How To Get Snowflakes Fast In Animal Crossing 2021 - ACNH Winter DIY Recipes & Frozen Items

12/3/2021 11:27:09 AM

The two specific seasonal materials Snowflakes and Frozen DIY items will return to Animal Crossing New Horizons with the December update and the winter season 2021. In this guide, we’ll be going through all the 2021 ACNH winter DIY recipes, materials and items, as well as how to get snowflakes fast & how to get frozen DIY recipes. 

2021 ACNH Winter New Items and DIY Recipes  - How To Get Snowflakes Hunting 

One of the ACNH winter seasonal recipes is the frozen series, and another is the snowflakes which is a type of important crafting material for a set of ice ACNH furniture. In addition, there is a variation of snowflakes: large snowflakes. Now check out all ACNH winter items and DIY recipes for 2021, frozen items, snowflakes hunting tips. 

New ACNH Frozen Items 2021

  • Frozen Mini Snowperson

  • Frozen Fence 

  • Frozen Floor Tiles

ACNH Frozen Items 2021

All these winter frozen items require snowflakes to craft, they are all part of the frozen DIY items. However, some of these items only require regular-sized snowflakes to craft and some require large and regular snowflakes. This distinction also divides the DIYs in another way, ones you can get from snowboys and ones you can't get from snowboys. This is important to know because to craft one of each item you will need many more regular snowflakes than large ones. 

ACNH Frozen DIYs 2021

  • Frozen Mini Snowperson: 1× Large Snowflake, 2× Snowflake

  • Frozen Fence: 5× Snowflake

  • Frozen Floor Tiles: 8× Snowflake

  • Ornament Wreath: Blue Ornament ×6, Gold Ornament ×2

  • Big Festive Tree: Red Ornament ×6, Blue Ornament ×6, Gold Ornament ×4, Wood ×5, Clay ×5

  • Festive Rug: Red Ornament ×5, Blue Ornament ×5, Gold Ornament ×5

  • Festive Top Set: Gold Ornament ×2, Hardwood ×1

  • Festive Tree: Red Ornament ×3, Blue Ornament ×3, Gold Ornament ×2, Wood ×5

  • Holiday Candle: Red Ornament ×5, Clump of Weeds ×5

  • Illuminated Present: Red Ornament ×3, Gold Ornament ×4, Iron Nugget ×3

  • Illuminated Reindeer: Gold Ornament ×6, Iron Nugget ×5

  • Illuminated Snowflakes: Blue Ornament ×9, Iron Nugget ×3

  • Illuminated Tree: Red Ornament ×8, Blue Ornament ×8, Gold Ornament ×6, Iron Nugget ×6

  • Jingle Wall: Red Ornament ×5, Blue Ornament ×5, Gold Ornament ×5, Clay ×5

  • Ornament Mobile: Red Ornament ×1, Blue Ornament ×1, Gold Ornament ×1, Tree Branch ×4

  • Tabletop Festive Tree: Gold Ornament ×5, Tree Branch ×3, Clay ×2

How to get winter frozen DIY recipes?

  • Get them from balloons floating in the sky.

  • Make a perfect snow boy get winter frozen DIYs.

  • Trade with other people and you can get winter frozen DIYs.

  • Buy Animal Crossing DIYs from MTMMO.

  • Ice crystals are at the heart of the winter season because they are crucial crafting materials if you want to make any of the frozen DIYs. 

2021 ACNH Snowflakes Hunting Tips For Winter Season

How To Get Snowflakes In ACNH 2021?

When the snowflake winter season starts, Isabelle will make a special announcement and indicate the regular snowflakes are floating around your island, you need to catch them with a net. Please note the snowflakes appear floating around your island from December 11th to February 24th if you're in the Northern Hemisphere and from June 11th to August 24th if you're in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Accuracy is key because if you missed too many times or walk into them, they will disappear never to be seen again. But more snowflakes will continue to spawn all over your island. 

  • If you're going on a snowflake hunt, keep an extra net in your pockets in case yours breaks on you or take advantage of a storage shed, which allows you to access your home storage from outside. 

  • We can also discover that many more snowflakes spawned in open space rather than in spaces that are crowded and full of items and trees. 

  • So if you have a big empty area on your island, most of your snowflakes will probably spawn there. 

How To Get Large Snowflakes In ACNH 2021?

These are harder to obtain because you can only get them from snow boys.

  • The first time you build a snow boy, he will give you a large snowflake, but any time after that you must build a perfect snow boy in order to get a large snowflake. These are important because they are the necessary crafting material for frozen DIYs. This means any DIY you can get from a snow boy will need a large snowflake to craft it.

  • Not only can you get a large snowflake on the day you create the perfect snow boy, but over the next three days, you can talk to him to gain an additional large snowflake. 

  • You can get four large snowflakes out of one perfect snow boy as long as you remember to talk to him.

That's everything you need to know to get snowflakes this winter season, will you be going on a snowflake hunt this season?

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