Animal Crossing New Horizons Bugs and Fish Coming and Leaving in July | New ACNH July Fish and Bugs

6/28/2020 10:48:39 AM

Approaching the end of June, an array of ACNH critters will leave after this month and a batch of new fish and bugs is arriving next month. In this article, we’ll list all the new Animal Crossing New Horizons bugs and fish coming and leaving in July. Please note that there is neither new fish and bugs arrive nor leave in July in southern hemisphere.

animal crossing july fish and bugs

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Bugs and Fish Arriving in July (Northern Hemisphere) - ACNH New Fish and Bugs July

In the northern hemisphere, there are totally 61 Animal Crossing bugs and 58 fishes available in July , 5 fish and 21 bugs are new in July, 1 fish and 1 bug will leave after July. In the southern hemisphere, 31 ACNH fish and 20 bugs can be caught in July, but none of them is arriving or leaving. Check out where and when to catch these Animal Crossing fish and bugs, as well as how many ACNH bells each critter cost. Here is the list of new ACNH July bugs and fish.  Each bug or fish will arrive on July 1st and leave before August 1st in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which means this is your last chance to catch them until they return next time.

New ACNH July Fish in Northern Hemisphere

Fish Name
LocationShadow sizeTimePrice
SweetfishRiverMedium-smallAll Day900 bells
NapoleonfishSeaHuge4 AM - 9 PM10, 000 bells
Puffer fishSeaMedium-smallAll Day250 bells
Blue marlinPierHugeAll Day10, 000 bells
Ocean sunfishSeaHuge with fin4 AM - 9 PM4, 000 bells

New ACNH July Bugs in Northern Hemisphere

Bug NameLocationTimePrice
GrasshopperOn the ground8 AM - 5 PM160 bells
Brown cicadaOn trees8 AM - 5 PM250 bells
Robust cicadaOn trees8 AM - 5 PM300 bells
Giant cicadaOn trees8 AM - 5 PM500 bells
Evening cicadaOn trees

4 AM - 8 AM & 4 PM - 7 PM

550 bells
Cicada shellOn treesAll day10 bells
Blue weevil beetleOn palm treesAll day800 bells
Earth-boring dung beetleOn the groundAll day300 bells
Scarab beetleOn trees11 PM - 8 AM10, 000 bells
Saw stagOn treesAll day2, 000 bells
Miyama stagOn treesAll day1,000 bells
Giant stagOn trees11 PM - 8 AM10, 000 bells
Cyclommatus stagOn palm trees5 PM - 8 AM8, 000 bells
Golden stagOn palm trees5 PM - 8 AM12, 000 bells
Giraffe stagOn palm trees5 PM - 8 AM12, 000 bells
Horned dynastidOn trees5 PM - 8 AM1, 350 bells
Horned atlasOn palm trees5 PM - 8 AM8, 000 bells
Horned elephantOn palm trees5 PM - 8 AM8, 000 bells
Horned herculesOn palm trees5 PM - 8 AM12, 000 bells
Walking stickOn trees

4 AM - 8 AM & 5 PM - 7 PM

600 bells
Walking leafDisguised as leavesAll day600 bells

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bugs and Fish Leaving in July (Northern Hemisphere)

ACNH Fish Leaving After July 

Fish NameLocation Shadow sizeTimePrice
TadpolePondTinyAll day100 bells

ACNH Bugs Leaving After July

Bug NameLocationTimePrice
HoneybeeFlying8 AM - 5 PM 200 bells