ACNH January Update 2022 - New Events, Items, DIY Recipes, Critters In Animal Crossing

1/3/2022 3:40:39 PM

Happy new year! Kickstart 2022 off by looking at events and items in Animal Crossing New Horizons January update, as well as highlighting some of the things you can do in the next few weeks. Following our Animal Crossing New Horizons January update guide 2022, we in-depth new events, items, DIY recipes and critters in January.

ACNH January New Years Items

The New Year's countdown in real life and in the Animal Crossing universe. Naturally, one of the most important things you don't want to miss is all of the limited-time ACNH January items that are now available. This can be broken down into two categories including the New Year's event items and the shorgatsu event items. The new year's items available include the 2022 celebratory arch, the yak nori and the tiger figurine. The shogatsu items available include the kado matsu, the kagami mochi, the new year's chime kazari, the otoshi dama envelope, and finally the osechi. These are all available in honor of New Year's celebrations all around the world. With some items traditionally handed out for good fortune or good health. All of these Animal Crossing New Horizons items are available until January 5th. 


ACNH January Crafting Materials

Winter is always a busy season for crafting in the northern hemisphere. But one of the seasonal materials, in particular, is around for a shorter time than most and that is the festive decorations including the red blue and gold ornaments. These can be found in decorated cedar trees regardless of hemisphere. We can only find these materials until January 6. So only a few days left to find and collect them. 


ACNH January DIY Recipes

Naturally, the corresponding festive DIY recipes can be used to craft items such as the giant ornament and the illuminated reindeer. Amongst others also disappear after January 6th. These can be found in bloom presents and won't return until next year so again definitely.


ACNH January Events

Thanks to the latest content update we also see a handful of new seasonal celebrations that honor real-world events and add some new limited-time items to the game. January sees two new seasonal items including the nanakusa gayu food item which celebrates one of the seasonal festivals in japan known as jinjitsu as well as the venetian carnival mask which as you can probably tell marks the carnival of venice celebrations. The venetian carnival mask is available in one of five designs. Most importantly, the nana kusar gaiu item is only available for two days from January 5th to January 7th. So be sure to grab one and the carnival mask will be available towards the end of January from the 25th and into February. These are both brand new seasonal events and happening for the first time this year.


ACNH January Fishing Tourney/Bug Off

The new year also marks the start of the new Tourney season and both hemispheres will see the first fishing tourney of 2022 on the second Saturday of January. For any newcomers over the holidays, the fishing tourneys is essentially a mini-game event that sees CJ stopped by the new horizons island to host a small competition. You have to catch as many fish as you can before the timer runs out. and any fish caught can be used to unlock exclusive ACNH 2.0 items including the fish wand. The fresh cooler and the fishing rod stand amongst others. Plus you can even win trophies too. Furthermore, those of you in the southern hemisphere can also look forward to the first bug off of 2022 which takes place on the third Saturday of January. Like the fishing tourney, the flick will stop by to host the bug-catching contest in return for unlocking exclusive bug-off items including the bug cage bag, the butterfly backpack, and the ladybug rug amongst. 


ACNH January New Critters

If you're not keen on ACNH January events or you prefer to spend your time hunting bugs and catching fish. You'll be pleased to know January sees a wide range of new critters including bugs fish and deep-sea creatures at least in the southern hemisphere. Sadly it's just too cold in the northern hemisphere for any new critters to arrive. Have the southern hemisphere sees a total of 21 new critters including the cicada shell, the sweet fish, and the moon jellyfish amongst others. So it's a great time especially for new players to be searching for all kinds of new critters. Don't worry if you're in the northern hemisphere though you can still visit friends or heads on a capping boat or track down some new critters if you're in the mine too.

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