Campsite Design Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons - Decorating You Campsite, How To Build A Campsite & Invite Villagers

7/20/2020 9:50:09 AM

You are now in the ACNH summer update where you can go to the beach and you could swim in the water catch shells, you could catch starfish, you could do whatever you want. In addition to these enjoyable things, ACNH also allows players to build a campsite. Here we’ll share top 5 best campsite design ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons, with a guide revealed that covering how to build a campsite, how to decorate your ACNH campsite. 

best campsite design ideas

Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons allows players to build a campsite, which could attract the new neighbour arrive and stay for a visit, you can convince them to move into your island and become residents in the island. If you invite a visitor at the Campsite to live on your Island and then talk to Tom Nook, he will give you a Housing Kit. You will need to pay 10,000 ACNH Bells to place this house somewhere on the Island. When the new Villager moves in, you will receive 1,000 Nook Miles as a reward for finding a new Villager. 

How To Build The Campsite

To build a campsite, there are some prerequisites. That is, the player should upgrade Resident Services first, then chat with Nook and ask him what you should do. He’ll give you the DIY recipe for a campsite construction Kit and you’ll need to craft it. If you are having trouble finding Iron Nuggets, check out our guide Fast Farm ACNH Iron Nuggets. Then pick out a plot of island for the campsite, and when you have all the materials and bells required, you can start building the campsite and that will take the entire day to complete. Once the campsite is constructed, occasionally new potential neighbors will arrive and stay for a visit. At this time, you can choose to bring KK slider onto the island to perform a concert.

Best Campsite Design Ideas & How To Decorate The Campsite In Animal Crossing New Horizons 


Best Campsite Design Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The main goal is feel like forest. The first thing to start off with planting a bunch of pine trees, just to make the border around equip. Add the waht sticks in between every tree just what to the border a little bit more in the next item, move some of pine trees embolic sticks. Have the water thing and some French riders around the path. Put the phone fired towards the middle. Add the log table and put some items to the top of it. Put some two blocks those next to the bonfires to people. Add some orange white flowers just behind the trees and add some color to the little background area. Later, all these cedar tress just make the area look a little bit better. Get rid of the DIY bench and extended out the turk path to, so reach all the way towards the campsite. Add a fishing pole to the side and then a fresh cooler next to the campsite.


ACNH design idea

best campsite design idea in ACNH

Plant all types of flowers, trees, do the waterfalls, create the nature vibe with flowers patterns, log steaks, decoy ducks, just add a ton of layers and it will look even better. Put a folding chair and you got a little fishing scene. 


ACNH campsite design ideas

Getting all the money, take everything that is expensive from the island like the gold, the flowers, the rocks, the fruits, the fish. There are placements of trees, fire, waterfall, so you can relax. 


campsite design idea

In front of the tent you have a little spot to just sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoors. A few camping necessities can be found such as a lantern, a drinking water source and a cooking fire. There is a stone path surrounding the site so that no weeds have to be stepped on, and as you can see the weeds thrive well in this area. Next to the tent is a path leading to the star gazing spot, so you can enjoy the starry nights while camping.


campsite building

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