List of Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons & How to Catch ACNH Sea Creatures

7/1/2020 2:25:00 PM

With the unveiling of Summer update trailer in Animal Crossing New Horizons, a series of new features will be added into the game for the Switch system, including swimming and diving, new villagers Pascal and Pirate Gulliver, mermaid furniture and sea creatures. What new sea creatures will be available in ACNH? Here we’ll list all the confirmed Animal Crossing sea creatures in New Horizons, and the content will keep being updated follow the game calendar for more sea creatures released.

animal crossing new horizons sea creatures

List of Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creatures

The following sea creatures are confirmed to appear in New Horizons. Please check the complete list of sea creatures in Animal Crossing on after the Summer Update releases on July 3. How many sea creatures will be there in total count do you think?

- Scallop

- Sea Star

- Spotted Garden Eel

- Sea Anemone

When it comes to information of sea creatures in past Animal Crossing series, there are 30 sea creatures in New Leaf, they are Abalone, Acorn Barnacle, Chambered Nautilus, Clam, Ear Shell, Flatworm, Horsehair Crab, Horseshoe Crab, Lobster, Mantis Shrimp, Octopus, Oyster, Pearl Oyster, Red King Crab, Scallop, Sea Anemone, Sea Cucumber, Sea Grapes, Sea Slug, Sea Star, Sea Urchin, Seaweed, Snow Crab, Spider Crab, Spiny Lobster, Spotted Garden Eel, Sweet Shrimp, Tiger Prawn, Turban Shell and Giant Isopod. Except for those already revealed, it's reasonable that some other sea creatures from these will also appear in New Horizons.  

Update (July 3)

The following is the full list of Animal Crossing New Horizons sea creatures, there are 40 different sea creatures to catch in different time, some of them are available throughout all day and all year, such as Acorn Barnacle, you can also find the Pearl by diving.


Acorn Barnacle

Chambered Nautilus

Dungeness Crab

Firefly Squid


Gazami Crab

Giant Isopod

Gigas Giant Clam

Horseshoe Crab


Mantis Shrimp

Moon Jellyfish




Pearl Oyster

Red King Crab


Sea Anemone

Sea Cucumber

Sea Grapes

Sea Pig

Sea Pineapple

Sea Slug

Sea Star

Sea Urchin


Slate Pencil Urchin

Snow Crab

Spider Crab

Spiny Lobster

Spotted Garden Eel

Sweet Shrimp

Tiger Prawn

Turban Shell

Umbrella Octopus

Vampire Squid

Venus' Flower Basket


How to Catch Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing?

When the Summer Update becomes available in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can find and catch these sea creatures through swimming and diving. To start diving, you need to buy a Wet Suit from Nook's Cranny after Ver. 1.3.0. Or wear the Snorkel Mask when catching sea creatures. If you discover suspicious bubbles floating up from an area in the ocean, start diving deep into the water and swim towards any shadows, you may spot any Animal Crossing sea creatures and catch them.

What Can You Do with Animal Crossing Sea Creatures?

Sea Creatures are a new type of critter under the sea in the surrounding ocean of your island in Animal Crossing, you are able to catch them like catching an ACNH fish, for collection in your Critterpedia, donating to the Museum or selling them to Timmy & Tommy at Nook’s Cranny for Animal Crossing New Horizons bells. Similarly, the ACNH sea creatures can only be donated for the first time, check the Sea Creatures cataloged in your NookPhone’s Critterpedia to before donation if you are not sure.

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