About Rocket League Items

Rocket League refers to a soccer game combining soccer and cars, where powered cars are usually controlled in order to hit the ball towards the opponent's goal area, and the ultimate victory is to drive the goal with the car.

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Main rocket league items for better performance in Rocket League

Rocket League credits

Rocket League credits are a currency in Rocket League and can be purchased from player-specific platform markets or earned from Rocket Passes. Credits can be used to unlock blueprints and purchase items from the item shop.

Rocket league blueprints

After playing a Rocket League match, you will have the opportunity to earn blueprints which like the previous crates, are important items in the Rocket League, like the previous crate items, can be dropped with special attributes such as paint, certification and special editions.

Rocket league car bodies

Everybody in the game has one of six default body types, also known as Crash Crates. They are Octane, Dominus, Plank, Breakout, Hybrid and Merc.

Rocket league toppers

Toppers are a custom option in Rocket League and represent a type of hat placed on top of a vehicle. toppers record the number of goals scored when equipped and can be certified or painted.

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