ACNH Wisp Update 2.0 Guide - New Wisp Rewards And Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons

12/9/2021 9:51:40 AM

Even after weeks since the Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update was released worldwide, there's still new content to explore and we're still discovering changes that were made to New Horizons to make life easier. One of these changes is to the wisp mechanic that significantly increases our chances of benefiting from spending 5 minutes hunting down those annoying tiny spirits that sometimes refuse to be caught. Next, in this Animal Crossing New Horizons wisp update 2.0 guide, we show you new wisp rewards and items in 2.0 update.


What Is Wisp In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Wisp is of our friendly neighborhood ghost who can appear on random nights during the hours of 8 pm and 5 am. Ironically approaching him will scare the spirits out of him and scatter them around the entire island. It's essentially a mini-game of hiding and seeking to track down these spirits and return them to wisp for a nice reward. This is where the changes come in. Upon successfully returning these spirits wisp offers an Animal Crossing New Horizons item as a reward giving the player the choice of something new or something expensive.

ACNH Wisp Update 2.0 Guide - New Wisp Rewards And Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons 

Prior to the ACNH 2.0 update, you had a 40% chance of receiving a furniture item, a 24% chance of either flooring or wallpaper, and a 12% chance of getting a piece of clothing. This is the first significant change we see as since the 2.0 update these drop rates have been adjusted to 75% for furniture, 5% for flooring or wallpaper, and 15% for clothing. Making it much more likely wisp will now reward us with a piece of furniture.

The other significant change involved is the value of the item you receive which has been adjusted for both the something new option and the something expensive option. Previously the value to the something new item was never more than 2,500 Animal Crossing New Horizons bells which hardly makes the task worth doing. However, since the 2.0 update, this has now been increased up to 10,000 ACNH bells, increasing the chances of receiving a more valuable item. The significance of the increased values is far more impressive for the something expensive option. Previously if a player chose something expensive, you'd only have the chance of obtaining furniture up to the value of 15,000 bells or 10,000 bells for everything else, whereas now the value of the expensive furniture item you can obtain has been increased up to 100,000 bells.  Likely a reflection of all of the new expensive items added in the 2.0 update.

Finally the pools of items from where wisp selects your prize have also been adjusted and made much more friendly. Previously if you selected something expensive which we now know was never going to be that expensive was selected from two groups with a 90% chance of receiving a high-end item and a 10% chance of a low end which could see a reward with a value of as low as 10 bells. Thankfully this selection process has been completely reworked and it's now based on whether or not you've upgraded Nook's Cranny rather than down to chance. Even the non-upgraded store sees the player with significantly more expensive rewards. If you've got the upgraded nooks you now have a 75% chance of winning an item up to the value of 100,000 bells. If you choose the expensive option which is definitely the recommended way to go at least since the ACNH 2.0 update.

There's now a really good reason to hunt for wisp and if you didn't before. It's now worth selecting the expensive option especially with all of the new and cheap ACNH 2.0 items out there.