New Things to Do in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Daily Things & Tasks

7/21/2020 11:49:58 AM

Animal Crossing New Horizons made frequent updates recently, if you are feeling a little bored of the game, why not try to do some new things? Based on the updates, new features, characters, and items in ACNH, here bring the Animal Crossing New Horizons new things to do in July and the following days. 

acnh new things to do

New Things to Do in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Daily Things

1.  Search for Gulliver

Hang out on your beach every day, you can not only find different DIY recipe bottles for crafting Animal Crossing New Horizons items you like, but also be able to meet Gulliver, now he has a new counterpart called Gullivarrr or Pirate Gulliver, who is a new character introduced in ACNH Summer Update Wave 1. Wake him up and get the tasks from Gullivarrr, he will ask you to help him find the communicator through diving to the sea. Once you've handed it back, he’ll thank you and send you a pirate item to your mail the next day. The Pirate Gulliver rewards are new items to ACNH, including Pirate Ship Helm, Pirate Barrell, Pirate Pants, Pirate Flooring and more, most of the items are worth to collect, you can use them to create a cool pirate or make amazing designs, as well as for your island upgrade, decoration, and activities. 

2.  Collect Pascal Recipes

Pascal is a returning character to New Horizons, you can dive into the ocean and find a scallop, give the scallop to Pascal, he will thank you by handing you a rare Mermaid furniture DIY recipe or a pearl used to craft furniture items. You can find him pretty much every single day, go out there and search for scallops and you could find yourself with some pretty cool new recipes which you can only get through him. Be sure to collect as many pearls as you can.

3. Find pearls 

If you want to craft all of the beautiful Animal Crossing Mermaid furniture, you will require a large number of ACNH pearls, you can do lots of diving every day. Even though they are actually quite rare, there is a trick you can use to determine which ACNH item you are diving for. If the object kicks ups and/or moves about, it's definitely not a pearl, so that tip will help you avoid wasting time when hunting for these precious artifacts.

4. Buy Wet Suits

Before swimming and diving in the water, you need to purchase a wet suit first at Nook Stop or Nook’s Cranny, you can actually find a variety of different color variations, the colors and styles that you can purchase will change every day, be sure to collect as many different versions as you can, as there are so many out there, and getting your own style when you're swimming is really great, you can also sometimes get snorkels from the Able Sisters, to form your own style. The wetsuit sells for 3000 ACNH bells. 

5. Redd

Redd was actually introduced in the ACNH April update, but there is a change to the game recently. He's a little bit more likely to appear on your island every week now, which means it's definitely worth checking into the game to see if he has docked up on your secret beach and potentially selling some rare art that you need for your museum collection. Crazy Redd was really difficult to get before, the change is he is more likely to show up. 

With the time going, the next update is just around the corner. Read our Animal Crossing New Horizons July to-do list to check out anything else you can do in July, as well as more ACNH tips and information from the guide. 

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