ACNH November Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons November Events, Materials & Items

11/5/2020 3:15:02 PM

Even though Nintendo has not announced the 1.6.0 version of Animal Crossing New Horizons, you still have lots of things to do in November. There are an upcoming Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving), new ACNH items, and materials. Note the morning announcements of Isabelle to avoid missing the perfect time for collecting ACNH November DIY recipes and seasonal materials. Here we’ll also list all the seasonal items in the ACNH November update and what else you can expect. 

ACNH November Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons November Events

There is a total of 12 mushroom items and 9 maple leaf items available in November, except for that, Harvest series furniture can be expected in the ACNH November items collection or early December update. 

ACNH Harvest Update

The first event is scheduled in November is the ACNH Harvest Festival update, also known as Thanksgiving, featuring Franklin, the turkey character who will make his first appearance in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Franklin always plays an important role for the Harvest Festival in the previous Animal Crossing series, you would make a meal with him and gather food items from your villagers for him, the food items also called ingredients, including regular ingredients and secret ingredients, the latter is harder to get. But if you have collected the item Franklin required, he will give you a Harvest series furniture as the reward. The Harvest or Thanksgiving update is coming at the end of November. 

ACNH November DIY Recipes & New Materials

When it comes to the new materials in November, firstly we can see mushrooms appearing throughout the whole of November (November 1 - November 30), players can try to gather different mushrooms under trees. There is a total of five different mushrooms, including Skinny Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Flat Mushroom, Rare Mushroom, and Elegant Mushroom, helping you craft this series of ACNH furniture items with the mush DIY recipes. There are new 12 recipes and items that can be made from these mushrooms. Be sure to shoot down balloons for obtaining the DIYs before the end date. 

Here is the list of all ACNH mushroom items and recipes:

- Mushroom Wreath: Tree Branch ×10, Round Mushroom ×1, Skinny Mushroom ×1, Flat Mushroom ×1

- Mushroom Screen: Skinny Mushroom ×3

- Mushroom Log: Skinny Mushroom ×2, Log Stool ×1

- Mushroom Table: Flat Mushroom x2, Wood x6

- Mushroom Forest Wall: Elegant Mushroom x2, Round Mushroom x2, Skinny Mushroom x2, Flat - Mushroom x2, Wood x10

- Mushroom Lamp: Skinny Mushroom x1, Clay x5

- Mushroom Stool: Round Mushroom x2

- Mushroom Flooring: Rare Mushroom x1, Skinny Mushroom x2, Flat Mushroom x2, Weeds x10

- Mushroom Parasol: Flat Mushroom x3

- Mushroom Wallpaper: Elegant Mushroom x1, Round Mushroom x1, Skinny Mushroom x1, Flat Mushroom x1

- Mushroom Wand: Skinny Mushroom x3, Star Fragment x3

- Mushroom Umbrella: Flat Mushroom x3

Another material available in November is the Maple Leaf, which works similarly to the Cherry Blossoms Petals. From November 16 to November 25, players who are in the northern hemisphere can start to search for a brown leaf falling from the sky on your island and get it with a net. 

Here are the ACNH Maple Leaf DIY recipes and items:

- Red-Leaf Pile: Maple Leaf ×3, Weeds ×4

- Tree's Bounty Big Tree: Pinecone ×5, Acorn ×4, Maple Leaf ×4, Branches ×8, Clay ×4

- Tree's Bounty Arch: Pinecone ×4, Acorn ×5, Maple Leaf ×5, Branches ×15

- Maple Leaf Stool: Maple Leaf ×3, Wood ×3

- Maple Leaf Pond: Stone x10, Maple Leaf x3

- Maple Leaf Pochette: Maple Leaf x6

- Maple Leaf Wallpaper: Maple Leaf x10, Weeds x15

- Maple Leaf Flooring: Maple Leaf x10, Wood x5, Weeds x5

- Maple Leaf Umbrella: Maple Leaf x7

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