Animal Crossing New Horizons Small Space Ideas - 5 Ways To Decorate The Tiny Spaces On Your Island

10/15/2020 3:28:37 PM

Today we share 5 different Animal Crossing New Horizons ideas to use when decorating those awkward small spaces on your island, helping you find smart solutions for small space outdoor. 

ACNH Small Space Decorating Ideas - 5 Ways To Design Tiny Spaces On Your Island

One of the biggest appeals of Animal Crossing New Horizons is the ability to decorate your island with all sorts of designs and themed areas. We use our creativity and imagination to decorate the entrance, pathway, museum, campsite, beach, garden, library. But there are also some small spaces that can be used effectively. Filling in small areas of your island is so much more satisfying than anything else. So if you’re looking for fresh Animal Crossing: New Horizons small space ideas that won’t take hundreds of hours to complete, we’ve collated a stack of the most inspirational below. Now check out the 5 different ways to decorate your tiny spaces on ACNH island (shared by famous Youtuber Tiger)!

1. Seating Spaces 

  • Created by Tiger on Youtube

You can put a little table and chair set up with a tea set on top of it and it just kind of fills this awkward small area. 

  • Created by OLYVIALOVEANiMALCROSSiNG on Instagram

This seating space is a much bigger, it has this nice large picnic table with several chairs surrounding the table so villagers can come and sit and enjoy the day.

  • Created by SAWAHCROSSiNG on Instagram 

This beautiful tiny little seating area with the white iron furniture, it looks so nice especially with the fall colors and the maple leaves kind of floating around. There's lots of flowers and a park clock there and it just looks really nice and completes the space.

2. Clusters Of Items

  • Created by Tiger on Youtube

Use clusters of items and those really tiny like awkward spaces on your island. Use as little street lamp and a mush log with a garden gnome on top of it with a little sign and it just kind of brings more detail and interest into the area. 

  • Created by Leyacrossing on Instagram

She has a bicycle parking area and it just looks really nice and it fills in that space. There also has a little group of items behind that with a barrel and a chair and a little tiny library. 

  • Created by Nikki.ACNH

This is like one of those awkward spaces leading up into the beach. Put a little water well and a simple panel behind that and the really nice rock object filled the space very nicely.

3. Heavy Nature Flowers, Weeds, Shrubs, Trees, Naturalistic Items


Putting some trees and flowers and naturey related items and furniture, because it just looks really nice and it fills in that space. Cover the cliff top with a bunch of trees, flowers and shrubs, and there are some weeds in there and also the little mushroom item. 

  • Created by Nikki.ACNH

Use some naturey items to decorate the area next to the Nook's Cranny. Add a little tree with some flowers wrapping around it, there's some weeds around the area and more flowers just along the pathway. 

4. Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls

Created By SAWAHCROSSiNG on Instagram

There's a little bridge leading to the other area and you can hop across on the stepping stones, it's just really pretty. This one takes up a little bit

more space.

  • Created by GACHO.iSLE on Instagram

This is more of like a lake type water feature with little islands in the middle of it which looks so stunning. It's right next to one of her villager homes, it kind of takes up some space.

  • Created by LEYACROSSiNG

This is just a really simple rounded pond with a waterfall. If you have a really small space this might be a really good idea for you. This looks like a little tiny watering hole and your villagers will probably come sit next to it and enjoy their little drink or their food and it's really cute.

5. Pseudo-interactive Spaces For Your Villagers

  • Created by OLYVIALOVEANiMALCROSSiNG on Instagram

She created this really nice flower shop area with some gardening details around it and it looks like her villagers can come and shop.

  • Created by Tiger on Youtube

She creates a pottery studio so you can have a little clay furnace and there's a cushion that they can sit on and just a bunch of ceramics around the area. There's molding clay on the ground and some crafting supplies. 

  • Created by GACHO.iSLE on Instagram

It's like a little beekeeping area with a bunch of honey around. She used the little wasp nest on the stall and it looks like her villagers can come over and be beekeepers which is really cute and very creative. All the colorful flowers are really beautiful and it's just on the little ledge of the cliff, so you don't need a lot of space to create these and they always look really cool and just bring kind of a realistic vibe to your island.

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