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12/17/2020 1:37:17 PM

Once the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion is launched, many players want to embark on an online adventure on their own. But which classes are most suitable for such solo forays through the great world of Azeroth? We introduce you to the best solo classes in WoW Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Best Solo Classes

Best Solo Classes To Play In World of Warcraft Shadowlands

But even if World of Warcraft is an MMO that involves a large number of players, many of them prefer to go on their own. The idea behind this is perfectly understandable: Although the forays through the world of Azeroth in the group are much more fun. But not all players have a friend at all times to go with. Therefore, the chosen character class should ideally cope well on its own. Don't get us wrong: In principle, it is possible to achieve level 60 with any class in World of Warcraft Classic on its own. However, some of them can do this much better than others and also offer a little more comfort on the long way to the level cap. 

So that you don't find the choice so difficult, we introduce you to several classes here that we are convinced are excellent solo classes. They all get along on their own. Perhaps some of you miss one or the other representative. But you definitely don't get anything wrong with the following heroes.

Top 1 Solo Class - Hunter

The hunter probably most WoW fans expected in this list - and that doesn't come by chance. Also in the current version of World of Warcraft, the Hunter is an excellent choice for those players who prefer to move alone through the MMO. 

Demon Hunters have been among the best and easiest classes in dealing with any content solo since their introduction to WoW. Whether visions, island expeditions, or dungeons, demon hunters can do things on their own in which other classes have to clear the sails. The reason is the good mix of damage, self-healing, and various useful abilities. How strong the Demon Hunter really has now been proven once again in Shadowlands expansion. 

Marksmanship Hunter is the hunter's only subclass that cannot deal with all of its damage during movement. It works more like a sniper who shoots less quickly but deals big damage spikes with his hits from Targeted Shot. The gameplay remains largely the same in Shadowlands as in Battle for Azeroth, but the Deadly Shot hunter is given another powerful skill.

Top 2 Solo Class - Druid

Druid is a great class for solo play. It has some solo potential if you fight in the outside world thanks to roots cc and feral/travel form movement speed. If you level feral you aren't gearing dependent and with all the utility spells like prowl, travel form and self-healing we always feel more equipped to do the hard solo quest. You can do endgame easier to if you're willing to heal raids to gain some gear but as a hybrid spec, you are still very versatile to do PVP/grinding/tanking dungeons as feral/resto at 60. The added bonus is their survivability in world pvp especially while leveling, you can always choose to disengage in almost any matchup.

Balance Druid benefits from the many add-ons in the boss fights in Schloss Nathria. It is an excellent multi-don't and can help to eliminate important add-ons with quick use of star sog. Due to his wild attack and sprint abilities, he can move quickly through the arena of each fight and thus loses little damage during dodging.

Although the Wildness Druid loses some of its utility, as balance and healer druids can now also use the useful Movement Skill-inciting roar - nevertheless, the "cat" shines in the hands of capable players. Due to its strong AoE attacks, the Wild Druid can deal a lot of damage with the many adds in Nathria Castle. In addition, the bleeding attacks allow the druid to shine even in situations where traditional melee DPS classes have problems.

Top 3 Solo Class - Rogue

Rogue is one of the easiest solo classes, for leveling we strongly recommend Subtlety for the high survivability and ability to teleport attack from stealth, but once you hit 120 switches it to Assassin or Outlaw. 

Outlaw Rogue is a specialization that centers around managing resources while sustaining high damage to stacked targets. As in previous expansions, Outlaw is a fantastic jack of all trades that can comfortably handle any situation or fight type. Between the three Rogue specializations, Outlaw is the most effective in situations involving heavy cleave or burst-AoE.

Assassination Rogue in general offers high DPS, crowd control perks, and above-average movement speeds. Assassination specifically brings great speed, versatility, and massive damage very quickly. Its shadowstep (acquired at level 60) offers a temporary increase to movement while positioning perfectly behind your next victim, it has Assassin rogue has spammable AOE ability, capable of cleave damage, poisons bring added debuffs and damage, ranged instant cast. 

This is our Top 3 Best Solo Classes you should have a try in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, especially for newbies. Actually, all classes in WoW can solo given enough gear, so if you are looking for more WOW Classic Gold for building up your characters, welcome to MTMMO.COM.

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