Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip Trading Guide - How To Buy & Sell Turnips In Stalk Market For Unlimited Profit

6/8/2020 5:31:02 PM

Want to become the turnip selling grandmaster extraordinaire that you've always dreamed of and become the richest player in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Today we are going to show you just how to do that: how to buy & sell ACNH turnips on the stalk market at the best price? In the Nintendo Switch adventure, this works like a stock market where turnip prices fall and rise. In our guide there is everything about turnip price, trade and stock, offering you a good idea of the cheapest price for buying turnips and the highest price for selling turnips. With our tips, you will earn a lot of bells when trading turnips in AC: New Horizons.  

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turnip Trading Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip Guide

Most players expect a relaxed break at Animal Crossing: New Horizons, after all the character can lie on the beach during the day, watch the stars at night, fish for fish, catch insects with his landing net or become an art expert. But the game on the Nintendo Switch is actually more than a harmonious coexistence with cute roommates. Because with the tough turnip business at Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can achieve absolute Animal Crossing bells wealth or make a real loss - in the guide we reveal the secret of success behind the turnips.

What are the turnips for in Animal Crossing? To sum up in a few words, turnips make you a real trader in Animal Crossing stalk market. The principle is simple, you will buy them on a fixed day at a defined price and the goal will be to sell them more expensive for a given period of time. So you have a little less than a week to resell them.

How to make ACNH bells with turnips? Every day, it will be possible to resell them on two occasions (morning and afternoon). The turnip price will therefore be completely different. Imagine: if you buy 10 turnips with 100 bells and the price of the turnip the next day is 120 bells, you will therefore pay more for them. Purchase price: 10 x 100 = 1000 bells. Resale price 10 x 120 = 1200 bells. So you made a profit of 200 bells! You understand the principle, you are speculating.

Who should do the turnip business? If you have the soul of a gambler, or just want to make money (a bit like Tom Nook), turnips are a great way to make a lot of money. It’s undoubtedly one of the most lucrative activities in the game. But how does it work in Animal Crossing?

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip Trading Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip Trading in Stalk Market

Hardly any game element is as important as turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons! For newcomers to the colorful world of Animal Crossing, it should first be made clear: these are really turnips that the Nintendo Switch player can buy on his island and then speculate as on the stock exchange. As soon as the shop at Nepp und Schlepp is finished, gamers can trade the turnips there, i.e. buy and sell them. As with a stock market, the turnip's selling price can fluctuate quite a bit - this way the player can be showered with bells or can be really bad.

Why to buy, sell, store turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? When it comes to turnip trading, turnip prices vary from day to day but also from island to island. In its basic principles, this stalk market works like a stock market, where you buy cheaply and sell dearly in order to make a decent profit on bells. 

For example, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you shouldn't put turnips your own warehouse. If you have opened your island in the Nintendo Switch adventure for visitors via Dodo code, you should expand your house and place the turnips in a special room. Note: Jorna visits the island every Sunday. All turnips that you haven't sold before will rot. So you have until the following Saturday to sell the turnips at a profit. Otherwise you only attract ants with rotten turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We provide you with tips on turnip trading in AC: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch and tell you in this guide what you should pay attention to when it comes to prices or storage. Also interesting: Get rid of unwanted residents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Tips for Turnips Trading 

In this section, we'll tell you how to buy, sell, and store beets to earn a decent profit on ACNH bells. 

ACNH Turnips Buying Tips

Now that you understand the principle, all you have to do is buy your turnips. But when to buy them? And who to buy turnips from? 

Where to buy turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons from?

NPC: Yorna (on your own island or other player’s island)

Buy turnips from Yorna on your own island - Every Sunday morning there will be a traveling merchant who will come to your island. Or rather a merchant: this is Yorna, the new character in this Switch episode (and daughter of Porcella for connoisseurs). 

Before the turnip seller Jorna visits your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you build Nook's shop beforehand. You need 30 wood, 30 softwood, 30 hardwood and 30 iron ore. Return these materials to Nepp and Schlepp and the next day Nook's shop is ready. Now beet woman Jorna should stop by on your island on Sundays morning and sell you turnips. Just talk to them and choose the option "I'd like to buy some". You can also have a summary of the concept by asking "What is the principle? "

Buy turnips from other islands - you can buy turnips when visiting other players’ island, which allows you to get a better price than the turnip price on your island or to get chance to buy turnips if you miss the purchase time on your island. 

When to buy turnips on Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Every Sunday 5 a.m. to 12 p.m.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, turnips are purchased only on every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. You will therefore have to log in before the lunch break to go shopping.

How to buy turnips if you missed the purchase time on your island?

Don't panic if the gamer does not have time on Sunday morning or would rather sleep in longer: There is a possibility to still buy turnips in the two ways:

Time travel to the past - On the Nintendo Switch, you can simply change the time zone in the settings to a region in which it is before twelve o'clock. Then the Animal Crossing: New Horizons player quickly buys the turnips and sets back the time after the trade.

