Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creatures Guide - July Sea Creatures List & Sell Prices In ACNH (2020)

7/10/2020 5:13:05 PM

With the 1.3.0 summer update, diving and sea creatures are finally added to the game. Players can not only experience the fun of diving and catching sea creatures, fishes, more deep-sea creature, but also enrich the exhibition lineup of the museum by collecting new sea creatures in ACNH. The collection mechanism of July sea creatures is similar to that of fish and insects, and there are different collection types in different months and different times. Here we present a list of all sea creatures in ACNH that can be captured in both Northern & Southern Hemisphere in July 2020, along with the sea creatures selling prices and tips on how to catch every sea creatures in ACNH.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Sea Creatures Guide - List Of All Sea Creatures July & Sell Prices, Cathing Tips

There are 40 different Sea Creatures to catch and collect in total in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is an increase of +10 from the previous game Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Sea creatures can roughly identify species by their shadow size and migration velocity before they are captured. Basically, the faster the sea creatures’ who can move, the more valuable they are. Most of the sea creatures in ACNH are decorated in marine boxes, but some of them can be directly displayed in models. 

Here we'll go over every new type of July sea creature in Animal Crossing New Horizons including hours, bell prices, shadow sizes and movement speed.

July  ACNH Sea Creatures List For Northern Hemisphere

Name Sell PricesShadow SizeSpeed


Seaweed600 Bells LargeStill All day
Sea grapes 900 BellsSmall  StillAll day 
Sea star500 BellsMediumVery slowAll day
Sea urchin 1700 BellsSmall SlowAll day
Slate pencil urchin2000 BellsMediumMedium 4PM to 9AM
Sea anemone500 Bells LargeStill All day
Moon jellyfish600 Bells SmallVery slow All day
Sea slug600 BellsVery small Very slowAll day 
Pearl oyster2800 BellsSmallMediumAll day
Mussel1500 BellsSmallSlowAll day 
Scallop1200 BellsMediumSlow All day
Whelk1000 BellsSmallSlowAll day
Abalone2000 BellsMediumMedium4PM - 9AM
Gigas giant clam15000 BellsLargeVery fastAll day
Octopus1200 BellsMedium SlowAll day 
Vampire squid10000 BellsLarge Very fast4PM - 9AM
Gazamicrab 2200 BellsMediumMediumAll day
Acorn barnacle600 BellsSmallStillAll day
Tiger prawn3000 BellsSmallMedium4PM - 9AM
Mantis shrimp2500 BellsSmall Medium4PM - 9AM
Giant isopod12000 BellsLargeVery fast 9AM-4PM, 9PM-4AM
Horseshoe grab2500 BellsMediumMedium9PM-4AM
Sea pineapple1500 Bells SmallSlowAll day
Spotted garden eel1100 BellsSmallSlow4AM-9PM

Note: Sea creatures leaving in July - Seaweed. 

July ACNH Sea Creatures List  For Southern Hemisphere

NameSell Prices Shadow SizeSpeedTime
600 BellsLargeStillAll day
Sea cucumber500 BellsMedium Very slowAll day
Sea pig10000 BellsSmallVery fast 4PM - 9AM
Sea star 500 BellsLarge Very slowAll day
Sea anemone 
500 BellsLarge Still All day
Sea slug600 BellsVery small Very slow All day
Pearl oyster
2800 BellsSmallMedium All day
Oyster1100 BellsSmallSlowAll day
Scallop1200 BellsMediumSlowAll day
1000 BellsSmallSlowAll day
Abalone 2000 Bells Medium Medium 4PM - 9AM
Octopus 1200 BellsMedium Slow All day
Dungeness crab1900 BellsMediumSlowAll day
Snow crab6000 BellsLargeFastAll day
Acorn barnacle 600 BellsSmallStillAll day
Red king crab8000 BellsLargeStillAll day
Mantis shrimp2500 BellsSmallMedium 4PM - 9AM
Sweet shrimp1400 BellsSmallSlow4PM - 9AM
Lobster4500 Bells
LargeFastAll day
Venus’ flower basket5000 BellsMedium FastAll day

Note: Sea creatures leaving after July - Abalone, Lobster. 

ACNH Sea Creatures July List

How To Catch Sea Creatures In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing sea creatures July can only be found while diving underwater in the ocean. Just put on your diving suit and you can swim in the sea. If you don't know how to dive yet, check out our guide on how to swim in Animal Crossing for info on where to get a wet suit and how to get into the water for the first time - Where & How To Get Pearls, Scallops and Mermaid Recipes For Mermaid Furniture in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

You'll know you're near one when you see a column of bubbles floating to the surface, or when you're already underwater and spot a dark shadow beneath the waves. Just dive under and swim over to the shadow to automatically collect the creature. Sometimes the shadow might be moving, so you will have to follow or chase it. When the character's body touches the fish shadow of the sea creature, it will be judged that the capture is successful.

What To Do With Pearls And Scallops 

- While diving for sea creatures, you might come across scallop, which are a rare crafting material. After catching the scallop, the new NPC sea otter Pascal will appear. Players can trade scallop in for mermaind-themed clothing and DIY recipes if you talk to Pascal. Once you get Mermaid Recipes you should know best ways how to get pearls in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Trading with Pascal is limited to once a day, but if you don't trade scallops, every time you get scallops, Pascal will appear and ask if you want to trade.

- Pearls are very expensive, worth 10000 ACNH Bells. They are also essential materials for Pearl series furniture. When players trade with Pascal and get the DIY recipe, they can exchange to a pearl every day. In addition, players need to take a chance in the sea. 

Ways to Deal With Extremely Fast-Moving Sea Creatures 

Expensive and rare sea creatures in Animal Crossing move very fast, and it is difficult to capture them in the ordinary way. Here are two special capture methods for reference:

  • The fish shadow of rare sea creatures was observed approaching slowly, diving when the body touched the ripples of the bubble on the water surface, and speed up swimming to catch it.

  • Catch up with the sea creature and force it to the corner of the map. The sea creatures will surely turn back and run away. At this time, you can easily encounter the fish shadow.

Who Buys Sea Creatures In Animal Crossing?

Besides trading scallops with Pascal or selling to Nook's Cranny, there's no dedicated NPC who buys sea creatures at a higher value the same way C.J. buys fish and Flick buys bugs. But there are some extra rare and valuable ones that will still sell for a fortune if you're lucky enough to catch them, which offers plenty of reason to dive for creatures besides filling up your Critterpedia and museum.