Rocket League Flick Tutorial - How To Flick In Rocket League

12/21/2021 4:43:51 PM

A flick is basically where you have the ball on top of your car and you use your dodge in a particular direction to launch the ball away. It's pretty much equivalent to dribbling and then shooting in real soccer or football, except dribbling in Rocket League is 10 times harder because you have to constantly be making micro-adjustments to keep the ball in your possession. In Rocket League, obviously, you've got to learn to walk before you can run. So you've got to learn a dribble before you can flick. In this Rocket League guide, we will show you how to do flicks.


Rocket League Flick Tutorial

If you're struggling with dribbling and you still want to practice the mechanics of flicks you can actually go into a private match with slow-motion game speed and it'll make dribbling way easier for you so if you still want to practice flicks but you don't have the mechanical skill to practice them yet. That's one way you can do it. The process is the ball actually needs to be on a specific spot on your car in order for it to actually work. The reason dribbling is so tied to flicks is because if you look at a pro player dribbling, it's incredibly controlled and the ball is staying on that sweet spot on their car the entire time. 

So if the opponent were to suddenly decide to push at any moment during the dribble, it would just be an easy flick right over their head. Then you head over to look at the lower-ranked player and you see that it's all over the place and they can only flick at specific points during their dribble. They can't flick instantly on command if the opponent were to push because their dribbling control just isn't there yet, that's why it's super important that you are really confident in your dribbles in order to be confident with your flakes.


As for the sweet spot on your car where you could flick at any point that we saw the pro doing really well with. A lot of people say it's right in front of the center of mass on your car, but the sweet spot is rarely in the same place. It depends on what type of flick you're doing and how fast you and the ball are going, it's more something that you just get a feel for as you do more flicks yourself and as you watch people do more flicks.


Assuming you can dribble perfectly and flick at any point. A flick looks simply like someone has it on their car and then they just do a flip and it launches the ball. It seems really simple but it is so far from it. What the difference was between those two attempts where you totally launched the ball and where you popped it up and didn't hit it at all. It does tie into the whole sweet spot thing but it more closely has to do with the part of the flick. You're going to take the ball and then cradle it. 

Because your flicks are going to be crazy inconsistent if you don't do the cradle before you actually flip into it. The purpose of it is to make the ball stick to your car super easily because that's really how you get your flicks consistent. You need that gap between the ball and your card to be almost nothing in order for your flick to work. Sometimes you get lucky and the gap is almost nothing even when you don't do the cradle which explains those times where you do those flicks successfully.


Different Types Of Flicks In Rocket League

There are plenty of different types of flicks. Some of the more competitively viable than others, but regardless you should still definitely have a few different types of flicks that you could go to in different situations. If you go with 45 short for the 45-degree flick, you are going to turn your car from a normal flick but it still works the same. Because you are doing the same thing as the cradle where you tilt to the side that you are flicking too. But the difference comes with the direction that you are turning the car, instead of turning the opposite way to make it. Your nose is the part of the car that it finishes off of the reason. This gets so much power is the same reason. The 180 backflip flick gets so much power, your center of mass is toward the back of your car and the sweet spot usually falls just in front of it. 

If you turn around and you plan on backflipping instead suddenly the sweet spot. It gives you much more room for the ball to roll off your car and therefore gives you more power also when you flip it's pretty clear that your nose is the part of the car that's moving the fastest. So clearly if you finish the flick off with your nose then it should generate the most power. That's why the 180 and 45 flicks give so much power compared to the normal ones. Therefore, knowing this you can try turning your car in different ways to place it easier and give it more power and make it harder to read on defense. Anything at all depending on what you're going for.


Here is the list of all the basic common flicks in Rocket League

  • Front Flick

  • Diagonal Flick

  • Back Flick

  • Side Flick

  • 45 Degree Flick

  • 90 Degree Flick

  • 180 Degree Flick

  • JZR Flick

  • Classy Flick

  • Musty Flick

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