Visit players in other time zones - As you are allowed to buy turnips from Jornas on other players’ island, so you can visit the players who are in the time zones which are later than yours, such as if you are in New York, visit your player’s island in London.

There are the risks of buying turnips with time travel:

  • Turnips go off the purchasing player's (Your Friend's) timezone. So if he bought turnips on Saturday, regardless of where or how he got them they will still spoil on Sunday in his timezone not the timezone of the turnips origin.

  • If you change your system clock backwards in time and load the game at any point while owning turnips, the game will automatically spoil all of your turnips, even if it’s not the next Sunday yet.

  • Any time traveling backwards by even a single minute can cause your current turnip prices to be reset resulting in a new pattern, and you would miss the large spike price.

What Price Should You Buy Turnips In Animal Crossing?

Turnip Buying Price Range: 80-120 bells

Best Price To Buy Turnips: Under 100 Bells

You should know that it is not only the resale price that varies, there is also the purchase price. The question arises: must you necessarily spend everything to take the turnips? Actually, yes, but under certain conditions. Yorna will tell you its price right away. Generally the purchase price is around 100 bells. We are used to seeing she juggle between 80 and 120 bells per unit. 

How To Buy Turnips At The Cheapest Price?

However, it is possible that it exceeds these prices (or that it is lower) but these are quite rare cases. If you play alone and do not plan to go to other people’s island especially (we will talk about this later in this guide), we advise you not to buy it if the price exceeds 100 bells, especially if you don't have the opportunity to play it morning and evening. Of course, if you like risk, go for it, for the best possible price, we suggest you to consult other players and to buy your turnips from the one where they are the least expensive. And if you are sure to make a profit, buy as much as possible. 

ACNH Turnips Stocking Tips

To involve into the the turnip trading, you should stock turnips on Sunday and waiting for the highest selling price for profit. How to stock turnips as many as possible:

How many turnips on Animal Crossing NEW Horizons you can buy?

When it comes to the purchase price, make sure that turnips are only sold in packs of ten. The upper limit for the purchase only sets your bells services. You buy as many turnips as you want.

How to store ACNH turnips as many as possible?

Turnips document your inventory as Yorna sells its turnips in packs of 10. Instead of walking around with the goods in your pocket in Animal Crossing: New Horizon, you should store them. You cannot store batches of turnips (x10 or x100) in your home's storage space. You only have three solutions left:

Place turnips in a room in your house: In your house, on the floor, whatever! If you have opened your island to visitors from all over the world, the best thing you can do is to expand your house so that you create your own Turnips room. This way you ensure that no one steals your valuable merchandise. 

Place the turnips outside on a part of your island: You can lay them down anyway outside your house, such as build a small area with a pretty fence and store your turnips there. But unless you prohibit anyone from visiting your island, you can leave your turnips on the ground outdoors at will, otherwise it may result in loss.

Bury the turnips in the ground: Using a shovel to dig a hole on outside ground and bury your turnips. But you should not forget where you buried them in your flower paradise. The vegetable hiding place can be recognized by the crack in the ground, which looks like a fossil hole.

ACNH Turnips Selling Tips

Now you have bought and stocked turnips, but make sure that turnips spoil on the following Sunday. You should sell them again by Saturday at the latest to avoid a possible total loss. Of course you are looking for a high reselling price for profit. 

How to sell Turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons to earn bells?

There are several ways to sell the beets. Of course you are looking for a buyer who will pay you a high price for it. You should keep in mind that the beets are only stable until next Saturday after shopping. Therefore, you should sell them at a profit within a week. 

Sell Turnips To Nepp and Schlepp in Nook store On Your Island

From Monday until Saturday, you can sell your turnips in the Nook store in Méli and Mélo. It is not possible to sell turnips on Sundays.

When is the best time to sell turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

In other words, how to get the highest price for selling turnips? It's a hell of a question. And it's hard to anticipate. To start, you should know that you can consult the resale price at any time by talking to Méli / Mélo at the store. You only have to choose "The turnip course?" "In the options and you will be given the current principle.

How is it going for the turnip principle? Please note that this varies much more than the purchase price. It can be around 30 bells… Just as close to 600 bells! Yes, imagine the gain if you bought them from a hundred bells. Tom Nook rubs his hands.

The turnip price changes twice a day:

  • In the morning when the shop opens until 12 noon

  • Afternoon from 12 p.m. until the store closes at 10 p.m.

The turnip price fluctuation:

The turnip price is not the same on all the islands. How with the purchase of turnips, it is recommended to play with others and to consult the sale price morning and afternoon of turnips at each of your friends.

  • The price of the turnip is generally between 50 and 150 bells

  • BUT it can go down to 15 bells minimum

  • And go up to 800 bells maximum!

So the trick is to go check out the turnip price every day, in the morning and in the afternoon. It’s up to you to see if it’s interesting. It is rare (but it can happen) that on the 12 occasions present, none is superior. In addition, be careful, there will necessarily be weeks when the benefit is meager. 

