updated D4 1.4.3 Tier List - Best Builds & Classes in Patch 1.4.3 Diablo 4 Season 4

6/18/2024 11:18:42 AM

Blizzard has released a major new patch for Diablo 4 Season 4 with update 1.4.3. This patch includes many class balancing changes and bug fixes. In this article, we will show the updated tier list for the best builds and classes in Diablo 4 Season 4 after the 1.4.3 patch.

Best Builds & Classes in Patch 1.4.3 Diablo 4 Season 4

Updated D4 1.4.3 Tier List - Best Builds & Classes in Patch 1.4.3 Diablo 4 Season 4

The mid-season update for Season 4 has arrived, bringing significant balance changes and updates to enhance underperforming classes and builds. With the release of patch 1.4.3, players can expect a shake-up in the best builds and classes in Diablo 4. Necromancers and Barbarians are at the top of the meta but other classes received buffs that make them viable as well. 

Before we head into the tier list, let’s check out some of the buffs they did to this new patch: 


- Pits nerfed up to tier 60

- Holy Bolts now does % wpn dmg instead of % enemy life and no longer broken with minions

- Andy buff +50% and spawn on enemy

- Starless Skies max. 5 stacks

- Tyrael”s +100% dmg

- Paragon bonus reqs from +90 to +60 per board


- Druid boons stonks

- Lots of small Druid passive buffs

- Necro sacrifices stonks

- Lots of small Sorc passive buffs 

- Twisting blades and a few other things have received quite some changes 

Check the tier list and we rank the best builds & classes in D4 Patch 1.4.3.

S Tier Builds for 1.4.3

- Firebolt Sorc

- Bash Barb

- Heartseeker Rogue

- Shadow Minion Necro

- Penetrating Shot Rgoue

- Fly Barb Thoms Barb

- Thorns Barb

- Andariel Puncture Rogue

- Rapid Fire Rogue

Firebolt technically goes the highest, it is not really by any means the strongest build out there, the only reason why it can do that is because it relies on extremely good gear at the high end, making you permanently immune because of perma flame shield. And on top of this you have a shatter that is massively bugged currently and allows you do insane dozens of damage explosions. Penetrating Shot Rogue has performed really well. Andariel build was already one of the best rogue builds out there and now Andariel is getting a lot better than before. So we expect this to be somewhere on the level of Heartseeker Rogue, maybe even better for farming. Rapid fire also is getting a boost, it has a bigger explosion radius, it's better to play now, it can shoot at close range now, it's going to be more console friendly. So rapid fire is looking really nice for the Rogues. 

A Tier Builds for 1.4.3

- Blight Necro

- Minion Necro

- Barrage Rogue

- Frozen Orb Sorc

- Hurricane Druid

- Bone Spear Necro

- Bone Spirit Necro

- Wind Shear Druid

- Whirlwind Twister Barb

- Blizzard Sorc

- Werewolf Tornado Druid

- Pulverize Druid

- Twisting Blade Rogue

Several builds stood out as particularly powerful in the A Tier after the latest balancing changes. Bone Spear and Bone Spirit Necromancer variants remained consistently strong choices thanks to buffs to overall Necro damage. Frozen Orb Sorceresses saw a rise in popularity with enhancements to cold skills. Multishot Demon Hunters with the newly reworked Sanguinary Armor Legendary surged up the rankings as well. Meanwhile, Hurricane and Wind Shear Druid builds showcased the Javazon-like potential of the class. Barbarians wielding weapons like Savage Leap or Slanderer to empower Whirlwind and its Twister rune offered top-tier group clear speeds. Blizzard and Meteor shower builds allowed Sorceresses to quickly obliterate packs from range too. These were some of the optimized builds users sought to create in Patch 1.4.3 to tackle endgame challenges.

B Tier Builds for 1.4.3

- Landslide Druid

- Double Swing Twister Barb

- Grenade Rogue

- Arc Lash Sorc

- Ice Shards Sorc

- Firewall Sorc

- Leapquake Barb

- Companion Druid

- HotA Barb

- Upheaval Barb

- Rend Barb

- Death Trap Rogue

- Meteor Sorc

- Fireball Sorc

- Lightning Storm Druid

- Infinimist Necro

Landslide and Upheaval Druid specs offered good area control and defenses with skills like Leap and Upheaval. Barbs found success with variants like Double Swing Twister, Leapquake, and Rend builds that provided AoE damage and stun-locking abilities. Among casters, Arc Lash, Ice Shards, Firewall, Meteor, and Fireball Sorceress setups dealt strong damage but lacked mobility compared to top-tier choices. Meanwhile Rogues experimented with Death Trap and Grenade-focused specs for crowd control. Infinimist Necromancers offered strong summons backed by damage over time, though didn't measure up to top Necro archetypes. Lightning Storm and Companion Druids brought utility, and HotA Barbs brought consistent single target damage through battlecries.

C Tier Builds for 1.4.3

- Shadow Step Rogue

- Stormclaw Druid

- Blood Lance Necro

- Blood Surge Necro

- Sever Necro

- Chain Lightning Sorc

- Shred Druid

- Boulder Druid

- Flurry Rogue

Shadow Step Rogues and Flurry Rogues brought utility but couldn't compete with the damage of other builds. Blood magic styles like Blood Lance, Blood Surge, and Sever Necromancers offered survivability but underwhelming damage compared to Bone Spear or Bone Spirit variants. Chain Lightning Sorceresses and Stormclaw Druids struggled with single target situations. Shred Druid and Boulder Druid builds brought crowd control and area control respectively but didn't have the mobility or damage throughput of higher tiers. While capable of clearing regular content, these options failed to impress on leaderboards or in high level Greater Rifts.

So the big winners in this patch certainly are Twisting Blades and Pulverize, those builds got by far the most out of everything. And then there is just some other builds that just got lifted up a little bit thanks to overall class buff like the Druid and the Sor. Flurry also got quite a significant boost. So Barb is the number 1 followed by Rogue, then we have Necro and Druid, Sorc being number 4 and 5.