9000+ ACNH 2.0 Update Items in November 2021 - How to Get ACNH 2.0 New Items Fast?

11/5/2021 10:07:45 AM

The big Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update was unexpectedly released yesterday and over 9000 pieces of new items were added to the 2.0 version, including new crops, vegetables, food items, fences, plants, hairstyles, villagers’ photos, gyroids, etc. Then how and where to get these ACNH 2.0 new items quickly and easily? You can browse the list of ACNH 2.0 items for sale at MTMMO.COM and buy Animal Crossing November 2021 new items at the cheapest price. 

How to Get ACNH 2.0 New Items Fast? - Buy Cheap ACNH November 2.0 Update Items 

For players who want to take an early look at all the items included in the 2.0 version, Mtmmo.com has updated our Animal Crossing Items for sale, offering a list of every new item that can be found in the update now, you don’t have to wait for the furniture to appear in certain times in the game. Click the "New" category once you reached our items selling page. 

The massive furniture and clothing items are probably added for the next long period of events and holidays in New Horizons. You can find new additions for previous series and completely new variations. Now, instead of unknown waiting and finding, you can buy all the ACNH 2.0 update items here with the cheapest prices and fast delivery. Whether you want new fencing, crops, vegetables, food, clothes, toys, villager posters, or other items, the best prices and services you can get on our site. Based on rich experiences in ACNH items trading, Mtmmo.com is a reliable online store with a safety guarantee. 

Any questions about buying Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Version Items, please get in touch with our LIVE CHAT. 

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