Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Budget Melee Build - Budget D2R Frenzy Barbarian Build

12/13/2021 5:50:42 PM

If you are looking for a powerful melee build you can afford in Diablo 2 Resurrected, this is going to be a super solid budget D2R Frenzy Barbarian build with attributes, stats, skill tree, gear, equipment, and more details.  

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Budget Melee Build - D2R Frenzy Barbarian Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected

You can build a very powerful budget geared frenzy barb that can clear every single area in the game, this gear is super solid and probably the best combination of budget Diablo 2 items that you can get.

Budget D2R Frenzy Barbarian Attributes

The first thing to look at about the D2R melee build is the attribute distribution. 

Strength: 140 (enough to equip gear)

Dexterity: 125 (enough to equip gear)

Vitality: 260 (everything else)

Energy: 30

Advanced stats:

5% life stolen per hit

6% mana stolen per hit

Replenish Life +11

60% extra gold farm monsters

+3 to light radius

+115% increased attack speed

+30% faster run/walk

+50% faster hit recovery

+20% damage taken goes to mana

+425% damage to demons

10% chance of crushing blow

30% deadly strike

+22 magic absorb

Cannot be frozen

Budget D2R Frenzy Barbarian Skill Tree

Warcry Skills:

This is a pretty standard setup for frenzy barb with the only difference between a budget frenzy barb and top tier gear is that typically you'll see a lot of points put into Taunt because Taunt is a damaged synergy for frenzy. 

Howl - 1

Shout - 1

Battle Orders - Max

Battle Command - 1

Combat Masteries Skills:

A budget build usually with a lot of plus skill gear, you'll only put one or point for an end game setup, but getting that additional 54 to all resistance, but do not put more than 10 if you're going to invest substantial points is worth it.

Increased Stamina - 1

Increased Speed - 1

Iron Skin - 1

Natural Resistance - 10

Axe Mastery - Max

Combat Skills:

Berserk is a very important skill to talk about because it is magic damage, it's great for physical immune monsters, so you definitely with practically any barbarian setup you want to have at least one point into Berserk. Put one into Double Swing and additional points because it is a synergy for frenzy and then if you had more skills like your higher level, not trying to simulate level 84, once the double swing is maxed, typically you'll put more points at a Taunt because it is a synergy or frenzy.

Bash - 1

Stun - 1

Concentrate - 1

Berserk - 1

Double Swing - 14

Check out the skill tree by Dbrunski125.

D2R budget melee build skill tree

Budget D2R Frenzy Barbarian Gear & Equipment

Check out the gear recommended by Dbrunski125.

D2R budget melee build

- Oath: Oath is a relatively cheap D2R runeword, so shale pull Mal and Lum with the indestructible mod tons of ed enhanced damage to demons, it's a great weapon, with lots of increased attack speed as well, suits the frenzy barbarian. It is somewhat challenging to get a four open socket Berserker Axe, but there are definitely other axes that you can use, that are a little bit easier to get for open sockets like the Cryptic Sword. Putting Shael, Pul, Mal, and Lum, leave this runeword works in swords and axes and maces, so it definitely works in axes and swords. But you're definitely not restricted to using something like a Berserker axe.

- Guillaume's Face: A winged helm with faster hit recovery, the chance of crushing blow, enhanced defense, plus strength, etc.

- Treachery: Great body armor with increased attack speed, faster hit recovery, and the chance to cast fade when struck and venom on striking, so that's a pretty powerful additional stat to the barbarian.

- Trang-Oul's Girth: A troll belt for Cannot Be Frozen. 

Angelic Halo: You can get plus 1 120 to attack rating based on character level, very very for a melee character.

- String of Ears: you could go Raven Frost and maybe String of Ears, with great defense and life leech, but with that setup, you wouldn't have mana leech.

- Gloves: Laying of Hands

- Boots: Gore Rider

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