How to Catch Giant Trevally and Mahi-Mahi in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

6/1/2020 6:08:15 PM

Giant Trevally is a type of rare fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it’s available int he ocean during a half-year period and you can catch them with the fishing rod and baits. With the low probability, how to catch giant trevally in Animal Crossing New Horizons?


Animal Crossing New Horizons Giant Trevally Price

The Giant Trevally, is a rare fish introduced in New Leaf, but spawns by the pier in New Horizons, sells for 4,500 Animal Crossing Bells.

Check out the information about Animal Crossing Giant Trevally:

Location: Tropical Sea (New Leaf), Sea (Pier) (New Horizons)

Price: 4,500 Bells

Size: 71.85 in. 180 cm

Shadow size: Very Large

Seasonality (N): May - October

Seasonality (S): November - April

Time of day: All day

Appearances: NL, NH

Rarity: Scarce (★★★★)

How to Catch Giant Trevally and Mahi-Mahi in Animal Crossing New Horizons

1.  Figure out the location and time for fishing Giant Trevally

The great thing you should know about Animal Crossing New Horizons giant trevally and mahi-mahi is that their catch conditions are exactly the same, they are available from May to October in the Northern hemisphere and November to April in the Southern hemisphere. During the period, giant trevally and mahi-mahi may appear at any time of day or night. But you need to catch them by fishing off the pier or into the ocean. 

2. Prepare enough fishing baits

You should be prepared to spend a good chunk of time down on the beach, it’s not sure how long you will take for trying to hunt down the wanted fish. Before leaving the home, it’s recommended to craft up a few extra shovels and fishing rods for your journey. Once you think you have enough fishing poles and baits, get yourself out to the pier and start fishing. If you run out of the fish baits, craft it with manila clam, which can be found by digging patches of sand that spit water on the beach. 

3.  Animal Crossing giant trevally shadow size

Fishing giant trevally and mahi-mahi are not easy, you may use a number of baits but receives only one or nothing. When you find a fish tends to hang around the pier at a single time, it’s the best time to throw the bait into the water until the right shadow size of giant trevally is appearing. Each Animal Crossing giant trevally has a large shadow size, the second largest in the whole game. It’s more likely to catch the fish when casting your rod at any shadow bigger than average.  In addition, try to catch a Giant Trevally in short sessions, rather than waiting for all the day.

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