Elden Ring Dragon Incantation Build - How to Build a Dragon God Guide for Shadow of the Erdtree Build

6/28/2024 4:40:09 PM

In this Elden Ring build guide, we'll give you the Dragon Communion Spell build. This is a Shadow of the Erdtree build after level 150. If you’ve been looking for an Arcane build for Shadow of the Erdtree that wrecks and makes quick work of enemy bosses then you might want to check this build-out.

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How to Make the Dragon God Build Work

-Rock Heart

-Blue Dancer Charm

-Roar Medallion

-Bloodfiend's Occult Fork

-Dragon Communion Seal

-Blue Dancer Charm

-Crusade Insignia

-Blessed Blue Dew Talisman

-Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

-Flock’s Canvas Talisman

-Shard of Alexander

-Golden Vow

-Flame, Grant Me Strength

-Rotten Breath

-Ekzykes's Decay


-Ghostflame Breath


Dragon God Build Attributes

-Vigor: 55

-Mind: 42

-Endurance: 25

-Strength: 14

-Dexterity: 12

-Intelligence: 16

-Faith: 30

-Arcane: 50


Tips fpr Playing Dragon God Build

1. When it comes to Flask of Wonders physique, we have Opaline Hardtear, because we're light on protection as it is you can use the bubbles here to prevent like one hits damage or most of the damage of one hit.

2. When you're first going to combat, Opaline Bubbletear can allow you to like go in and you know fire off a Dragonmaw or exites Decay without taking damage from like the first attack.

3. If you're going the faith route, you might not need Godrick’s Great Rune but can help alleviate some of the stat spread for this build.

4. Radahn’s Great Rune is also good health FP stamina, all those things are good for this build so either of those would be the ones of choice so that wraps up our Dragon God build.


How Does Dragon God Build Defeat Bosses

Dragon God Build handles most solo bosses very effectively. Struggles more against resistant/aggressive multi-phase bosses that allow fewer openings to cast. But offense output is extremely high otherwise.

-Godrick the Grafted: Melts him with Blasphemous Blade weapon arts and fire incantations. Very easy fight.

- Rennala: Her summons are no problem with AoE dragon breaths. She goes down quickly too once phase 2 starts.

- Radahn: Takes some time due to his resistance to fire. Focus spells that do multiple hits like Giantsflame Take Thee. Stay mobile.

- Draconic Tree Sentinel: Large health pool but weak to fire. Blast with incantations while keeping distance on Torrent.

- Mogh: Tough challenge as bleed and fire doesn't work well. Stay close and relentless with weapon skills. Heal aggressively.

- Malenia: Difficult as she heals on hits. Best to focus on defense/avoidance, and whittle the shield down before phase 2.

- Fire Giant: Absolute cakewalk as fire does massive damage. Blast without mercy from range or up close.

- Radagon/Elden Beast: Elden Beast moves too fast for fire. Focus defense, pick attacks, and heal a lot in a long fight.