Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees Guide - Money Tree, Fruit Tree & All Tree Types, How To Plant Trees In ACNH

7/7/2020 2:38:55 PM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, although everyone is catching fishes, shooting balloons or hitting the money rocks, but in fact, the most stable source of in-game currency is to plant trees. Some players may find that their fruit trees have been unable to grow when planting fruit trees, or they may find that the amount of Bells they get from planting a lot of money trees can not meet the expectation. Because there are a lot of hidden mechanics in the game. This guide will introduce all types of ACNH trees, as well as the Animal Crossing tree planting & growing tips in detail as much as possible.

Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Plant Treesj

Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees Guide - All Tree Types, Bamboo Tree Info & How To Plant And Grow A Tree

One of the interesting mechanics at Animal Crossing New Horizons is growing trees. Getting trees grown are necessary to improve the outlook of your island, and they provide fruit, Bells, and even random furniture at times. Trees and even tree stumps are also necessary for catching specific bugs. You can even just grow straight-up money trees. Here is everything you need to know about Animal Crossing tree mechanics, ACNH Bells or fruits collecting, how to plant trees and grow trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

Animal Crossing Tree Mechanic

  • There is a variety of different tree types in Animal Crossing New Horizons, all of which carry over from previous games. They can be divided into 6 kinds: Fruit Trees, Hardwood Trees, Cedar Trees & Oak Trees, Golden Trees, Money Trees, Bamboo Tree, among which Fruit Trees can be subdivided into Apple Trees, Pear Trees, Orange Trees, Cherry Trees, Palm Coconut Trees and Peach Trees.

  • When players first land on the island, there are only a single species of fruit trees, hardwood trees and cedar trees. Hardwood trees and cedar trees do not produce any fruit, but they have a chance to get furniture, beehives or 100 Bells when shaking trees. Each tree can only shake them out for the first time every day, and then only random branches will be dropped.

  • The fruit produced by the fruit trees on the island belongs to the specialty of the player island. When the specialty fruit is sold on its own island, it can only be sold for 100 Bells, while it can be sold for 500 Bells on other players' island that is not the specialty.

  • After getting the local specialty fruits from other players' islands, you can go back to your own island to plant them. You can also get 500 Bells if you sell them on your own island. It should be noted that if the whole tree is dug directly from other players' islands and transplanted to their own island, the tree will not grow and bear fruit.

  • Coconut tree is a special fruit tree. It can only be planted on the beach. It is not a specialty. It costs 250 Bells to sell on any island.

  • In terms of bamboo, you need to go to the material island to dig bamboo shoots and then return to the island for planting. After the bamboo shoots grow into bamboo, new bamboo shoots will be produced around. Cutting down bamboo can obtain bamboo materials and spring shoots.

  • Besides bamboo, other trees can be cut out for infrastructure materials: wood, hardwood, softwood.

  • Once the trees are cut down, they will not be able to grow again. Therefore, it is recommended to collect infrastructure materials on the material island. If you don’t have enough Nook Miles Ticket, you can also use a stone axe to cut trees on your own island. Also Read | Animal Crossing New Horizons Tools List & Guide - How To Get Golden Tools, Axe, Shovel, Fishing Rod & More

  • From seed planting to maturity, fruit trees, coconut trees, hardwood trees, cedar and money trees all grow in five days, while bamboo grows in four days.

  • The tree growth period is divided into five stages: seed, tree S, tree M, tree L, and maturity. The appearance of each stage is different, and the names dug out in your pack are also different.

  • It takes three days for the fruit tree to shake off the fruit and re-produce it.

ACNH Money Tree & How TO Plant A Money Tree And Earn Bells 

Every day, players can find a glowing gold spot somewhere on the island. After digging, you can get 1,000 Bells. If you plant your Bells in the hole again, you will harvest a money tree five days later, shake off the tree and you will get three times as much as the planted Bells. Because a bag of Bell can reach up to 99,000 Bells, in theory, the money tree that players can plant is 99,000 Bells, and the harvest should be 297,000 Bells. However, when planting 99,000 Bells, the tree can grow steadily only for the first time. Planting many times is very difficult to succeed. The success rate of planting is about 20%, which is very low. So if you want to plant money trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons steadily and efficiently, it is best to plant 10,000 Bells. In this way, after five days, players can get 100% of 30,000 Bells.

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Planting Density & How To Plant Trees In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Planting density refers to the trees that can be effectively planted in an area. After this density is exceeded, the problem of trees failing to grow will arise. Generally speaking, planting a tree needs to ensure that there is nothing in the 3×3 grid around it (as shown below).

3×3 grid

In theory, ACNH planting trees in a rectangular array in accordance with the rule of one grid apart is the most land-saving and most beautiful planting method (see the figure below). But this way is wrong, which is also a problem that many players will make.


There is a mechanic in the game, that is, in the 7×7 area, it is impossible to plant more than 8 trees! It is clear that 9 trees have been reached in the picture, and the middlemost tree at this time is likely to fail to grow. To solve this problem, I suggest that players set the distance between the two trees to two grids. However, this raises a new question, how to ensure the efficiency and beauty of land use when the distance is two squares.

Here I recommend the Animal Crossing tree planting planning method that I am using:

planting trees ACNH

As can be seen from the figure, there are also 9 trees, and there are only 7 trees in the red box 7×7 grid, which ensures that each tree can grow healthy. In addition to this, there is another advantage to this kind of planning, that is, the trees in each row are staggered by one grid, ensuring that the vision is not blocked when the fruit is harvested.

how to plant tree in animal crossing new horizons

Note: When the fruit seed does not grow, the player needs to check 2 things:

1. Whether there are more than 8 trees planted in the 7×7 area.

2. Is there a 3×3 open space around the tree? There should be no terrain or any objects on the open space.

Why Should You Plan & Design Your Plantation In Animal Crossing?

Although the price of fruit is much lower than that of fish and insects, planning a plantation can often harvest a large amount of fruit efficiently and steadily to win by quantity.

For example, in your island, 15 trees are planted for each type of fruit, and 225 can be harvested after harvesting sunlight fruits. In terms of the price of 500 Bells, about 262500 Bells can be obtained steadily every week. For players who should pay off their mortgages, planning a plantation can make an extra 260,000 Bells a week.

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