Tips To The Best Time To Sell Turnips

It’s up to you to decide when. Sometimes concessions will have to be made. If you are on a Thursday evening, and you only had rotten turnip lessons, perhaps jump on the opportunity as soon as the principle is a little higher than the purchase price. Remember: you will also have to pay attention to the opening hours of the store.

Sell Some of Your Turnips Early. If you’re worried about losing it all, selling a partial amount of your Turnips earlier on during the week is another way to minimize potential losses in the Stalk Market. For example, you could sell 50% of your Turnips when the price hits 140 Bells on middle of the week. You guarantee no loss for that half of your stockpile and even earn a decent profit on them, and till hold the chance to benefiting from a potential high jackpot price later.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Turnip Price Prediction

There are 4 stalk market patterns of turnip price fluctuation:

  • Fluctuating Pattern (Random or Rollercoaster Pattern): The price will go up and down slightly, but there won't be any big changes in the week.

  • Big Spike Patterns: At a random time in the week, the price will go up drastically, then fall. The graph only shows an example at the start of the week.

  • Decreasing Pattern: The price will not exceed the initial purchase price, and it will decrease throughout the week.

  • Small Spike Pattern: The price will increase somewhat, but not as much as when it increases sharply.

Turnip Price Pattern Probability of The Following Week

The fluctuation pattern is decided at the start of the week and that of the following week depends on that of the current one.

Animal Crossing Turnip Price Calculators

You can predict these patterns very easily with a calculator, this are incredibly useful tools to be able to help you earn bells for turnip trading in Animal Crossing New Horizons and never risk your hard-earned turnips ever again.

Sell Turnips To Nepp and Schlepp on Other Players’ Island 

So you speculate with your purchase of the turnips on a maximum beet price. You can also visit islands of other, friends of your friends and sell your turnips there, provided the price is significantly higher. Tip: A beet calculator available on the net lets you calculate presumed price ranges. Simply enter your purchase price and Nooks prices on different days of the week in the beet calculator on to get a rough estimate of the price trend.

Sell Turnips To Someone Else

If you are a solo player, this tip will not apply to you. However, be aware that it is very useful to enjoy a trip to another island. You can sell your turnips very well to someone else. A friend can join you and take advantage of the redemption price from the Nook store. Obviously, you will have to limit this to your inventory or make several trips if you have many turnips.

Via Twitter, people share their Dodo codes with current turnip prices with the community. You simply search for "Animal Crossing Turnips" or "Animal Crossing Turnip" in the Twitter search, and you will find what you are looking for right now. Sometimes there are photos with Dodo codes, where the beet sales prices are more than 200 bells. Make sure that you have the latest results displayed via Twitter search. At the airport you enter the Dodo codes and then travel to the corresponding island. But make sure that a switch online subscription is required. Alternatively, you can also search for animal crossing communities in a corresponding forum on Reddit or via Google.

What To Do With Spoiled Turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

However, turnips are not just about buying and selling. There are several things to know about them, including the fact that they can spoil. 

Turnips spoiling for two reasons:

  • You did not sell them until the following Sunday

  • You changed the date or time on your console

In these two cases, the turnips rot and cannot be sold. Do not hack the settings of your console to jump in time. The turnips will be good to throw if you go back in time (advance in the future by cons do not pause worry). Likewise, if on Saturday evening you are not satisfied with the turnip price and you have no friends to go to, sell them. It will be better than nothing.

How to deal with spoiled turnips?

You should nevertheless know that a rotten turnip will still have a use (and only one): a special insect appears on it if you have placed it on the ground, outside; an ant. This may allow you to enrich your baby care. Obviously, once you capture it, it has no further use. So you can get rid of those rotten turnips.

More Tips & Tricks to Profit from Turnip Trading & Win In Stalk Market?

There you go, this is where this guide to turnips from Animal Crossing New Horizons ends. In the end, there was something to know about it, right? We will summarize more turnip trading tricks for you.

  • Turnips are vegetables on which we can speculate to make a profit on resale

  • They are bought at a variable price on Sunday morning (and only on Sunday morning) at Porcelette, an itinerant merchant

  • You can store them by dropping them on the ground (or at home)

  • They are sold at the Boutique Nook and yield according to the price of the turnip

  • The turnip price changes every morning and every afternoon, Monday to Saturday

  • The turnip price rarely exceeds 200 bells. It can reach 600 bells but these are very rare cases

  • Using time travel (changing the time on your console) causes your turnips to rot (if you go back in time)

  • Turnips rot if you don't sell them before Sunday morning

  • Work together with friends, You can resell them on a friend's island to take advantage of their turnip principle

  • Putting them on your island (outside) can prevent you from having the 5 stars on your island's reputation since they are considered to be lying around. Put them at home while you sell them (example, upstairs or basement)

If you'd like more tips on the game, we recommend going to our full guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons. We talk about, for example, the Animal Crossing New Horizons Events or Maximize Heart Crystals and Flower Breeding & Hybridize.