Animal Crossing New Horizons All Seasonal Recipes & Items - ACNH Recipes for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

7/22/2020 12:08:10 PM

There is a bunch of themed or seasonal items in Animal Crossing you can get through recipes instead of purchasing. In this guide, we’ll focus on Animal Crossing New Horizons all seasonal recipes, including the ACNH DIY recipes for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, also list the materials for crafting different items, as well as when and how to get them.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY Recipes

DIY recipes are a crafting mechanic in Animal Crossing New Horizons, players can collect the required materials like wood to craft another Animal Crossing item on the DIY workbench. The type and number of materials will be introduced in specific recipes, which can be found on the beach. Note that each bottle will spawn six hours apart from the next one. If you see a bottle wash up on the shore of your island, open it to get your new ACNH DIY recipe. The recipes can be accessed through the DIY Recipes app on the NookPhone. Seasonal DIY recipes featuring limited items need to be crafted with seasonal materials in the game. 

List of Animal Crossing New Horizons All Seasonal Recipes - ACNH DIY Recipes for All Seasons

Below is the complete checklist of Animal Crossing New Horizons seasonal items, crafting DIY recipes and required materials.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Spring Recipes & Materials

1. ACNH Cherry Blossom Recipes

A series of pink cherry items you can craft with the season material Cherry Blossom Petal, which is available from April 1st to April 10th in the Northern Hemisphere or October 1st to October 10th in the Southern Hemisphere. Otherwise, you need to get it through time travel outside the cherry blossom season. Check out the Animal Crossing cherry blossom items with the desired materials.

- Outdoor picnic set: Cherry blossom petals ×10

- Cherry-Blossom-Trees Wall: Cherry blossom petals ×10, Hardwood ×5

- Sakura ItemsCherry Blossom Branch: Cherry blossom petals ×8, Tree branch ×4, Clay ×5

- Pile of Cherry Blossom Petals: Cherry blossom petals ×5

- Blossom-viewing lantern: Cherry blossom petals ×6, Hardwood ×4

- Cherry Blossom Clock: Cherry blossom petals ×5, Iron Nugget ×1

- Cherry Blossom Umbrella: Cherry blossom petals x7

- Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree: Cherry blossom petals x6, Hardwood x2, Weeds x3, Clay x3

- Cherry Blossom Wand: Cherry blossom petals x3, Star Fragment x3

- Stone Water Tray With Cherry Blossoms: Cherry blossom petals x3, Stone x10

- Cherry Blossom Pochette: Cherry blossom petals x6

- Cherry Blossom Wood Wall: Cherry blossom petals x5, Wood x10

- Cherry Blossom Rug: Cherry blossom petals x10, Weeds x20

- Cherry Blossom Wood Flooring: Cherry blossom petals x5, Wood x10

2. ACNH Young Spring Bamboo Recipes

Young Spring Bamboo is the main material of Animal Crossing Young Spring Bamboo furniture items, hitting the bamboo trees with an axe, you can get the material from February 25 to May 31 in Northern Hemisphere and August 25 to November 30 in the Southern Hemisphere. 

- Pile Of Leaves: Young Spring Bamboo x1, Weeds x10

- Bamboo Lamp: Young Spring Bamboo x4, Bamboo x5, Clay x4

- Bamboo Noodle Slide: Young Spring Bamboo x7, Wood x3

- Light Bamboo Rug: Young Spring Bamboo ×6

- Pan flute: Young Spring Bamboo ×7

- Backpack: Young Spring Bamboo ×6

- Bamboo basket: Young Spring Bamboo ×6

- Bamboo wand: Young Spring Bamboo ×6, Star Fragment ×3

- Bamboo Box: Young Spring Bamboo ×6

- Bamboo wall: Young Spring Bamboo ×7, Bamboo ×3

Animal Crossing New Horizons Summer Recipes & Materials

1. ACNH Summer Shell Recipes

ACNH Summer Shell Recipes are used to craft Summer Limited Furniture with Summer Shells as the raw material, you can pick it up on the beach during June 1 to August 31 in the Northern Hemisphere and December 1 to February 28 in the Southern Hemisphere.

- South Seas Wall: Summer Shell ×5

- Water Floor: Summer Shell ×6

- Underwater Flooring: Summer Shell ×3, Coral ×3

- Shell Wand: Summer Shell ×3, Star Fragment ×3

- Shell Pochette: Summer Shell ×6, Giant Clam ×2

- Starry Sand Floor: Summer Shell ×3, Sandy-Beach Flooring ×1

- Shell Wreath: Summer Shell ×1, Sand Snail ×1, Sand Dollar ×1, Coral ×1, Giant Clam ×1, Cowrie ×1

- Underwater Wall: Summer Shell ×3, Coral ×5

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Recipes & Materials (ACNH Autumn Recipes)

There a total of 8 Animal Crossing seasonal materials for Autumn recipes, when and how to get these seasonal items?

