10 Best ACNH Museum Ideas - Animal Crossing Museum Entrance & Exterior Designs

8/16/2021 4:41:33 PM

When you transforming your island, it may take a lot of thought in every corner. The exterior of the museum is an important spot to design. What themes are best for the ACNH museum entrance? Here are some best ACNH museum ideas from different creators, with outstanding customization and creativity.   

Best ACNH Museum Ideas - Animal Crossing Museum Entrance & Exterior Designs

Except for regular paintings and skeletons, what else Animal Crossing items can be used for filling the outdoor of the museum? Taking a look at the 10 best ACNH museum entrance ideas and design tips for your island. 

ACNH Museum Idea by @laguna.crossing

Look at the first museum idea for ACNH island, the creator used the fourth level glitch to not only make the museum sunken but also give the area around it so many layers, there are also some beautiful waterscapes, plants, and custom designs surround the museum entrance. It looks stunning and fantastic. Additionally, the museum isn't taking up a huge portion of the island, you can get back and forth from the museum and beach through the corridor. 

acnh museum idea 1

ACNH Museum Idea by EJ Plays 

The second museum design in Animal Crossing New Horizons is at Ponderosa by EJ Plays. We've got like a land bridge leading into it and it's just surrounded by lush greenery and lots of statues to give it that an ancient feel, kind of like abandoned ruins. Straightforward through the doors in the museum, it's lined up perfectly. All of these flowers, trees and custom designs on the ground make it feel lush without feeling cluttered.

acnh museum idea 2

ACNH Museum Idea by @isle.macchiato 

Unlike others, this creator keeps Blathers in his tent rather than upgrade to the museum, you can do that and still unlock terraforming. In front of this museum, you can see the outdoor bath, rock garden, a pair of Stone Lion-dog, stone floor, well-situated bushes, and bamboos, it’s all just cool and unique. 

acnh museum idea 3

ACNH Museum Idea by @crossing_with_olive 

On the Olive Land island, we have a kind of rain forest aesthetic, the Stone Lion-dog centered in front of the museum looks great and everything here is cute, such as the little paper patterns, the pink and orange flowers, the shell lamps, and the squares on the meadow. 

acnh museum idea 4

ACNH Museum Idea by @avalon.newhorizons 

This museum area was bustling, animals are walking around, an Australopith is put on the stone, the path like the broken stone vibe and piles of leaves just fit the area well, a little further away, this area is very brightly vividly themed, vibrant flowers and other plants are gorgeous, beach to the left of the museum was themed around the museum itself so there were fossils a study area for Blathers.

acnh museum idea 5

ACNH Museum Idea by @farleyleaf 

This museum exterior is natural, there are little hop-hop areas with cute designs where you could get from the incline to the museum and it was so calm and foresty, with so many deep greens going on and very limited furniture, it is like a part of the forest and a very calming place to visit.

acnh museum idea 6

ACNH Museum Idea by angry coconut

This island theme tends to be a modern city, the museum is set up as sort of a research center, the museum facade is covered with simple panels and jail bars, it makes it feel so official like a government building, there are some great details like the scattered papers, live specimens, the rusted part, the drink machine and more. The mix of fencing looks amazing, everything goes together so well. 

acnh museum idea 7

ACNH Museum Idea by @acnh_barkenos 

This museum also had Blathers in the tent, it sort of functions as the center for the national park, we've got the little sign to the left, this is an open space. The museum entrance is full of exquisite custom designs and thoughts. 

acnh museum idea 8

ACNH Museum Idea by @serenityisle_

The museum is kind of hidden, you need to walk through a statue garden to visit it, next to the museum, there is an area like an outdoor classroom with so many books and study tools. 

acnh museum idea 9

ACNH Museum Idea by @nemis.nook

This museum is in the cold time, which makes the scenery different. There is a centerpiece in front of the museum building, the fountain and well-constructed stone floor make it city-themed, you can get the art on display, the stall to the side like selling goodies or museum gifts, the barrels add texture and character to the area.

acnh museum idea 10

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