How to Make Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Fastest Way to Earn Animal Crossing Bells

5/7/2020 5:37:12 PM

To upgrade your house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will cost bells, it’s critical to find a quick way for money making. Here we introduce the common solutions for how to make bells in Animal Crossing and the fastest way to earn Animal Crossing bells.

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How to Make Bells in Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you have various chances to get ACNH bells each day. Find all the ways to get bells and think about how to make full use of each method. 

1. Sell fruit

One of the easiest ways to make Animal Crossing bells in New Horizons is to sell the fruit on the tree of your island, including apples, pears, oranges, cherries, and peaches. A single fruit grows on your island can be sold for 100 bells, while a fruit collected from other islands can sell for 500 bells. How to sell fruit? First, find the tree, use the tool ladder to climb trees and pick fruits, then put in your pocket. Last, sell them in the store. 

In addition, the perfect variants with golden luster from native fruit trees can make you earn 600 bells one piece. Non-native perfect fruit from other islands even gives you 3000 bells a piece. But it’s difficult to get.

2. Sell fish and bugs

Find the water on your island, you can go fishing with your fishing rod, look for shadows in the water and get different species of fishes, like the Sea Bass (worth 400 bells) and Oarfish (worth 9000 bells). There are also various bugs around thickets of flowers and other places, use a net to capture them. A common butterfly sells 160 bells and Mantis worth 430 bells. You can sell the local wildlife at Nook’s Cranny to earn bells in Animal Crossing.

3. Sell fossils

New fossils will appear on your island each day, dig up the crack in the soil with your shovel, take the fossils you got to the museum, blathers will identify the type of fossils, you can get different amounts of bells after selling them in Nook’s Cranny. Many fossils are profitable, such as the Quetzal Torso sells for 4,500 bells.

4. Hit rocks

Hit the rocks on your island with a shovel or axe, most of them will generate stones or iron nuggets, but one of them will produce bells, this is called money rock. One of the rocks on your island will transform into the money rock every day, find it, hit it eight times in a row will earn you around 20, 000 bells. It’s a good idea to dig a few holes behind you before hitting any rocks, so that you don’t have to readjust if done correctly. Make sure your shovel is in tip-top shape.

5. Sell “Hot Item” of the day

Once the Nook's Cranny is built, you’ll have the chance to sell the HOT ITEM for double usual profit. There will be a randomly selected HOT ITEM every day, keep an eye especially on the fruit-themed TVs and electronics. 

6. Sell furniture

During the process of building or decorating your house, you can sell your unwanted furniture that you received, found or bought, sell them to Nooklings at either Nook's Cranny or Residential Services is also a money-making way in New Horizons.

7. Sell shells

Similar to other Animal Crossing items, there will be lots of shells wash up on the shore of your island, you can collect them and sell them as well.

8. Sell the insects in Tarantula Island 

The island is filled with Tarantulas, which is a very rare insect selling for 8000 bells each piece. If you are traveling to other islands, you try to find it. 

9. Play the stalk market

This is one of the lucrative and fastest ways to earn Animal Crossing bells, but with risks. You can buy turnips from Daisy-Mae from 5 AM to 12 AM each Sunday, you are able to sell these turnips to Timmy & Tommy at the right time for a vast profit. The key is you need to get out at the best time, sell them before 9:59 on Saturday evening, otherwise the turnips will become worthless in next Sunday.

You can also exchange a bell voucher, sell weeds, shake trees, complete favors for your villagers, and shoot down floating presents for earning bells.

How to Get Most Bells in Animal Crossing Quickest? - Fastest Way to Earn Animal Crossing Bells

There are lots of money making ways that we have mentioned above in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, how to maximize the profits, or make a ton of ACNH bells in the shortest time?

If you can’t go to the store easily, it’s recommended to release any bugs or fishes that are not worth a lot, such as sea bass, dabs, instead, you should try to fill your pockets with red snappers or other rare fish in season. For bug catching, you should try to ignore common butterflies, in favor of emperor butterflies, peacock butterflies and tarantulas, those are more valuable. But these insects are not available all year, you’d better keep an eye out for expensive fish and bugs, then catch and sell them to Nooklings. If you're struggling to find fish you can also dig up Manila clams on the beach and craft fish bay you can use fish bait to spawn a fish near you, once you have a decent amount of rare fish in your pockets you can sell them at Nook's cranny. 

You can visit a random unexplored island, most of these islands have higher spawn rates for bugs and fish. On rare islands, you can also occasionally find an island covered in money rocks or crawling with tarantulas. The suggestion is to clear your pockets of everything except the essential items before you leave for an island, so you can carry as much home with you as possible and get a bigger payout. If you have enough Nook Miles, you can visit multiple times. You may come across non-native fruit, you can sell it for 500 bells or plant it, once the fruit tree grows, you’ll be able to sell more foreign fruits. You can also bury money in glowing spots which should sprout money trees, there's one glowing spot per day and the tree that grows will likely produce bags of money once when it's grown.

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