Elden Ring Finger Mage DLC Build - How to Build a Maternal Mage Guide for Shadow of the Erdtree

6/26/2024 11:40:57 AM

In this Elden Ring build guide, we'll show you our finger sorcery build, this is a Shadow of the Erdtree build that takes place after level 150, if you've been looking for a mage build for Shadow of the Erdtree burst down enemies then you might want to check this build-out.

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How Does this Maternal Mage DLC Build Work

So, how to make this build work?

-Glintstone Nail: This is your typical range projectile, this does 100% magic damage and it tracks the target, so then Glintstone Nails is kind of a multiple projectile version of this and something that you'll notice immediately is that the damage of it is only like 10 to 20% higher than Glintstone nail itself,  this will give you more stance damage as each nail hits the target, you can stance break a little bit easier, so keep that in mind and also you are still going to get more damage per cast and sometimes when you're fighting bosses, it's about how fast can you deal damage rather than how much FP you're spending, but as you're exploring out on the landscape and you're going into dungeons and stuff like that probably better to use Glintstone nail than Glintstone nails for just weak targets.

-Fleeting Microcosm: This is a phenomenal spell that sort of summons an orb under the feet of a Target, and or casts it a good ways out if there is no target, it does a little bit of damage initially when it kind of like comes out of the ground and then the orb will come up and then explode after a couple seconds in a huge AOE dealing damage, this thing also does 100% magic damage just like the other two spells, it's chargeable just like the other two spells for increased damage, and this thing slaps so hard.

-Cherishing Fingers: This is a weird one, this one deals 100% physical damage and doesn't deal magic damage unlike the other three spells, and it does sort of an AOE around you that does decent damage, you can charge it up for extra damage as well, and it also Wards off projectiles, but the thing has to be around you for the projectiles to be warted off meaning like you can't be mid casting it like the fingers have to have come out of the ground and be around you so the very tail end of the spell that blocks projectiles it can be hard to use to block projectiles, but there are fights like maybe the Rana fight where you want to block a bunch of waves of magic, and it can be useful in those moments.

-Carian Regal Scepter: All the staffs that can cast this one is just like such a staple at 80 intelligence, it has fantastic scaling or sorcery scaling and even though there are ones with higher, they come with drawbacks like increased FP cost.

-Maternal Staff: We're putting it there in our offhand because it boosts finger sorcery damage by 15%, so we're getting that passive buff in the offhand.

-Chest Armor: Finger Robe

-Arms: Bull-Goat Gauntlets

-Legs Armor: Bull-Goat Greaves

-Talismans: Crusade Insignia, Blessed Blue Dew Talisman, Magic Scorpion Charm, Graven-Mass Talisman, Godfrey Icon, Ritual Sword Talisman,


Maternal Mage Attributes

50 Vigor, 40 Mind, 25 Endurance, 8 Strength, 12 Dexterity, 81 Intelligence, 7 Faith, 10 Arcane.


Final Tips for Maternal Mage Guide for Shadow of the Erdtree

1. When it comes to Great runes, our recommendation would be to use Radahn's Great Rune, because it's going to give you health FP and stamina, FP is good.

2. You don't have to kill any bosses in order to get those first three spells, if you want cherishing finger and you want the maternal staff and finger Rob, you'll have to kill one boss, but other otherwise, you can get almost all the stuff in this build from just killing zero bosses which is great.

3. For flasks, we can use Opaline Hardtear, Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear: This isn't going to boost the damage of cherishing fingers the other three spells, it was nerfed a little bit to gain even more magic damage if you're find yourself staying put in fights that is also an option.