How To Get More DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons | 7 Ways For ACNH DIY Recipes Obtaining

6/8/2020 11:58:16 AM

DIY recipes are those little cards we find dotted around the New Horizons Islands that teach us new crafts and recipes, so we can craft all kinds of new things like furniture, clothes and tools. Unfortunately, you might hit a wall, running out of ways to showcase your Etsy-esque talent. To get the DIY train rolling again, you’ll need to get your hands on some new recipes, but how to get more of these DIY recipes and where to find them? In this article, we are going over a couple of ways to get your hands on more DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


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7 Ways To Get More DIY Crafting Recipes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

There are various methods players can use to learn new DIY recipes in ACNH, below we will list with little more detail on how to unlock even more DIY crafting recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

1. Message In Bottles 

Every single day to message in bottles spawn on our Islands, if you walk around and check the beaches you will eventually stumble across one which will include a lovely letter from a faraway villager along with a handy DIY crafting recipe. But if you check again later that day, you'll find a second message in a bottle, the reason why this goes unnoticed for the most part is these bottles basically spawn 12 hours apart, the first spawns at 6 a.m. at the start of a brand-new day, and the second assuming your character has seen or collected the first will spawn somewhere on your Island at 6 p.m. 

obtain DIY Recipes in ACNH FROM Message In Bottles

2. Obtain ACNH DIY Recipes From Villagers 

Another easy way to get your hands on more DIY recipes in ACNH is to check up on your villagers. If you see the lights on and the curtains open in a villagers house or even if the house has smoke coming out as their chimney, be sure to pop in and see what they're up to. There's a good chance they will be working hard at their crafting bench. If you talk to them they will eventually ask you if you're interested in learning what they're making which will prompt them to hand over the DIY crafting recipe. The good thing about this is there are three chances every single day to obtain DIY recipes from villages crafting away inside their houses.

3. Medicine 

Another item specific DIY recipe that may come in handy if you haven't discovered it already is the medicine recipe. You can use the medicine to cure bee stings or to help make sick players feel better. So to obtain the recipe in ACNH, you simply need to talk to villages while you have a bee sting, so shake a bunch of trees until you get stung and then talk to your villages and one of them will eventually give you the ACNH DIY recipe. 

4. Amiibo

If you've already built the campsite you can scan in pretty much any Animal Crossing' Villager amiibo at the Nook Stop in resident services and immediately invite them to the campsite. Once scanned in, you can head to the campsite and chat or play games with the travelin villager. The key point is they will often tell you that they love your island so much and that they want to take a souvenir home with them when they leave and ask you to craft something for them. And if they request a furniture item you don't have, they will provide you with a DIY recipe, it may be slightly more time-consuming than getting your hands on other DIY recipes, but if you do it every day is soon becomes part of your daily rounds.

Get ACNH DIY Recipes from Amiibo

5. Talk To Celeste At Night 

The museum curating owl, Blathers, has a sister named Celeste. She appears on the island at night while there are clear skies or meteor showers present. If you can find her and interact with her, Celeste will have a recipe for you. These will usually be space or astrology-themed recipes, and you can also nab a magic wand from this, allowing you to change outfits with ease.

6. Get Recipes From Balloons 

This is probably the most obvious of all and everyone knows by now, but it is possible to find DIY recipes inside balloons that float across the sky. It seems to me that the balloons generally dropped more seasonal related recipes such as cherry blossom DIY recipes or the bamboo recipes, depending on which hemisphere you're in. So just make sure you're always carrying a slingshot, and if you see a balloon, pop it and hopefully you'll come across a new DIY recipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

7. Mystery Islands 

One of the most efficient ways to farm Iron Nuggets is also the best way to farm recipe cards. Buy a Nook Miles Ticket and head to Dodo Airlines to make your way to a Mystery Island. Once there, you’ll get a new chance to pick up messages in a bottle and talk to a villager. There should be a villager present, who will give you a recipe if spoken to.

That's 7 ways to find extra DIY recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The first few methods will definitely help you increase the amount you find on a daily basis while the last few will help you find a few items specific recipes. With all these methods at hand, you’ll complete your Nook Miles DIY tasks in no time! 

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