5 Best ACNH Museum Design Ideas - How To Change Museum Exterior In Animal Crossing New Horizons

5/20/2022 3:43:42 PM

Does the museum exterior anger you in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Does it leave you feeling bored? Are you resigned to the fact that it's going to be an ugly building on your island? Well, today we are going to help you out and hopefully, this guide will solve those issues for you. Let’s take a look at the 5 best ACNH museum exterior design ideas, we will share everything you require and how to do it.


ACNH Best Museum Design 2022 - Top 5 Best Museum Exterior Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

To unlock the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons, Tom Nook needs five fish or bugs. To get Blathers' Tent, Blathers will call Nook and give it to you. Set up the tent wherever you want it to be located. The tent will be ready by the next day, and Blathers may move in. Give Blathers 15 Bugs or Fishes as a reward for their antics. Two days later, Museum will be built. You can in fact change the exterior of your museum. It just takes a little bit of creativity and some ACNH items to make something more adorable. Get creative and that's what Animal Crossing New Horizons is all about. We are going to show you different ways that you can hide the exterior of the museum in Animal Crossing.


ACNH Museum Design 1

For the first museum, go for more of an ancient slash ruined feeling. To make this museum entrance you need two castle walls, one castle gate, two pine bonsai trees, one ruined arch, and two ruined decorated pillars. It's super easy to make! The first thing you need to do is put down your castle walls, make sure that they're lined up with the edge of the museum, and repeat as on the left side as the right side. In the middle, you need to put your castle gate. This will not line up fully with the cast walls but that's okay because we have a solution to the kind of make it look nicer. 

Then add in your ruined arch, make sure you push that up against your castle gate, and then in we go with the ruined decorated pillars. These are super nice and kind of hide that difference in the position of the castle gates and the castle walls and again repeat that on the other side. Just for a little bit of decoration, add in the pine bonsai trees, you could obviously decorate this with normal trees, add some ponds, so many things you could do with this to make it look extra cute. This is the bare bones of how to hide this museum in this style.


ACNH Museum Design 2

Next up we are going to show you how to hide the museum entranceway using some pagolas. These are really nice items. To make this, you will need four simple panels, two pergolas, two round street lights, two bunny topiary, and four plant partitions. What we're going to start off by doing here is placing down some of the simple panels, you don't want them directly in front of the pillars of the museum. You just want them to the side a little bit. So we have room for the pergolas. You can use any custom designs like some nice tiles on the floor or maybe some in-game path would be nice. Then it's time to add in your pergolas, make sure they're snug up against your simple panels. You want to repeat that on the other side. So it's nice and symmetrical. 

Add in this bunny day topiary, they were cute and they went with the yellow of the flowers on the pergolas. You can use any kind of thing to frame the entrance, you could use the turkey stands or whatever works for you. Last but not the least, adding in the plant partitions around the edge of the pergolas, just to add in a bit more greenery and also to fill out the area. Then just repeat the same on the other side. These are nice and white nice clean looking design and then add a little something to the corners. You can go for the round street lights again in white just to fit with the whole theme.


ACNH Museum Design 3

It'd be a nice idea to turn your museum into a library. So what you going to do here is create a book shop outside. If you want to create this area as well, you'll need two wooden bookshelves, two covered counters, two round topiaries, two decorative pillars, two holiday candles, one plain party lights, one stack of books, one antique cash register, one strapped book, and one book stand. To create this area, the first thing you need to do is add down your wooden bookshelves. Go for quite a dark color, this can remind you of the dark academia type theme. Push them up against your museum and then add in your covered counters. Again choose the dark wood theme and then add it in on the other side as well. 

Make sure they're properly lined up and not skewing, they want to be semi flushed against each other. Add in the decorative pillars and a holiday candle on top. You could use anything you like maybe a vars would look cute and then push it back. Make sure they're fully lined up and in front of the pillars you want to add in your round topiaries with an autumnal tone. Add your party lights in the center and then just add in your smaller items such as books, an antique cash register, and a stack of books. All of those sorts of little items just to add the details and make it feel like a real bookshop. These little details would look great with some sort of wood or dark-toned floor.


ACNH Museum Design 4

You couldn't do one without using the storefronts since the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update. If you want to recreate this one, you'll need four storefronts, one barrel, one cruiser bike, one curtain partition, one plain party light, one milk churn, one stack bag, and one decorative bottle. To make this rustic-looking museum, what you first need to do is put down your storefronts, you want to put them in front of the museum and two to the side. When placing the storefronts down on the side, you want to make sure that they're nice and snug against the museum.

So that you get that kind of 90-degree angle created and that means that we can put some nice little items. Then add in the curtain partition, obviously custom design it however you want, but make sure you open it up. In that corner, add in the barrel and also the decorative bottles just for some little detail, and add in the stacked bags in front of that. Layering things really does help create a nice depth to your build. The cruiser bike can go in front of the other storefront and then we're just going to add down the milk can as well and just rotate it.


ACNH Museum Design 5

This is a kid core theme museum. If you want to recreate this, use two wooden bookshelves, two fences, one plaza balloon wagon, one plaza arch, two crane games, one gyroid, and one dream unicorn toy. To build this ACNH museum exterior, what you first need to do is add down your bookshelves. Make sure you do it so that the books aren't facing. We want the rear of the wooden bookshelf so that we get that nice white backdrop. These are purely just to hide that awful red banner. Then is the fence that we're putting in front. This is to add that pop of color, one in pink and one in green. We want to make this nice and pastely. In the center is our pie star resistance.

This is the plaza arch all those cute little pastel colors and then use the plaza balloon wagon as well. You’d better put that out in front as well. We're going to have a little game section, so we're going to put our crane games in two different colors just so that we can get as many pastel colors in there as possible. Use the pink variation and also the blue variation. If you just have one, don't forget to visit your llama and he'll hook you up. Here is the squeak oid on top just for some cuteness and the dreamy unicorn toy as well. This would look super adorable and any kid court island.


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