ACNH Mystery Island Tour Guide & Tips | Rare Mystery Islands Probability and Items

8/21/2020 4:00:39 PM

On a Mystery Island tour in Animal Crossing New Horizons, players are allowed to collect crafting materials, invite villagers, take fruit, rare flowers, fish and bugs home, different rare mystery islands have different resources, but also appears randomly. Here is an ACNH Mystery Island tour guide covering all the island types, probability, items and features, as well as some tips for visiting a mystery island. 

ACNH Mystery Island Tour Guide

How to Get to Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Tour?

Animal Crossing Mystery Tour provides a chance for players to visit random uncharted islands using a Nook Mile Ticket and collect more crafting materials from there. Mystery islands often have rare critters, fish and bugs, non-native fruit trees, hybrid flowers and more ACNH items you can’t obtain on your own island. To visit other islands, you must buy a Nook Miles Ticket from the Nook Stop in Resident Services first for 2000 Nook Miles and depart from the airport. 

Different Types of ACNH Mystery Islands & Probability

What’s the chance you can visit rare Mystery Island? Here we list the different types of Mystery Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, with the encounter probability and obtainable items. Ninji has discovered the rarest Mystery Island with 1% appearance chance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Island Type
ProbabilityItems & Features
Normal Island 19%Native fruit, coconuts, normal flowers, insects and fish, a river, a cliff and a pond
Normal Island 29%Native fruit, normal flowers, insects and fish, a river, a bigger cliff
Spiral Island9%Native fruit, normal flowers, insects and fish, spiral layout
Fidget Spinner Island9%Native fruit, normal flowers, insects and fish, no river
Mountain Island9%Native fruit, five rocks with materials, pill bug, and centipede; multiple levels, no river, requires ladder
Bamboo Island10%All trees are bamboo, normal flowers, insects and fish, most common island
Tree Island 12%Hardwood trees and coconut trees, no river or pond, insects are associated with trees (Atlas moth, walking stick, etc.); requires Town Hall and Ladder
Tree Island 21%Hardwood trees, Atlas moth, walking stick, earth-boring dung beetle and more insects
Falls Island5%Lots of cliffs, waterfalls, river forks, normal resources
Fruit Island9%19 fruit trees, sister fruit
Curly River Island5%Native fruit, a few flowers and rocks, insects are associated with water (red dragonfly, darner dragonfly, giant water bug, etc.)
Trash Island5%Native fruit, trash fish, water-related insects (red dragonfly, darner dragonfly, banded dragonfly, pondskater, etc.)
Money Rock Island 15%Native fruit, rocks with bells, pill bug, centipede
Money Rock Island 22%Hardwood trees, normal flowers, money rocks, scorpion, four small triangular cliffs; requires Town Hall
Tarantula Island 2%Only insects are tarantulas, rocks with crafting materials
Flower Island2%Hardwood trees, rare flowers surround a pond, insects hang around flowers (many types of butterfly, honeybee, etc.)
Gold Island1%Hardwood trees, rocks with gold nuggets, insects: scorpion
Big Fish Island 13%Rare hybrid flowers, only have large fish (arowana, saddled bichir, snapping turtle, etc.), insects: mantis, orchid mantis, stinkbug, ladybug, man-faced stink bug
Big Fish Island 22%Big fish: arowana, saddled bichir, snapping turtle, dorado, pike, stringfish, arapaima, sturgeon, blue marlin, etc., requires vaulting pole
Fins Island1%Rectangular pond with rectangular cliffs, largest finned fish (great white shark, hammerhead shark, whale shark, saw shark, ocean shark and suckerfish)

Tips and Tricks for Visiting a Mystery Island

Take the required tools

If you want to bring rare fish, bugs, and Animal Crossing bells from the mystery island, some tools are necessary, including net, fishing rod and shovel. The ladder and vaulting pole are also required to climb cliffs and cross river. The DIY workbench will be available on mystery islands, so you can also craft the tools there with the available materials. Ensure you have unlocked or purchased the vaulting pole before the travel. 

Make more preparation

The chance to visit which island is random, so you’d better prepare anything may be required. While the probability of each island is different, check out above different types of mystery island and learn about their features. 

Have your inventory empty

When you arrive a mystery island, especially a rare island with numerous resources, you’ll want to take as many items as possible home, so try to leave a maximum storage space or expand your inventory before the tour. 

Use amiibo card

In some cases, you will go to an island without villagers, if you want to recruit new Villagers, consider using an amiibo+ card instead to add new villagers.

Don’t quit the game during the travel

If you turn off your Switch during the Mystery Island tour, the trip will be over. Start travel when you have enough time and complete everything you should do before exiting.

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