ACNH Building Upgrade in 2021 Updates Predictions - Able Sisters, Nook's Cranny, Museum, Campsite, Post Offices

12/10/2020 11:44:42 AM

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, building upgrades covering Able Sisters, Nook's Cranny, and Museum have been expected by players in January (2021) and future updates. Here we go over the ACNH building upgrade wishlist of 2021 from famous Mayor Mori's video. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Building Upgrades In 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons Building Upgrade Wishlist In ACNH 2021 Updates

As you know Animal Crossing New Horizons sees fairly regular updates that typically add new features like swimming and diving as well as new events characters and Animal Crossing items around the holidays like easter Halloween and Thanksgiving amongst others. Now it has been said on multiple occasions by both Nintendo and the Animal Crossing developers that New Horizons will have a lifespan of at least three years. With regular updates released in this time to basically keep people playing and attract new users,  it's a pretty solid plan and seems to be working so far, as ACNH is currently sitting at the No. 2 best-selling switch game of all time and selling hundreds of thousands of copies every week even now. So it's likely Nintendo will hold true to this and we will probably continue to see pretty solid updates over the next couple of years. 

Of course with this in mind and whilst comparing New Horizons to previous Animal Crossing games, it's clear there's certainly scope to develop new horizons even further and continue to add things to the game. And for those who have played previous games such as New Leaf, for example, we'll know there's still some classic content that could return too. Let's take a look at five building upgrades we need in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

1. Upgrade Able Sisters

The most obvious building upgrade ACNH desperately needs is an upgrade to the Able Sisters building. Currently, the Able Sisters takes on a more classic look, but it offers much less functionality than the Able Sisters in New Leaf. For example, in ACNL Mabel, Sabre, and Label all work in the store, furthermore after reaching certain milestones in the game upgrades to the store see shampoo available upstairs and Kicks in an adjacent store next door. 

So given both Kicks and Label are already in ACNH, it makes total sense to see the Able Sisters upgrade at some point in the future with a larger store so Kicks and Label can become permanent characters on the New Horizons island, rather than only visiting randomly. We could see this even being a way to add even more pattern storage and to give Label more features when she moves in which again is a feature we all desperately need. 

2. Upgrade Nook's Cranny

Another obvious upgrade we need at some point is of course to Nook's Cranny. Currently, in Animal Crossing: New horizons, there are only two upgrades which see the basic store when you first unlock it, and the upgraded one most players have now after playing for 30 days. In almost all previous Animal Crossing games, Nook's Cranny has around five upgrades available which turn the little Nook's Cranny into a massive emporium with multiple floors, a garden shop, and even more items for sale. Much like the able sisters after reaching certain milestones, Leaf eventually opens up a permanent garden shop within Nook's Cranny. Again Leaf is already in the game of course but only a random visitor, so it would be really awesome to have him move into an upgraded version of Nook's Cranny. After all the Nook's Cranny upgrade currently in the game only adds two additional item slots, it would be amazing to see at least one new upgrade that has more items available each day with a permanent garden shop.

3. Upgrade Museum

Next, we have the museum which despite having seen plenty of upgrades already could really make space for either visiting characters to become permanent or new characters altogether. In previous AC games, the museum is often home to Celeste who runs either a small shop or the stargazing observatory, both of which are really nice features. Furthermore, in the past Brewster, the coffee fanatic runs the roost coffee house from the basement of the museum. So given that the museum in New Horizons only really focuses on critters and artwork, it seems there's scope to bring even more features to this building. After all, once you've completed the museum there's really no reason to visit, and having either Celeste, Brewster or both of them move into a museum upgrade in the future would change that. 

ACNH Bilding Upgrade Predictions 2021 - Museum Upgrade

4. Upgrade Campsite

Moving on an upgrade, we need to see is to the campsite. An upgrade from a campsite into a small hotel or something like that, and maybe instead of only one campsite visitor every week or so we could see multiple villagers or even past villages who have since moved away visit regularly. Of course, this idea is maybe not as feasible as others, but we could see Lyle return to run a Nook homes business inside an upgraded campsite, that allows us to not only see more villages more often but maybe an interior design feature that allows us to decorate the rooms too. Back in New Leaf, we could always encounter our past villagers when they visit the main street, but this doesn't happen in New Horizons. An upgraded campsite or a small hotel that they could visit would change that.

ACNH Bilding Upgrade Predictions 2021 - Campsite Upgrade

5. Add Post Office

Now, something is missing from Animal Crossing: New Horizons is of course a post office. Si another building upgrade we need to see in the game is to the postcard stand at Dodo airlines. A dedicated post office building would be a great idea but we would settle for an upgrade to the stand as long as it brought back Pele, Phyllis, and Pete. In past games, the post office was obviously a way to send letters but also added a variety of features including a cash machine - a way to store letters and items, loan repayments as well as endless entertainment from Phyllis's grumpy dialogue.  Whether the post office got their own building at some point or the postcard stand was just upgraded to a shop counter, it would make players use it more and add so much to the game. Plus Pete must be in the game already because someone out there is delivering our mail. 

ACNH Bilding Upgrade Predictions 2021 - Post Office Building

There's an argument to be made that New Horizons is missing a lot of content from past games, but it seems pretty clear that Nintendo is consistently releasing updates to add this content into the game as well as spacing out new events and things like that. So there's a good chance at least some of these upgrades could be seen in 2021 updates.

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