Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update Guide - 2.0 UPDATE New Stuff, Secret Details, and Features

12/1/2021 2:43:24 PM

It's been almost a month since the animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update, and as you travel around the island, things have now changed forever, 2.0 animal crossing new horizons has lots of new stuff, secret details, and features. Check out more of those secret features you may have missed with the animal crossing updates.

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 Update Guide - 2.0 UPDATE New Stuff, Secret Details, and Features

1. Daisy original dialogue

Daisy could be really cool here, you also get some original dialogue from her which is great, she's also not wearing her trademark hat which is one of the very few times you'll see her without it also worth noting that she and the younger characters will actually eat cookies instead of coffee because they're too young to drink it at least, that's what Joan says to Daisy.

The new horizons roost is really a great way to get more dialogue and context from some of the characters working and visiting our animal crossing island, so it's definitely worth checking it out often, here's an amazing new feature in the animal crossing 2.0 update, animal crossing new horizons 2.0 items basically everyone has asked you if you go talk to Isabel and complain about the inhabitants as you could do before the acnh update, she'll actually have a new option and that's to complain about their home, which means that for the first time you can reset the villager's starter home.

2. Village starter homes

One of the things that bothered you in Animal Crossing New Horizons, if you didn't know that some village starter homes would somehow get stuck and they would never really change, was that you would get stuck with a home that kind of looked uglier than the home they should have, and now it seems that you can only get this feature if you unlock the ability to decorate a villager's home, so you need the Happy Home Paradise DLC to do this, but this just means that if you can, it's another incentive to get your hands dirty, as you've got different types of Animal Crossing 2.0 Items that your mother will send you for food and her own handiwork, one of which happens to be her handmade cakes and the 2.0 update.

3. Addition of cooking 

The addition of cooking this ACNH items has actually turned into edible food which means you can eat it to get some energy especially 5 times at a time which really helps, basically, all the old food has been done and the animal crossing new horizons also includes seasonally available ones, now don't worry you can still decorate with them like before, you can actually do this with every type of food but happily. They now also have a functional use, you can eat them in order to get a lot of energy. Many people even wonder what the point of eating food is other than decoration, but it does provide you with a lot of energy immediately, and if you're lucky in Katrina, you might even get 10 points of energy at a time. If you work a lot on the island, then you will need that energy.

4. Gyroscopes 

Gyroscopes are ar past games in which animals traverse new horizons and as you know you can display them around your animal crossing new horizons island and at home to make many different sounds. Actually hanging the gyroscopes on the wall as their own little shelf, you can put them low or high, which is honestly a really neat feature that you couldn't do in any of the previous animal crossing games, so it's great. Gyrowood can now be displayed in a number of different ways, in fact, you can basically have your own walls filled with gyros if you want, of course, you can't hang them outside, you can't hang things off cliffs or buildings or anything.

5. Celeste

This was actually discovered by the razzle-dazzle girl on Reddit and they noticed that you can actually see celeste before 7 pm the same night she visits, which means this is a really great feature to check when celeste will show up on your island. If you still need to get more DIY recipes from her, then this could be a great way to do that, and of course, it's great to have more interaction with celeste.

Before this update, not enough was known about celeste, so the fact that there are some new interactions with her is really great, it's definitely a very useful life trick and if you want to see, if celeste is going to be there, you'll want to use it whether she's on your island that night or not, you won't have to struggle to find her, it's really handy.

6. Happy Home Paradise

Now, this contains slight spoilers that can be unlocked in Happy Home Paradise so you might want to jump to the time stamp if you don't want to be spoiled, you'll see on the screen that this really cool new app is part of Happy Home Paradise, unlock it sometime after you complete 30 homes and finish the main storyline, this is the home decor app that you can basically design and you can freely anywhere and then import those rooms that you design as villager homes into a happy home paradise, unfortunately, this app doesn't really work in conjunction with your main island but you can still use it if you want to design villager homes in a sense then you don't need to be on the islands.

It's kind of like having a copy of Happy Homes with you wherever you go, which is very useful and definitely reminiscent of Harvey Island where you can decorate freely with no real goal in mind, but this time you can of course import them if you have a specific idea but can't find the acnh villagers you want, which can save you a lot of time designing them for you.

7. Different cooking recipes

Happy Homestead This, as many people have pointed out Happy Paradise restaurant chefs, will actually give you a new cooking recipe day for each one which means this is a really good way to unlock more and more different cooking recipes in the game.

So the fact that you can go and talk to the chef in your restaurant, you can also get gifts from some of the other buildings, but I think it's really nice that you can get this new recipe from the chef, these buildings are really so powerful and maybe in the next Animal Crossing game they'll do something similar, right now it's more of a minor detail than an actual feature.

8. Villages update

Animal crossing villagers will now actually walk around your island with roost cups, in the past, they would walk around with takeaway coffee but it just wasn't branded, and now that the roost has actually moved in your villagers will have their own roost cups which shows that they went to the roost. Themselves and picked up some takeaway coffee, it's just a really nice detail that brings the whole island together and in a sense adds to it some sense of reality, allowing the animal crossing new horizons villagers to interact with each other and feel alive.

The buildings on your island talk about villages and interactive villages and there are a lot of cool upgrades in this animal crossing 2.0 update and one of them is if they ask you now you can actually visit your villager's home, sure you can break into previous acnh updates but this time if you visit there is actually a functional purpose and if they ask you to visit, then you can go to their home and choose what animal crossing new horizons items to buy because Raymond is very picky. The fact that quite a few improvements were made to the villages in the 2.0 update really made a big difference as the villages were really an important part of the animals crossing the new horizon.

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