Pinecone: shake the pine trees from September 1 to December 11 (North) and March 1 to June 11 (South)

Acorn: shake deciduous trees from September 1 to December 11 (North) and March 1 to June 11 (South)

Maple Leaf: get it with a net from November 16 to November 15 (North) and May 16 to May 25 (South)

Skinny Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Flat Mushroom, Rare Mushroom, Elegant Mushroom: pick up below trees from November 1 to November 30 (North) and May 1 to May 31 (South)

1. ACNH Tree's Bounty Recipes

- Tree's Bounty Little Tree: Pinecone ×6, Acorn ×4, Hardwood ×1

- Pile of Autumn Leaves: Pinecone ×3, Weeds ×5

- Autumn Leaf Fire: Pinecone ×3, Weeds ×5, Tree Branch ×3

- Pine Bonsai Tree: Pinecone ×8, Clay ×5

- Tree's Bounty Mobile: Pinecone ×2, Acorn ×3, Tree Branch ×3

- Acorn Pochette: Acorn ×6

- Tree's Bounty Lamp: Acorn ×6, Clay ×4

2. ACNH Mushroom Recipes

- Mushroom Wreath: Tree Branch ×10, Round Mushroom ×1, Skinny Mushroom ×1, Flat Mushroom ×1

- Mushroom Screen: Skinny Mushroom ×3

- Mushroom Log: Skinny Mushroom ×2, Log Stool ×1

- Mushroom Table: Flat Mushroom x2, Wood x6

- Mushroom Forest Wall: Elegant Mushroom x2, Round Mushroom x2, Skinny Mushroom x2, Flat - Mushroom x2, Wood x10

- Mushroom Lamp: Skinny Mushroom x1, Clay x5

- Mushroom Stool: Round Mushroom x2

- Mushroom Flooring: Rare Mushroom x1, Skinny Mushroom x2, Flat Mushroom x2, Weeds x10

- Mushroom Parasol: Flat Mushroom x3

- Mushroom Wallpaper: Elegant Mushroom x1, Round Mushroom x1, Skinny Mushroom x1, Flat Mushroom x1

- Mushroom Wand: Skinny Mushroom x3, Star Fragment x3

- Mushroom Umbrella: Flat Mushroom x3

3. ACNH Maple Leaf Recipes

- Red-Leaf Pile: Maple Leaf ×3, Weeds ×4

- Tree's Bounty Big Tree: Pinecone ×5, Acorn ×4, Maple Leaf ×4, Branches ×8, Clay ×4

- Tree's Bounty Arch: Pinecone ×4, Acorn ×5, Maple Leaf ×5, Branches ×15

- Maple Leaf Stool: Maple Leaf ×3, Wood ×3

- Maple Leaf Pond: Stone x10, Maple Leaf x3

- Maple Leaf Pochette: Maple Leaf x6

- Maple Leaf Wallpaper: Maple Leaf x10, Weeds x15

- Maple Leaf Flooring: Maple Leaf x10, Wood x5, Weeds x5

- Maple Leaf Umbrella: Maple Leaf x7

Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter Recipes & Materials

Five types of materials are used for ACNH Winter recipes, you can get them in the following times.

Snowflake, Large Snowflake: catch with a net from December 11 to February 24 (North) and June 11 to August 24 (South)

Blue Ornament, Gold Ornament, Red Ornament: pick off from decorated pine trees, available from December 15 to January 6 in North and South.

1. ACNH Ice Recipes

- Snowflake Wreath: Snowflake ×4

- Ski Slope Flooring: Snowflake ×8

- Drifting Ice Flooring: Snowflake ×10

- Ice Candy: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×1

- Ice Chair: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×3

- Ice Counter: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×5

- Ice Table: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×8

- Ice Bed: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×10

- Ice Partition: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×6

- Ice Arch: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×10

- Ice Pillar: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×3

- Ice Sculpture: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×4

- 3 Tier Snowman: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×6, Tree Branch ×2

- Ice Wallpaper: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×8

- Ice Flooring: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×8

- Snowman Hat: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×5

- Ice Wand: Large Snowflake ×1, Snowflake ×3

2. ACNH Christmas Recipes

- Ornament Wreath: Blue Ornament ×6, Gold Ornament ×2

- Big Festive Tree: Red Ornament ×6, Blue Ornament ×6, Gold Ornament ×4, Wood ×5, Clay ×5

- Ornament Mobile: Red Ornament ×1, Blue Ornament ×1, Gold Ornament ×1, Branch ×4

- Festive Tree: Red Ornament ×3, Blue Ornament ×3, Gold Ornament ×2, Wood ×5

- Festive Wall: Red Ornament ×5, Blue Ornament ×5, Gold Ornament ×5, Clay ×5

- Illuminated Tree: Red Ornament ×8, Blue Ornament ×8, Gold Ornament ×6, Iron Nugget ×6

- Illuminated Snow: Blue Ornament ×9, Iron Nugget ×3

- Festive top set: Gold Ornament ×2, Hardwood ×1

- Tabletop Festive Tree: Gold Ornament ×5, Branch ×3, Clay ×2

- Illuminated Reindeer: Gold Ornament ×6, Iron Nugget ×5

- Illuminated Present: Red Ornament ×3, Gold Ornament ×4, Iron Nugget ×3

- Festive Candle: Red Ornament ×5, Weeds ×5

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