ACNH November New Items & Changes - Animal Crossing New Horizons November Fall Update

10/28/2020 9:38:17 AM

We are now less than a week away from the Halloween event which not only sees Jack stopping by for a little trick or treating but also brings the spooky season to a close in Animal Crossing New Horizons, as we move from October to November. Taking a look at some of the changes we're going to see around our island in ACHN November. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Items & Changes - ACNH Fall Update

There's no doubt that some surprises are planned for November which we'll hear about fairly soon, but there are also a bunch of changes that we already know about. Some of these are seasonal adjustments and new crafting materials, whilst others are new characters and environmental changes. Of course, some of what we're about to cover may be a bit spoilery depending on how well you avoid announcements and general updates and things like that. Let's take a look at five changes and new additions we can expect to see during the month of November.

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1. Mushrooms - New Mush DIY Recipes & Items

Starting from the 1st of November in the northern hemisphere, all new mushrooms will start spawning all around our islands. Some of these include the elegant mushrooms, flat mushrooms, round mushrooms, skinny mushrooms, and rare mushrooms, all of these mushrooms are of course a new crafting material and bring with them around 12 new mushroom-themed furniture including items like the mush table and the rather bizarre looking mush partition. 

Now something you probably should know is that the rare mushroom is needed to craft at least one of these items but only has a one percent chance of spawning on a three-star island, which is almost the same as finding a pearl when you're diving. However, if your island has a five-star rating the chances of finding one increase to 10%, giving you a significantly higher chance of tracking one down, which is really useful. These mushrooms and their corresponding ACNH DIY recipes will be around for the rest of the year, so that's plenty of time to find as many mushrooms as you need and to craft all of the items. This is only relevant to the northern hemisphere as the southern hemisphere saw these several months ago. Luckily the southern hemisphere is still in the bamboo season and can collect young spring bamboo and its DIY recipes for the remainder of November.

2. Maple Leaves - New Leaf DIY Recipes & Items

Much like mushrooms and other seasonal crafting materials, maple leaves will start spawning around our island in the northern hemisphere in mid-November. Again these are seasonal crafting material, however are only around for 10 days so much shorter than the average material. 

As you'd expect the maple leaves bring with them some limited time maple and autumn themed furniture including Animal Crossing items like the red leaf pile and the autumn wall. The interesting thing about maple leaves is that they're also needed to craft the final two items from the trees bounty series including the trees bounty arch and the big tree. 

3. Franklin - Cooking & Harvest Furniture Set

That's most of the seasonal crafting materials we can expect to see in November. Thanks to a recent new horizons trailer, we were reminded that Franklin - the turkey special character is confirmed for new horizons and if any of his appearances in previous games are anything to go by, we'll also stop by our islands in November. Typically Franklin arrives towards the end of the month and hosts the annual harvest festival. We don't know any other details than that he is returning but it's likely his role will be similar to past events, so we'll probably have to help him cook something by providing him with ingredients or something like that. If that's the case, it's likely we'll also see the return of the harvest furniture set too, which is a quite popular furniture series usually available during the event. Either way, it's pretty exciting to see what Franklin will bring to the table,  but we are sure we won't have long to wait to find out.

4. Bushes Bloom

November is the third month of autumn in the northern hemisphere and we start to see some changes to our islands as the autumn starts to transition into winter, one of the most significant changes you'll see around your island is to certain types of bushes. Every type of bush in new horizons flower and bloom at different times of the year, in November yellow and orange tea olives, stop flowering and the holly bushes begin to bloom for the first time. Unfortunately, this is the final week to enjoy any flowering tea olives you may have planted around your island before the holly season takes over. Again this is only relevant to islands in the northern hemisphere, as the southern hemisphere currently has azaleas in bloom and they continue to flower until December.

5. ACNH October New Critters To Spawn

As you know as every month comes to an end, we see a bunch of fish bugs and deep sea creatures leave the Animal Crossing New Horizons island before a whole bunch of new critters begin spawning. November is no different to any other month and we'll bring with it a new selection of creatures In the northern hemisphere, we can expect to see things like the tarantula, blowfish, sea pig amongst others. The same goes for the southern hemisphere but given its current spring, there you can expect to see creatures like the great purple emperor butterfly, frog, gigas giant clam instead. So plenty of critters to hunt down no matter where you are. 

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