Animals Crossing New Horizons: A Guide to Catching Bugs

5/15/2021 9:27:27 AM

One of the joys of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was finding a bug that could be donated to a museum. Every time he has to divulge details about another creepy reptile, the look on Blaser's face doesn't get bored. Special Bug Off Tournament. This fun little extra feature lets you compete with villagers for prizes.

Bugs occur all year round and in so many different ways that it's hard to find each one. But some strategies can help improve your ability to kill ultra-rare butterflies or stop aggressive tarantulas. There are bug traps all year round, so players will never have a chance to find new creatures to donate, or even better sell their ANCH bells!

To win, you need to catch as many bugs as you can in three minutes and hope to outdo your opponent. However, three minutes is not a lot of time, and bug generation can be tricky, so winning the game is not as easy as you might think. Fortunately, though, there are several steps you can take to make things easier. Here are some tips and tricks that will make it easy to bring home the gold in Bug Off.

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Catching Bugs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Plant flowers

Bugs love flowers. All kinds of creatures appear around them or fly around them. Certain colors attract certain bugs. Orchid mantis, for example, only appears on white flowers. Make sure the town has flowers of every color.

When it rains

Rain usually scares away bugs, but snails appear on bushes and rocks only when the water comes down.

Beetles and palm trees

The few beetles in the game only appear on palm trees, so be sure to plant a pile on the beach. Some of the most valuable beetles in the game only appear when there is a view of the ocean.


Keep a few stumps on the island. Several beetles like to take a seat on them. Usually, spreading multiple stumps across an island ensures regular encounters with any bugs that show up in this way.

Take it slow

Bugs attached to trees, sitting on stumps, tarantulas, and scorpions all need to approach slowly. If they feel threatened, beetles and moths fly away. Like tarantulas and scorpions, they like to play a game of chicken to see who goes first. Careful handling of vulnerable bugs is critical.

The water's edge

Beetles like diving beetles, giant water worms cling to the banks of rivers and ponds. It is important to pay attention along the edges of the water, as these creatures are easy to miss.


It's hidden in the ground, and the only way to know where it is is to dig a hole in that spot when its song is at its maximum. They'll pop up soon, and then it's time to go online.

Rotten turnip

Flies and ants only show up when they eat some rotting food. After buying radishes, put a bunch on the ground to rot. Within a week, flies and ants will arrive in droves, ripe for capture.

Hit the rocks

Hit and drug worms are sometimes ejected when they hit rocks hidden beneath them. Be sure to bring a spade and a net when searching for these animals.

Shake the tree

Insects like marsupials, spiders, and wasps live in trees and appear only when they shake the tree. Equip the net before shaking the tree so that the animal does not disappear before being captured.

This last tip should be obvious, but players should make sure to visit every month and every season. Every change in the weather brings discoveries.